10 Pokémon To Win Every Cuteness Contest

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Many players of the Pokémon games participated in Pokémon Contests, similar to how Dawn, Jessie, and May participated in Contests in the anime. Contests often involved Pokémon dressing up, using their moves to appeal to audiences, as well as battling other competitors in order to win the grand prize.

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As fans and players tried to win as many ribbons as possible in Pokémon Contests, they realized that there were specific Pokémon that were perfect for participating (and winning) Cuteness Contests.

10 Linoone Can Learn One Of The Most Appealing Contest Moves

Linoone Pokemon

Linoone is cute in appearance, but it can also learn a highly appealing Cute move called Belly Drum. This is a highly appealing Cute move that can please many judges, but there’s a risk of the Pokémon itself being more easily startled after using it, thus risking losing its edge in the competition. However, players and fans alike think the risk is worth it, especially when competing in more difficult Cuteness Contests later on. It can also learn other appealing Cute moves such as Baby-Doll Eyes, Flail, and Hone Claws, which makes it perfect for appealing to the audiences.

9 Pansage’s Grassy Moves Are Quick To Appeal To Audiences

Pansage can learn the Cute move Grass Knot, as well as Play Nice, to appeal to Cuteness Contest audiences. Additionally, if players are lucky, they’ll find a Pansage with a Hasty Nature. This makes sweet foods like Poffins more appealing to Pansage tastes, which boosts the stats required for enhancing its overall Cuteness. Players who were lucky to have a Hasty Pansage with all the Cute moves found themselves winning Cuteness Contests more easily than those who didn’t.

8 Skitty Has Many Cute Moves It Can Learn For Its Victory

Skitty Smiling

Skitty can learn moves such as Disarming Voice, Attract, Rest, and Charm to appeal to Cuteness Contest audiences. Many players also found themselves with a Skitty with a Hasty Nature as well, which made it easier for players to feed their Skitty with tasty sweet foods. This would raise their stats required to enhance their Cuteness and give them an advantage when competing.

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Fans also figured that, since Skitty was a Normal-Type Pokémon, it was more likely to learn Cute Moves as-is. With Skitty by their sides, fans had fun winning Cuteness Contests with it.

7 Eevee’s Variety Of Cute Moves As A Normal Type Gives It The Advantage

Eevee is excited

Eevee can also learn a variety of Cute moves to appeal to audiences such as Tail Whip and Baby Doll Eyes. These moves fair well to Cuteness Contests audiences. Additionally, Eevee itself is just a very cute-looking Pokémon, which encouraged fans and players to use it in Cuteness Contests. Its evolution into Sylveon is also a boon for Cuteness Contests as well since it can learn other Cute moves. Some players even tried using other Eeveelutions as well for Contests because they found all of them adorable.

6 Barbroach Can Help Win A Cute Contest Any Day Despite How It Looks

Barbroach Pokemon

Barbroach might seem like an unconventional choice to compete in a Cuteness Contest, but it can learn a variety of Cute moves to appeal to audiences. The moves it can learn include Water Sport, Snore, Rest, and Mud Sport. Additionally, many fans adored using Barbroach because of how small and cute it was compared to larger Pokemon. Even though some players initially passed up using Barbroach due to other non-Cute moves it can learn, they quickly realized that it actually had more Cute moves than its appearance would let on.

5 Pichu’s Moves Are Shockingly Cute, Just Like Itself

Ukelele Pichu Pokemon

Pichu might be electrifying, but it’s so adorable in appearance. Additionally, it can learn Cute moves for Cuteness Contests such as Charm and Sweet Kiss to appeal to audiences and judges.

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Many fans found Pichu a welcome reprieve from the constant amount of Normal-Type Pokémon often used in Cuteness Contests. It might not be as great for battle compared to its evolved forms, Pikachu and Raichu, but at least it can provide some emotional support to others and please audiences in Contests as well.

4 Jigglypuff Was Born For The Cuteness Contest Stage

Jigglypuff sings into a mic

Jigglypuff’s adorable appearance had many players assuming that it would be perfect for a Cuteness Contest, and they were right. Jigglypuff can learn moves such as Baby Doll Eyes and Sing to appeal to audiences. This cute first-generation Pokémon was given a lot of personality in the anime, but players have no need to worry about incurring its wrath in the games. Jigglypuff’s arsenal of Cute Moves makes it perfect to use in Cuteness Contests as-is, and many players were happy to dress it up and put it on display for all to see.

3  Spinda Will Have Audiences Spinning Around Due To How Cute It Is

Anime Pokemon Spinda Pack Dizzy

Spinda is a perfect addition for joining a Cuteness Contest, despite its rather perplexing nature. Spinda can learn Cute moves such as Flail and Teeter Dance to appeal to audiences.

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Some players thought that Spinda was adorably creepy, considering the constant swirls in its eyes. However, once players got past the creepy aspect of Spinda, they realized that Spinda was perfectly useful for winning a Cuteness Contest or two.

2 Spoink’s Adorable Appearance And Cute Moves Are Great For Cuteness Contests

Spoink can learn Cute moves such as Rest, Splash, and Bounce to appeal to Cuteness Contest audiences. Some players thought that it would look cute enough to win a contest based on its cool design alone. It might have the most complex design in terms of appearance, but Spoink having a simpler design lent well to Spoink looking like it would fit in a Cuteness Contest. The fact that its general movement consists of bouncing up and down made some players amused and lent to its cuteness.

1 Azurill Is A Great Non-Normal-Type Pokémon For Cuteness Contests

Anime Pokemon Misty's Azurill Jumps

Azurill’s move set is full of Cute moves such as Water Gun, Splash, and Charm, making it the perfect candidate for a Cuteness Contest. This adorable Water-Type Pokémon is perfect for winning a Cuteness Contest, especially if the player does not have a lot of Normal-Type Pokémon on hand, let alone any other Pokémon that have a lot of Cute moves. Many players found themselves flocking to Azurill to win their Contests for them because of its adorable looks, on top of having many Cute moves.

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