10 Perks Of Being An Isekai Protagonist

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The world of anime has many unofficial genres or conventions, and one of them is the concept of isekai, where the protagonist ends up in a whole new world or new time period. This is an opportunity for adventure, action, or even horror or misery. But it’s not always so bad. Some isekai protagonists have a better time in the new world than others do.

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By nature, an isekai protagonist is leaving behind everyone and everything they knew as they enter a new world, and for some characters, this is definitely an upgrade, especially if they didn’t even like their previous life. Potentially, many wonderful things will lie ahead for the isekai hero, and the perks of the genre soon become evident.

10 The Hero May Escape A Boring Or Unpleasant Job

It is well-known that modern Japanese office workers are greatly overworked, as are animators. This theme is sometimes subtly or blatantly included in anime series, and at the start of I’ve Been Killing Slimes For 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level, the heroine died from karoshii, or overwork.

Fortunately, the isekai genre came to the rescue, and Azusa Aizawa was reborn as the witch of the highlands in an idyllic, charming isekai setting. Office politics and deadlines are now far behind her, and she couldn’t be more relieved.

9 The Hero Might Already Know & Like The World They Enter

Overlord Ainz

Sometimes, the isekai hero will already know what they are in for when their adventure begins. Some isekai shows use a video game world as the new setting, such as Overlord, and the player who became Ainz Ooal Gown knew exactly what lay ahead. He had been playing the game for years, and one day, he simply couldn’t log out.

If the isekai hero is already fond of their new world and have an invested interest in it, then they can simply keep enjoying this beloved world and push things to their maximum without ever needing to log out or take a break.

8 The Isekai Hero Might Get A Harem

kirito and the 'harem' sword art online

Several genres of anime are known to make use of the harem concept, usually involving a self-insert male lead surrounded by beautiful girls who all adore him. Such scenarios can be either funny, sleazy or both, and the unofficial isekai genre often makes use of them.

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The MMO hero Kirito built up a harem of friends and party members over time, and this is just the start. Certainly, many isekai leads would appreciate a harem of their own, and such things could never happen in their own world. But now, in fantasy land, anything is possible.

7 Touring The World Is Easier In Isekai

Some people really like to travel, and they get frequent flier miles as they hop from one cool tourist destination to another across the continents. But this can be expensive and doesn’t work well with everyone’s lifestyle. This is where the isekai genre comes in.

Circumstances will vary, but in theory at least, an isekai hero may have an easy time exploring the entire world that they visit, and see all sorts of exotic things and people. It helps if they have a dragon friend or a series of teleport runes to get around more easily.

6 The Isekai Hero May Have More To Gain Than Lose

Kazuma Smiling In Konosuba Anime

Isekai heroes leave everything behind except their clothes and perhaps a few personal accessories when they begin their adventure, and in some cases, that really isn’t saying much. Perhaps the protagonist is a NEET who was going nowhere, or they had a miserable work life, such as Azusa.

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If so, going on an isekai adventure is a trade up, since the hero is losing very little and could potentially gain a lot, depending on the particular series. They might become rich, popular, powerful or even gain a new body, and they love every minute of it.

5 The Isekai Hero Might Become A Ruler Or Boss

rimuru in meeting 2 slime

When an isekai hero shows up in a new world, they may find themselves within a troubled kingdom, or a collection of scattered villages or towns that lack a strong leader. Some isekai series’ main plot involves the hero becoming a great leader, such as Rimuru Tempest the slime.

Such heroes can use their real-world education to figure out how to become an effective king, queen or mayor, and lead medieval-style worlds where no one has the benefit of a college education, or something similar.

4 The Isekai Hero Might Find True Love

Love stories are not terribly common in isekai, but they can happen, and they are a more wholesome substitute for a harem. The isekai hero might have struck out at singles bars in the real world, but when it’s isekai time, the ideal lover might be waiting on the other side of that portal.

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Natsuki Subaru is a hapless isekai hero who got involved with two wonderful young women, Rem the combat maid and the charming Emilia. Such paramours are always worth fighting for, even at the risk of death.

3 The Isekai Hero Can Go On A Power Trip

The personality, skills and interests of the protagonist can greatly affect how an isekai series will turn out, and some isekai heroes are quite eager to make something of themselves. Perhaps they felt powerless or invisible in their Earth life, and they are ready to compensate in a new world.

An isekai setting might be cruel to the protagonist, but it also might be kind to them and provide ample opportunities for the lead to become a great leader with wealth, minions, fame and magical power. Such a power trip is perfect for downtrodden heroes who want to become legendary, though humble and selfless protagonists would be less interested.

2 The Isekai Hero Might Become Immortal

azusa slimes

Many isekai series are open-ended, and these stories don’t make it clear how long the isekai hero will live in their new world. Will they die of old age later on, and get reborn on Earth? Or will they live forever? I’ve Been Killing Slimes takes the latter route, and it’s intriguing.

That series makes it clear that people can spend a few centuries without visibly aging, and in a pleasant world like this, living for so long can be a real treat. To Azusa, three centuries might as well be a couple of years, and some viewers might envy that. She can spend so much time just relaxing, without even getting older.

1 The Isekai Protagonist Can Launch Humanitarian Projects & Feel Good About It

Many isekai worlds are modeled after pre-industrial Japan or medieval Europe, and the natives are not exactly having the time of their lives. They must contend with monsters, poverty, lack of technology, an oppressive king or feudal lord, and more. This is where the isekai hero comes in.

An isekai hero can not only save individual people from monsters, but transform society and accelerate the growth of technology. They can also introduce forward-thinking laws and install benign local administrators, and help build new infrastructure, among other things. Senku Ishigami did something like this in Dr. Stone, bringing electricity and steam engines to the future stone age.

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