10 Times Mewtwo Proved That It Was The Strongest Pokémon

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Mewtwo has been featured in several Pokémon movies, series, and games over the years, and every single time its presence has felt like a huge deal. It has always been perceived as intimidating and impressive, with its stature and its Psychic powers capable of controlling anyone or anything.

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Whether it’s presented as a villain, an ally, or just simply a powerful Pokémon, Mewtwo’s overwhelming strength is indisputable. This doesn’t mean that it’s indestructible, however; naturally, the stronger that a Pokémon is, the more likely that villains will come after it. It may have its moments of weakness, but its moments of strength outnumber them greatly.

10 Red Struggled Against Mewtwo In Pokémon Origins

Mewtwo versus Red Mega Charizard Pokemon Origins

In the spinoff series of the main Pokémon anime, Pokémon Origins, Red faces off against Mewtwo after catching 149 other Pokémon. Mewtwo decimates Red’s team, showcasing its immense power. This decimation isn’t given much screen-time, however, as the main battle is between Mewtwo and Charizard.

It’s only when Red employs Mega Evolution with his Charizard that a fierce and closely fought contest ensues, with Mewtwo eventually taking enough damage for Red to catch it. This doesn’t entirely diminish Mewtwo’s sense of dominance, as it wasn’t necessarily defeated.

9 Mewtwo Had The Power To Get Its Revenge On Humans By Tormenting Trainers And Cloning Their Pokémon

Mewtwo Strikes Back Pokemon Clones Blastoise Charizard Mewtwo Venusaur

The main premise of Mewtwo Strikes Back and the Evolution remake is that Mewtwo is hellbent on proving it’s not only the most powerful Pokémon, but the strongest trainer as well. Setting up a challenge to ensure that only the best trainers get through torrential rain and a thunderstorm to its island is the ultimate way for it to show off its might.

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Not only can it easily fling anyone aside with its Psychic powers, but its cloned Pokémon are more perfect versions of the Pokémon that the trainers brought with them, and therefore tougher in battle.

8 Once Realizing Its Power, Mewtwo Completely Destroyed The Lab Where It Was Created

Pokemon Mewtwo Strikes Back Lab Explosion Giovanni

When Team Rocket and their scientists have Mewtwo captured for the purpose of experimentation and abusing its raw power in Mewtwo Strikes Back, Mewtwo eventually manages to break out of the facility. But this is no ordinary prison escape: Mewtwo obliterates everything, resulting in an explosion that wipes out everyone on site.

With it being at the start of the movie, this instantly showcases Mewtwo’s power, particularly its Psychic capabilities. Mewtwo was able to decimate everything while Giovanni looked on from the safety of his helicopter.

7 Mewtwo Is A Tough Post-Game Encounter In Generation I

Mewtwo Pokemon Cerulean Cave

In the Generation I games, Mewtwo feels like the final boss. It’s located in Cerulean Cave, which is only accessible after the player has defeated the Elite Four and the Champion. At level 70, it can be a tough test for any trainer, but as it’s post-game, chances are that the player’s Pokémon will be at a relatively comparable level.

With the original 151 Pokémon, Mewtwo stood out as the clear strongest, both as a Pokémon in general and as a Legendary. The title of strongest Legendary Pokémon would become steadily more unclear as more and more Legendaries were introduced, but this exact moment of facing Mewtwo at the end of the Generation I games felt like a big deal — and still does.

6 Mewtwo’s Distrust Of Humans Means It Uses Its Power To Help Protect Other Pokémon

Mewtwo Pokemon Journeys Ash Goh PIkachu

After Mewtwo battles Ash, Goh, Cinderace, Lucario, and Pikachu in a somewhat one-sided affair in Pokémon Journeys, Mewtwo tells them that it has been taking care of Pokémon that were mistreated and discarded by other humans.

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Not only has this helped to fuel its distrust of humans, but Mewtwo has also become responsible for protecting the health and well-being of these Pokémon. Although Mewtwo doesn’t hold Ash and Goh in the same regard as the rest of humanity, Mewtwo takes the Pokémon in its care and moves them to another secret location away from potential harm. Only a truly strong Pokémon could do a good enough job of protecting others from humans and their ill intents.

5 Mewtwo Versus Mew Was A Fierce And Destructive Showdown

Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution Mew Versus Mewtwo

As the names suggest, Mewtwo is a clone of Mew, but that doesn’t mean they’re the same. While Mew may be small in stature, Mewtwo has a more hulking physique. Their showdown in Mewtwo Strikes Back, with them leading original Pokémon versus clones in battle, showcases the sheer ferocity and power of both Pokémon.

Unable to contain their rage and offensive might, Ash ends up getting in the way, briefly sacrificing himself. This seemed to be the only way to stop the conflict, as Mewtwo’s drive and intent were being fueled at full force by a desire to test its power.

4 Mewtwo Won’t Hesitate To Use Its Psychic Powers To Erase Minds

Mewtwo’s Psychic-type moves are shown as making it capable of almost anything in terms of offensive control. While its Psychic prowess certainly helps it to dominate opponents in battle, its ability to erase people’s minds also comes in handy on a number of occasions.

In Mewtwo Strikes Back, Mewtwo erases everyone’s memories to not only protect itself and its clones, but also to relieve any trauma the events that had transpired may have caused. In Mewtwo Returns, Mewtwo uses this power once more to stop Giovanni and Team Rocket from pursuing it. This power to erase memories could be considered a normal Psychic-type thing to do, but the scale that Mewtwo does this at is incredible.

3 Mewtwo Crushed Ash And Goh Simultaneously

Pokemon Journeys Ash Goh Mewtwo Pikachu Battle

In Pokémon Journeys, Ash and Goh challenge Mewtwo, who is more than happy to oblige. Attacks from Ash’s Lucario and Pikachu, along with Goh’s Cinderace, do next to nothing to Mewtwo, while the Legendary continues to batter the spirited trainers’ Pokémon.

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They do appear to gain Mewtwo’s respect during and after the battle however, with Mewtwo talking about their hopes and dreams and essentially declaring that, for humans, Ash and Goh aren’t bad. Mewtwo taking very little damage from this battle, if it even takes any damage at all, is a true testament to its status as one of the greatest Legendary Pokémon of all time.

2 Mewtwo’s Power And Enormity Translated Well To The Big Screen In Detective Pikachu

Mewtwo Reveals The Truth To Pikachu

The Detective Pikachu movie does a great job of switching the antagonists around and keeping viewers guessing. One thing that remains is that, no matter how Mewtwo is perceived, its presence and gravitas are undeniable. It’s mysterious and mighty, but when Howard Clifford takes it over and controls it, it becomes a formidable force with the combined strength of its incredible abilities and Clifford’s intelligence.

This Clifford/Mewtwo combination is only defeated when Tim lifts the mind-controlling device from Clifford’s head. A restored Mewtwo even manages to come to in time to save Pikachu, and not even for the first time in the film.

1 Giovanni Used Mewtwo To Humiliate Gary Oak

Giovanni Persian Mewtwo Pokemon

Gary Oak has always been known as Ash’s overconfident and arrogant rival, with him usually being able to back up his talk with effective battling. However, when he faces Giovanni at the Viridian Gym, he is humbled and humiliated somewhat by the Team Rocket leader.

After Gary defeats Giovanni’s Golem and Kingler, Giovanni sends out Mewtwo, who is an unknown entity at this point in the anime, and Mewtwo easily controls and defeats Gary’s Arcanine and Nidoking with its Psychic powers. It’s one of few occasions where Gary is shown to be helpless and even afraid, and the battle itself is a testament to Mewtwo’s power.

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