10 Relationships That Deserve More Screentime

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Some of the best scenes in Jujutsu Kaisen focus not on the series’ great action, but on its vibrant cast of characters. The way they interact with each other can be funny, heartwarming, or tragic, and will have viewers tuning in time and time again.

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But, while the series allows plenty of screen time for its main characters to interact, especially the central trio of Yuji, Megumi, and Nobara, there are plenty of smaller dynamics in the wider side cast that are just begging for a little more focus. Here are the relationships that fans would rather see more of on-screen than the coolest of fight scenes.

10 Junpei And His Mother Had A Loving Relationship

jujutsu kaisen junpei and his mother

Junpei’s mother is, until he meets Yuji, the only thing stopping him from being a full-blown misanthrope. Her death is what finally pushes him over the edge, and serves not only as a huge emotional blow to Junpei and the viewer but also as a confirmation of just how far Mahito is willing to go to achieve his goals.

Having a few more scenes that focused on this mother-son relationship, therefore, would have made this whole story arc, and Junpei’s eventual tragic end, hit even harder than it already does.

9 Inumaki And The Other Second-Years Have A Mutual Understanding

Toge Inumaki _ Cursed Speech

With a cursed speech technique that means he can only communicate using onigiri ingredients, Inumaki is one of Jujutsu Kaisen‘s most interesting side characters. While this might seem likely to isolate him from his peers, Maki and Panda never have trouble understanding exactly what he means.

This hints at a deep connection that must have resulted from their time training and fighting together. Unfortunately, since the show focuses most of its time on the first years, the audience doesn’t get much of a look into this dynamic.

8 Mechamaru And His Classmates Can’t Interact Fully

jujutsu kaisen mechamaru and classmates

There are few characters Jujutsu Kaisen more tragic than Kokichi Muta, aka Mechamaru, whose Heavenly Restriction means that his immense cursed energy output comes at the expense of being so physically frail that he can only interact with others using a robotic body. This makes his friendships with his classmates beautifully bittersweet.

His desire to be fully present with his friends is the subject of a story arc later in the manga, so hopefully, later seasons of the anime will shine a light onto this fascinating character and his relationships with the people around him.

7 Yuji And His Grandfather Had An Unexplored Relationship

jujutsu kaisen yuji and his grandpa

The death of Yuji’s grandfather, and his final words to him, act as the foundation of Yuji’s character throughout the series, as he strives to help others. This motivation might be even more compelling if the audience had seen Yuji and his grandfather interact more, and thus understood the depth of the bond between them.

It would have also been interesting to see what Yuji’s relationship with his family was like when his grandfather was healthy. Wasuke Itadori seems, in his brief few scenes, to have a very strong personality. How much of Yuji’s character was influenced by him?

6 Gojo And Nanami Form An Unlikely Team

nanami and gojo smiling

Nanami and Gojo have one of the most unlikely friendships in the show, with Gojo’s enthusiastic personality contrasting hilariously with Nanami’s stern, deadpan attitude. Under Gojo’s pranks and teasing, though, there definitely seems to be a dynamic built on their respect for each other’s fighting ability.

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However, despite their obvious friendship, the audience never even gets to see these two incredibly powerful sorcerers fight together. And, despite Nanami getting a flashback that recounts his life before the series, Gojo doesn’t appear in it at all.

5 Mai And Todo Are Like Fire And Water

jujutsu kaisen mai and todo

The hilarious Juju Stroll where Todo makes Mai go to a Takada-chan handshake event reminds the audience that Kyoto Jujutsu High is currently home to one of both the series’ most acerbic (Mai) and cheerful (Todo) personalities. This leads to a hilarious dynamic when they clash that gets even funnier when they find something to bond over.

Unfortunately, this short segment is really the only time the audience gets to see these two characters interact alone. If future seasons have Juju Stroll segments, there had better be one where these two go to one of Takada-chan’s concerts together.

4 Gojo And Utahime Love To Tease The Shippers

utahime and gojo

As much as viewers love Satoru Gojo, there’s nothing more fun than watching him interact with characters who hate his guts …and no one seems to loathe the incredibly powerful Sorcerer more than Utahime, a staff member at Kyoto Jujutsu High.

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Even apart from their dynamic, Utahime definitely deserves some more screentime. Despite her being a semi-grade 1 Sorcerer, viewers have yet to see her abilities in battle. Plus, for the viewers with their shipping goggles on, there definitely seems to be the potential for a love-hate relationship between the two…

3 Megumi And Nobara Need More Time Together Without Yuji

Jujutsu Kaisen _ Megumi _ Nobara

While the main trio of Yuji, Megumi, and Nobara get plenty of screentime, it would have been great to see more of how just Megumi and Nobara, each with their own very different personalities, interact with each other without the always-positive Yuji there to mediate.

After all, they spent a large part of the series as the only Tokyo Jujutsu High first years, believing that Yuji had been killed during battle. Their bond must have become much stronger through this, but we don’t see much of it.

2 Junpei And Mahito Had A Toxic, Twisted Relationship

junpei and mahito

Mahito is a truly sadistic villain, not only committing terrible acts but enjoying himself while doing it; it can, therefore, be difficult for the audience to see why the otherwise likable Junpei would want to associate with him (even with his cynicism towards others).

What this story arc really needed were a few more scenes that showed what, exactly, Junpei saw in Mahito. Was he kind to him? Did they ever do anything except talk about how horrible other people were? It would have also made Mahito killing Junpei’s mother even more shocking.

1 Geto And His Team Love Having Fun

Mahito _ Jujutsu Kaisen

There’s something uniquely brilliant about watching villains interacting with each other. Maybe it’s how funny it is to see Cursed Spirits born from humanity’s most negative emotions just hang out on the beach, or maybe it’s just interesting to watch the characters play off one another outside of battles with the protagonists.

Either way, Jujutsu Kaisen has a great cast of villains who, as seen in some hilarious Juju Strolls, can be as fun as they are detestable. All the series needs is a whole episode set in Dagon’s (very relaxing) Domain.

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