10 Most Shocking Plots Twists In Guardians Of The Galaxy Comics

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The Guardians of the Galaxy were Marvel‘s original cosmic team. The original lineup lived in the 31st Century and fought to free Earth from the invading reptilian aliens known as the Badoon. Despite the vast amount of time between them, the Guardians did often have time-traveling adventures with the Avengers in those early days.

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The modern incarnation of the Guardians of the Galaxy formed after galaxy-wide invasions carried out by Annihilus and then the Phalanx led by Ultron. This newer team exists in the present day and has already fought its way through several cosmic wars. The Guardians of the Galaxy have had several tense and exciting adventures as a team, and there have been plenty of shocking twists along the way.

10 Michael Korvac Easily Killing The Entire Avengers And Guardians Teams

Avengers The Korvac Saga

The first major twist in the Guardians’ history came when the team from the 31st Century came back in time to track down one of their old villains, Michael Korvac. They met with the Avengers and Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell) to track down Korvac. Starhawk, Moondragon, and Mar-Vell knew something bad was on the horizon, and it turns out that the cyborg Korvac had received a vast power boost by assimilating some of the weapons and technology on Galactus’ world-ship, Taa II.

When the Avengers and Guardians confronted Korvac, he reacted with fear and rage, and he effortlessly slaughtered both teams. Even the likes of Thor and Captain Marvel couldn’t last against Korvac. The only thing that saved them was Moondragon’s psychic intervention, which showed Korvac the error of his ways. He resurrected the dead and seemingly wiped himself from all existence.

9 Annihilus Using Galactus As Vast And Powerful Weapon During The Annihilation War

Galactus Annihilation

When Annihilus’ unending army spilled out from the Negative Zone into the Marvel Universe, it seemed like the end of all things may be nigh. Annihilus sought to exterminate all of existence, and the battered and scattered Heralds of Galactus, Kree, Skrull, Shi’ar, and heroes of the cosmos united to fight against the Annihilation Wave.

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A massive blow to morale came when it was revealed that Annihilus had captured Galactus and used his body as a siphon for a world-destroying cosmic power. Eventually, Nova would be able to free Galactus, and he met his rage with Annihilus known.

8 Ultron Being The New Leader Of The Phalanx AI Species

Ultron Phalanx

The next Annihilation War came with the sudden war of expansion being waged by the Phalanx, a race of artificially intelligent beings who reproduce by assimilating biological organisms into their collective intelligence.

The reason for the sudden surge in their mission to assimilate all things was revealed when the new head of their hive mind was revealed: none other than the old Avengers foe, Galactus. This threat united what would become the Guardians of the Galaxy once again, and the team officially formed in the present era. Eventually, the Guardians and Nova succeeded in toppling Ultron and stopping the Phalanx.

7 Captain Marvel Being The Leader Of The Cancerverse

Cancerverse Captain Mar-Vell

When a new and horrifying threat spilled out from another dimension through the Fault, a tear in the fabric of reality, the Guardians of the Galaxy had to once again ally with forces across the cosmos to stop the spread of what would be known as the Cancerverse and their masters, the Many-Angled Ones.

It was revealed that the leader of the entire Cancerverse reality was Captain Mar-Vell, Kree hero of Earth and inspiration for Carol Danvers’ own Captain Marvel identity. In the Cancerverse, when Mar-Vell was on the brink of death due to cancer spreading through his body, he performed an unholy ritual taught to him by the Many-Angled Ones that killed Death. This caused this reality to expand until there was literally no more space for life in their universe, and the Cancerverse began expanding and assimilating other universes. The Guardians had to seek the help of their universe’s avatar of death to stop the Cancerverse: dread Thanos himself.

6 Nova And Peter Quill Dying To Keep Thanos In The Collapsing Cancerverse

Nova Star Lord

After Thanos killed the Captain Mar-Vell of the Cancerverse, he found himself inside a collapsing reality with Nova and Star-Lord. Richard Rider and Peter Quill saw this as an opportunity to stop Thanos from threatening their native reality ever again.

Star-Lord, armed with a Cosmic Cube, and Richard Rider, armed with the entirety of the Nova Force, battled to keep Thanos inside the Cancerverse until reality collapsed around them, seemingly killing all inside. The Guardians and Nova Corps disbanded shortly after. Eventually, Star-Lord, Nova, and Thanos would all return, and Star-Lord reunited the Guardians of the Galaxy.

5 Peter Quill And Kitty Pride Of The X-Men Entering A Romantic Relationship

The ancient weapon known as the Black Vortex as well as the Shi’ar’s attempts to prosecute a young Jean Grey for her future crimes as the Dark Phoenix found the Guardians and the X-Men fighting side by side. This led Star-Lord to meet Kitty Pryde, aka Shadowcat, of the X-Men.

The two found a lot in common and actually formed a romantic relationship for a time. However, Star-Lord’s careless tendencies and occasional boorishness led to fractures in the romance, and the two eventually called things off.

4 Gamora Turning Traitor On The Guardians And Stealing The Infinity Gauntlet

Gamora in her Requiem Armor

After discovering that a part of her soul was trapped inside the Soul Stone, Gamora became obsessed with reclaiming what was lost. However, the Guardians were fractured and just trying to survive at this point. This led Gamora to become desperate. She donned the identity of Requiem and began rebuilding the Infinity Gauntlet.

The Guardians and the Avengers stood against her, which led Gamora to fold the universe in half and fusing individuals with one another, creating what is known as the Infinity Warps. Eventually, the fused heroes were able to stop Gamora and restore the universe. Gamora went into exile after this.

3 Discovering Hercules Being Held Prisoner In The Depths Of Space

The reborn Olympic Pantheon began a divine war against the living beings of the cosmos in their flying city. Zeus began purging entire planets, and the Guardians of the Galaxy reunited to stop the coming threat.

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Thankfully, the team found an unexpected ally and former Avenger tucked away in the Olympians’ city: Hercules, the Prince of Power.

2 Doctor Doom Forcing His Way Onto The Guardians Of The Galaxy Roster

Very recently, the Guardians of the Galaxy were protecting the Kree from the return of the Progenitors, the race of godlike beings that led the Kree to create the Inhumans. After repelling the Progenitors, Doctor Doom appeared from nowhere and bested the Guardians with ease.

Doom explained that a great threat to the cosmic balance was coming, and he sought to stop it. After a heated discussion between Doom and the Guardians, Doom was convinced to ally with the Guardians to stop this prospective threat.

1 Dormammu Taking Over Ego The Living Planet

Dormammu the Last Annihilation

The form of that threat was then seemingly revealed in the most recent issue of Guardians of the Galaxy, when the black egg-like shell around Ego the Living Planet shattered, revealing the visage of Dormammu.

This demonic entity from the Dark Dimension has formed a new cult and is seeking to consume all things. Naturally, the Guardians of the Galaxy will stand up to stop this new mystical and cosmic threat.

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