10 Pokémon That Would Win Gold At The Olympics

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There are 33 sports and 339 different events at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics – not quite as many as there are Pokémon, but still a decent amount. Pokémon need to be in good shape if they’re battling, and some of them train constantly in an attempt to get better, stronger, and faster, just like Olympic athletes. They also know what it’s like to compete, whether that be in battles or contests.

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There are Pokémon that specialize in certain areas, including sports, which would put them in prime position for a gold medal at the Summer Olympic Games. These Pokémon are tailor-made to take the games by storm.

10 Throh Is The Judo Pokémon Who Would Throw His Way To Gold

Being the Judo Pokémon, Throh would naturally be the favorite in the Judo event, which is all about throwing your opponent to the ground. The clue is in the name: Throh would simply ‘throw’ his opponents all over the place to get his hands on the gold medal. According to the Pokédex entry for Pokémon Sword, it performs throwing moves with first-rate skill, and its belt gets darker as it absorbs its sweat. Other entries state that when it encounters a foe bigger than itself, it wants to throw it.

9 Alolan Raichu Would Electrify In New Surfing Event

Anyone who has played New Pokémon Snap will have seen Alolan Raichu’s surfing exploits. Surfing is one of the four new events at the Tokyo Olympics, and assuming Alolan Raichu would be allowed to compete as it uses its tail as a surfboard, it would take some real skill to beat.

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The Mouse Pokémon’s Ability is Surge Surfer, which doubles its Speed in certain conditions. Alolan Raichu also lives in the Alola region, which is based on Hawaii, known for its huge waves, so it would have a great shot at the gold in surfing.

8 Hitmonchan Is A Lightning-Fast Punching Machine

Known as the Punching Pokémon, Hitmonchan has speed, physical attack prowess, and moves such as Focus Punch and Close Combat at his disposal to make him a major contender for the gold medal in boxing.

The Pokédex entry for Pokémon Red and Blue states that: ‘While apparently doing nothing, it fires punches in lightning-fast volleys that are impossible to see.’ It’s hard to imagine anyone not being bamboozled by that.

7 Crown Sword Zacian Would Win Gold In Fencing Thanks To Its Incredible Speed

Pokemon crowned sword zacian ready for battle

It’s said that the sword that the Crowned Sword form of Zacian carries can cut through anything. Cutting through your opponent isn’t the goal in fencing, of course, but Zacian also moves faster than the blink of an eye, and speed is a big part of fencing. It may just have to rein in its immense power, however, so as not to be disqualified, as the Pokémon Sword mascot is capable of felling Gigantamax Pokémon with a single strike.

6 Machamp’s Strength Makes It Destined For Weightlifting Gold

With four big, muscly arms, Machamp would be the mon to beat in the weightlifting event. If Gigantamaxing were allowed at the Tokyo Olympics, the Superpower Pokémon would win at a canter. In episode 2 of the Twilight Wings series, “Training,” viewers got a glimpse of Machamp’s training regime under Bea, which involved doing push-ups with huge boulders on his back. The Pokémon Shield Pokédex entry states that Machamp once used its immeasurable strength to lift a large ship that was in trouble and carried it to port.

5 Decidueye Would Aim For Gold In Archery With Its Unerring Accuracy

Pokémon Decidueye Arrow Attack Flying

The Arrow Quill Pokémon is extremely accurate, and it can pluck, aim, and fire an arrow quill from its wings in a tenth of a second. Pokémon Sword‘s Pokédex entry states that Decidueye’s shots never miss, and the entry for Pokémon Sun says that it can pierce a pebble at distances over a hundred yards. Decidueye is based on Robin Hood, a skilled archer, and would be a safe bet for the gold medal in archery.

4 Golduck’s Webbed Appendages Allow It To Out-Swim Humans

Golduck From Pokemon

According to its Ultra Moon Pokédex entry, Golduck is a professional swimmer who can swim for two days straight. Its long, slim limbs and broad flippers make it a natural swimmer that would surely take gold in any of the aquatic events. Indeed, the Pokédex entry in the 7th episode of the Diamond and Pearl series, “Like It or Lup It!,” even states that Golduck is able to swim faster than a gold medalist.

3 Smeargle Is A Ping Pong Master Who Doesn’t Miss

Smeargle From Pokemon Sun and Moon

In “Smashing with Sketch!,” the 66th episode of the Sun & Moon series, Smeargle goes up against Mienshao in the final game of the Pokémon Ping Pong tournament. The Painter Pokémon uses its paintbrush-like tail as a paddle, returning shot after shot with speed and accuracy.

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Its move Sketch allows it to learn its opponent’s move, and it always hits. With such accuracy and quick reflexes, Smeargle would be a shoo-in for a gold medal in table tennis.

2 Lycanroc Would Use Rock Climb To Prevail In Speed Climbing

Pokemon lycanroc in forest

Speed climbing is a new event being introduced at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. It involves two people (or Pokémon) simultaneously climbing a vertical wall as fast as possible. With its speed and Rock Climb move, Lycanroc would be a prime candidate for gold medalist in the event. The Wolf Pokémon boasts calmness as well as an intense fighting spirit, and its quick movements confuse its enemies. Its Midday form is the fastest of its three forms, with 112 for base Speed, so it would be hoping the event takes place during the day.

1 Deoxys Would Dominate the 100 Metres Thanks To Its DNA Configuration

Pokemon destiny deoxys

With its incredible base Speed stat of 180, Deoxys is the fastest bipedal Pokémon there is. The Legendary Pokémon Regieleki is actually faster than Deoxys, with 200 base Speed, but since it doesn’t have legs it wouldn’t exactly be fair to the other athletes. Multiple Pokédex entries for Deoxys state that it is an alien virus that fell to Earth on a meteor and underwent a DNA mutation. Its body is configured for superior agility and speed, which would give it an edge over other sprinters in the 100 meters.

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