10 Characters Who Were More Dangerous Than The Titans

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In most anime, there are characters who are terrifying by default. They may not be the story’s protagonists, but they leave an impact so powerful that it often turns the tides of narrative in unexpected directions. Attack on Titan is no exception. While the eponymous Titans are thoughtless beasts dedicated to eating people alive, there exist humans who are considerably scarier and far more threatening.

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The concept of “dangerous” in this case relates neither to physical prowess nor battle skills, but is embedded in the core personality of the character in question. Titans might be a deadly curse for the citizens of Paradis, but in the words of Jean-Paul Sartre: hell is other people.

10 Yelena’s Composure Belies Her Fanaticism

Anime Attack On Titan Yelena By Window

Yelena ultimately betrays the Scouts she worked so hard to manipulate, but she’s quite the fearsome character until that point. She doesn’t betray her emotions, unlike most other characters in the series who prefer to wear their hearts on their sleeves.

Instead, Yelena speaks about serious topics in her trademark deadpan style, producing a mild aura of intimidation around her person. Further, she’s known to assassinate people outright if she deems them to be roadblocks to her plans. Unfortunately, Yelena loses her composure towards the end of the manga and is consequently of no danger to anyone anymore.

9 Willy Tybur Controls Marley Despite Being An Eldian

The Tybur family lives proudly in Marley and have access to far more privileges than the rest of their people — as much due to their extreme wealth and political influence as their possession of the War Hammer Titan.

It’s interesting that, while every other Eldian in Marley is subject to violence and hatred, the head of the family is completely immune to bigotry. As such, Willy Tybur wields enough power to sway entire governments, making him quite a threat.

8 Gabi Braun Is A Bomb Waiting To Explode

Gabi Braun Smiling In A Trench

Gabi is a problem child, not because of her desire to protect her family, but because she constantly inflicts her internalized Eldia-phobia on the innocent people of Paradis. She murders Sasha without hesitation and openly defends her actions to everyone who finds out.

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Thankfully, meeting the Blouse extended family triggers a series of changes to Gabi’s character, gradually but inevitably opening her eyes to the truth of the world: that it is the Eldians who are oppressed. This epiphany doesn’t change her combustible nature much, but it redirects her energy toward more positive goals.

7 Kenny Ackerman Is Almost As Impressive As Levi

Kenny Ackermann Attack On Titan Season 3

The notorious Kenny the Ripper lives up to his name when he encounters the Scouts, massacring them left and right with scant regard for human life. His combat prowess is such that it scares Levi himself, a man who has no problem taking down both Titans and humans.

In fact, it can be argued that Kenny is far more powerful than his nephew because he lacks a sense of common decency, making him all that more dangerous. Still, it’s Levi who’s ultimately victorious against his uncle.

6 Erwin Is Willing To Go Extreme Lengths To Support His Causes

Erwin’s knack for developing the most effective strategies means that those who oppose him take enormous risks in doing so. Nevertheless, what makes the former Scout Regiment Commander so formidable is his unyielding stance in favor of his causes.

Erwin plays a dangerous game while implementing his brainchild, the royal coup, but his gamble pays off. It’s hard to imagine crossing someone like him without taking dozens of precautions — not that it would ever work anyway.

5 Hange’s Technological Ingenuity Is Incomparable

hange attack on titan

Hange’s bearing on the narrative is incalculably significant, considering that they’re the only true genius available to the Scouts. More importantly, there are no known characters in Attack on Titan whose scientific expertise comes anywhere close to Hange’s.

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Hange is also capable of generating complex battle tactics with zero preparation, which is one of the many reasons that Erwin Smith declares them to be the next Commander of the Scout Regiment. There’s no doubt that Hange is a daunting presence in the manga.

4 Queen Historia Controls All Of Paradis

Historia season 4

Krista Lenz kept her secret locked away for the longest time, finally accepting her responsibility to the people of Paradis when Rod Reiss tried to have her kill and eat Eren. She refuses to absorb the Founding Titan, forcing her father to take the situation into his own hands.

Despite his attempts, the Scouts managed to defeat Rod, but it is Krista, now in her final avatar as Historia Reiss, who finishes him off. She proclaims herself to be the new ruler of Paradis and is crowned the Queen of the Walls. Interestingly, however, the manga’s final chapter reveals that the Yeagerists may have superseded her authority, but the specifics of the situation are left ambiguous.

3 Armin’s Mind Is His Best Weapon

Armin’s intelligence utterly defies belief — it’s almost as if he channels all his efforts into planning to compensate for his lack of field achievements. After he’s mentored by Dot Pyxis, and later by Erwin Smith, Armin becomes considerably more imposing as a character.

He makes large-scale decisions in the span of a second, often deducing an accurate outcome before anyone else knows what’s happening. Bullies may have messed with Armin during childhood, but few can stand up to him now.

2 Mikasa Takes Down Titans At An Unbelievable Rate

Mikasa prepares to fight

Keith Shadis, the head instructor of the 104th Training Corps, praises Mikasa Ackerman’s hard work, referring to her as a combat virtuoso, an opinion shared by several others. She is undeniably one of the best fighters in the world, a true combat champion who makes short work of most Titans that she encounters.

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Mikasa is a deadly force of nature, explaining why she’s considered to be as valuable as a hundred soldiers. It’s Mikasa who deals the final blow in the story, even though it means killing the person she loves the most in the world.

1 Captain Levi Isn’t Humanity’s Strongest Soldier For Nothing

Captain Levi’s mastery of the ODM gear is peerless — he can effortlessly bring down opponents as menacing as the Female and Beast Titans using his patented spiral attack.

His unfathomable speed might be a result of his small stature, but the results of his battles are no less extraordinary. Levi is probably the most dangerous entity in Attack on Titan, excluding, perhaps, Eren’s ridiculously oversized Founding Titan.

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