10 Most Powerful Spell Casters In The Franchise

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Final Fantasy has been around since 1987, with its games beloved by fans and critics both. One of the most important abilities in the series, as with any RPG, is magic. Magic using characters, both playable and bosses, are some of the most powerful characters in the game, blasting their foes with overpowered spells.

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Over the years, the games have taken a jack of all trades approach with characters, but for ages, the magic-using character classes, from white mages to black mages, were some of the most useful and powerful characters in the games.

10 Tellah’s Most Powerful Spell Took His Life

Tellah Spoony Bard Cropped

The SNES era of Final Fantasy was one of the most memorable but it really started to shine with Final Fantasy IV (II in the States). That game had several powerful users but the most powerful was the sage Tellah, who joined the party in the early stages of the game. Obsessed with revenge against Golbez, Tellah’s powerful magic in the early game made him a clutch party member.

Eventually, the party would face Golbez and Tellah would get his chance at revenge, using all of his life force to cast the most powerful spell he knew, Meteor. It was a poignant moment, one that FF IV played perfectly.

9 Rinoa Was Chosen To Be The Next Sorceress

In the world of Final Fantasy VIII, being the Sorceress wasn’t exactly a good thing. A new Sorceress would appear every few generations, using their massive ingrown magic might to cause chaos. Rinoa Heartlilly was chosen to be the Sorceress of her generation but her power was usurped by Ultimecia, a future Sorceress.

While FF VIII doesn’t have a dedicated spellcaster class, Rinoa is the default magic user from the story and while she never reaches the height of magic power that other Sorceresses in the game do, her potential magic skill is great.

8 Yuna Was A Powerful White Mage And Summoner

Yuna Casting Curaga From Final Fantasy X

Final Fantasy X brought back character classes with a twist, where after each character completed their Sphere Grid they could move on to another class. One of the game’s two playable magic users was the game’s co-lead, Yuna. Yuna’s spells were White Magic spells- she was the party’s healer and could cure magical ailments on party members.

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However, her most devastating skill, and the one that made her integral to the story, was her Summoning abilities. She summoned powerful Aeons that would take the party’s place and battle for them, keeping alive Final Fantasy’s rich legacy of powerful Summons.

7 Seymour Used Powerful White And Black Magic As Well As Summoning One Of The Most Powerful Aeons

FF games have been known for letting players control high-level characters who would become enemies later in the game, ones who have access to magic that the party wouldn’t at that point without a ridiculous amount of grinding. In FF X, players got to control Seymour Guado, who would go on to become one of the main antagonists and see how the other side lived.

Seymour had access to some of the most powerful offensive spells and was a tough foe when the party battled him. His Summoning abilities were formidable as well, as he summoned one of the most powerful Aeons in the game, Anima.

6 Lulu Unlocked The Most Powerful Spells In The Game On Her Sphere Grid

FInal Fantasy X Lulu Using Holy

Lulu was the resident black magic user of FF X. Her physical attacks were pretty useless but her magic, at first the basic elemental spells of Fire, Blizzard, Thunder, and Water, allowed her to exploit the enemy’s elemental weaknesses. These abilities made her important to the party and her powers would only grow throughout the game.

Lulu, the farther along the black magic section of the Sphere Grid she traveled, unlocked the most powerful spells in the game, like Comet and Ultima, the most iconic spell in Final Fantasy lore. These spells would make her even more important in the late game.

5 Sephiroth’s Mastery Of Materia And Alien Genes Make Him Powerful

FFVII Trademarks Sephiroth

Sephiroth is one of the greatest villains in Final Fantasy history and also one of the most powerful magic users. While the players never get to control him, they do fight next to him in a rather memorable sequence where he owns a powerful dragon on all his own, using powerful physical attacks and high-level magic to take it down.

Later, it’s revealed his power derives from the Jenova cells added into him by his mad scientist father, a realization that drives him crazy and takes him down the path of villainy, gaining the powerful Black Materia and casting Meteor. His ultimate spell, Super Nova, is a punishing attack that can wipe out a party that isn’t ready for it.

4 Celes Is One Of Empire’s Most Powerful Mage Knights

Final Fantasy VI (III in the States) thrust players into battle against the Magitek Empire, who enslaved Espers, magical beings, and drained them of their power, using it to fuel their war machines. Some troops were infused with the power of Espers and became Mage Knights, with General Celes being one of the most powerful.

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Celes would end up betrayed by the Empire and join the rebels, bringing her magical skill to the party. While any member of the party could learn magic in the game, Celes’s stats make her one of the most powerful magic-using party members and unlike spell casting characters before, she could use heavy weapons as well, so she wasn’t completely useless if players didn’t want to go with magic build.

3 Terra Is FF VI’s Premier Magic User

Terra From Final Fantasy's Dissidia

While FF VI doesn’t really have one single protagonist, with several characters considered the main ones, it does have one of the series’ most beloved in Terra. A half-human, half Esper girl enslaved by the Empire, she is broken free of their control when she goes on a mission to retrieve a frozen Esper.

Thrust into a position of importance, as the rebels and Empire alike hunt her down, she spends the game trying to find her place in the world. Because of her Esper heritage, she’s the best character to do a magic build with but like Celes, she can also use powerful swords that make her physical attacks pretty good as well. However, not using magic with her is kind of foolish because of her high magic stats.

2 Ultimecia Is Powerful Enough To Freeze Time

Ultimecia Snow

Ultimecia is a far-future Sorceress in FF VIII and her machinations drive the plot, as she takes control of various Sorceress candidates in the present in order to pull off time compression, where all of history exists at the same time. While players never get to use her, her magical skill makes her one of the most powerful FF characters ever.

Ultimecia’s magical might is evident once the players face her at the end of the game; from her ultimate spell Apocalypse on down, she can easily decimate a party that isn’t ready to take on a magic-user of her caliber.

1 Kefka Becomes The God Of Magic As The Game Goes On

Kefka is the main villain of FF VI and while he may not seem like much at the beginning, he eventually becomes the God of Magic, remaking the world in his own chaotic image. Driven insane by the Mage Knight experiments done on him, he’s one of the more sympathetic villains in the series but that doesn’t change the atrocities he commits later in the game.

Once Kefka gains the ultimate power over magic, he uses it to terrorize everyone, not because he’s cementing his power base but just because he can. His defeat spells the end of magic in the world and there’s no doubt he’s one of the most powerful magic users in the series.

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