10 Reasons We’re Excited About Ben Reilly’s Return To The Webs

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The Amazing Spider-Man is set to welcome back a former hero to the webs in the “Spider-Man-Beyond” storyline that follows Nick Spencer’s long-running storyline, and the early teases of the project revealed that Peter Parker’s clone Ben Reilly would be returning as the new Spider-Man.

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While Reilly’s long and confusing past in the Spider-Man mythology that dates back to the original Clone Saga might have some fans divided about his prominent role in the next era of Amazing Spider-Man, but there are quite a few reasons that we are excited about the former Scarlet Spider’s return to the webs, which we’ll explore further today.

10 The Death Of Peter Parker Teases An Exciting New Mystery

Death of Peter Parker in Spider-Man Beyond

The new storyline was teased first with a few mysterious images that alluded to the return of Ben Reilly, though it was the release of the cover to Amazing Spider-Man #75 by Arthur Adams that teased an exciting new mystery that might explain Reilly’s return as Spider-Man.

The cover featured Peter Parker in a tattered Spider-Man costume on life-support machines in a hospital next to Mary Jane Watson, teasing a new mystery about his potential death that will be explored alongside Reilly’s return to the webs.

9 Ben Reilly Will Be Appearing In A New Costume With New Tech

Ben Reilly’s first debut as Spider-Man during the Clone Saga of the 90s featured a redesign of the classic costume to make it more uniquely his, so it only made sense that his return to the role came with a brand new Spider-Man costume.

This version of the costume (designed by Patrick Gleason) perfectly blends his Scarlet Spider costume with his Spider-Man redesign for an exciting new costume that is sure to include new technology, just like his previous debut which introduced impact webbing and stingers for the first time.

8 New Creative Teams Have Been Announced For Reilly’s Return

Comic creators like Zeb Wells and Kelly Thompson joined writer and artist Patrick Gleason in the initial teases of the upcoming storyline on social media, though they were officially announced alongside other creators like Saladin Ahmed and Cody Ziglar will join the rotating art team of Sara Pichelli and Michael Dowling.

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Pichelli is well-known by fans as the co-creator of Miles Morales and Dowling’s work on Black Cat has fans excited for his time with Amazing Spider-Man and Ben Reilly, especially with Arthur Adams providing covers for the storyline.

7 He Has A Potential New Team Of Allies That Includes The Daughters Of The Dragon

Ben Reilly, Misty Knight and Colleen Wing in Spider-Man Beyond

Ben Reilly won’t be alone when he returns to the webs in “Spider-Man Beyond,” as he will have resources and a high-tech headquarters that looks like it comes with a support squad of familiar names that include the Daughters of the Dragon, Misty Knight, and Colleen Wing.

While their appearance has so far only been teased by leaked interior art, Ben Reilly recently worked with Misty Knight as part of Iron Man’s strike team during the “Books of Korvac” storyline, which could lead to Ben Reilly’s association with his new team in “Spider-Man Beyond.”

6 The Beyond Corporation’s Return Could Tie Up A Few Loose Ends

Marvel's Beyond Corporation construction site

Ben Reilly’s return as Spider-Man is quite a bit different than his first appearance in the webs, as this time he has the backing and the resources of the Beyond Corporation to help fulfill his new drive to become the best Spider-Man.

Of course, comic fans already know about the mysterious Beyond Corporation and its dark multiversal plans that have been teased in titles like Nextwave and Captain America & The Mighty Avengers, so the return of the Beyond Corporation is sure to dive into a few of these dangling mysteries that will undoubtedly bring more trouble to the Marvel universe.

5 Ben Reilly Deserves Another Chance As The Friendly Neighborhood Hero

While Reilly’s history has some troubling moments, his time as Spider-Man showcased his heroism well and gave the character a brief chance to shine as Spider-Man, though it was brought to an end along with the long-running Clone Saga, which was somewhat tainted by issues behind the scenes.

This not only extended the storyline beyond the planned conclusion but also lessened the impact of Reilly’s time in the webs, so he deserves another shot to be the best Spider-Man he can be, which appears to be his main motivation in “Spider-Man Beyond.”

4 Ben Reilly’s Return As Spider-Man Could Finally Bring About His Redemption

Ben Reilly attacking as Scarlet Spider

Ben Reilly’s time as Spider-Man initially ended when he sacrificed his life for Peter Parker in the finale of the Clone Saga, though he was later cloned again by The Jackal using a new experimental process that retained the memories until the moment of death, which was tested dozens of times on Reilly before he escaped.

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This led to a villainous turn as the new Jackal that continued when he returned to the role of Scarlet Spider, leading to a number of terrible acts. While he was recloned and seemingly purified of his villainy during Spider-Geddon, it might take his return as Spider-Man to truly earn his redemption.

3 Ben Reilly Might Find A New Heroic Future As Scarlet Spider Or Someone New

Ben Reilly unmasked as Spider-Man Beyond

The new era of Amazing Spider-Man is ready to move forward with a new hero under the mask of the web-slinger, though Peter Parker will eventually return to the role inevitably, which could mean that “Spider-Man Beyond” is actually setting Ben Reilly up for a new heroic future.

While it’s possible he could return to the costumed identity of Scarlet Spider after “Spider-Man Beyond,” there is some baggage with the character that could lead to a brand new heroic identity for Reilly in the future.

2 It Could Also Mean The Return Of The Other Spider-Clone Kaine Parker

Ben Reilly may be the only spider-clone to have officially taken over as Spider-Man in the mainstream comics, but he isn’t the only active spider-clone out there as Kaine Parker also operates as another version of Scarlet Spider.

However, Kaine Parker hasn’t been too visible since he led the Spider-Force during Spider-Geddon, and given his long-time connection and rivalry with Ben Reilly, it’s very likely that “Spider-Man Beyond” could see the return of Kaine Parker as well.

1 Beyond Could Lead Into A New Spider-Verse Event With Reilly In The Lead


A storyline like “Spider-Man Beyond” could lead to a number of other storylines and events that feature Ben Reilly’s new take on Spider-Man in the lead, and given the inclusion of the Beyond Corporation, it’s very possible another multiversal event like Spider-Verse is in the works.

The first event starred Peter Parker as he led an army of multiversal Spider-Men against the Inheritors while the Spider-Geddon sequel shifted the leadership roles to Miles Morales and Otto Octavius/Superior Spider-Man, so it’s possible a third event with Reilly in charge could be in the works.

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