10 Times Naruto Earned Sakura’s Respect

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The relationship between Team 7 is a captivating one, with the three genin starting off as strangers. Though they were in the same class together, they knew nothing about one another. They didn’t exactly get along at the start either. Naruto and Sakura’s early relationship is a prime example of this.

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While Naruto tried his best to get closer to his teammates, Sakura wanted nothing to do with him. She even outright said that she didn’t like him, finding him to be an annoying pest. However, the more time they spent together, the more Sakura saw the quality of Naruto’s character. She learned that her first impressions of him were wrong, and by the end of the series, he is one of the people she trusts the most.

10 Team 7 Defeats Zabuza and Haku With Naruto’s Help

Haku and Zabuza

The Land of Waves arc features Team 7’s first big mission. However, this mission turns out to be much bigger than they realize and is way more than what they can handle. Though it is far too intense for starting genin, they have no choice but to continue. Naruto starts out overwhelmed by the mission at hand but vows he won’t let fear get the better of him. When the team faces off against Zabuza and Haku, Naruto plays a vital role in their defeat. This is one of the first moments in the series where Sakura can see Naruto’s true worth.

9 His Capability Shines During The Chunin Exams

Chunin Exams

At the start of the Chunin Exams, Naruto is still his usual goofy self. He barely makes it through the beginning stages, being stumped at the written portion. However, when the time comes for genin to go head-to-head, Naruto shows everyone what he’s made of. He faces off against Neji, a prodigy within the Hyuga clan, and surprises everyone with his durability. Despite Neji’s Byakugan giving him an edge over Naruto, he refuses to give up. This fight shows the audience and Sakura what Naruto can do.

8 He Saves Sasuke And Sakura From Gaara

After their fight, Gaara is bent on killing Sasuke. He goes after him and Sakura, chasing them down. Sakura does her best to defend Sasuke from Gaara, but she is no match for him. Naruto comes just in time to save them both, taking on Gaara himself.

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During their fight, Naruto comes to an understanding with Gaara. He changes his life forever at that moment, and Gaara strives to become a better person. Naruto shows once again what he can do and changes Sakura’s view on him from then on.

7 He Shows Courage Against Orochimaru When Sasuke Can’t

During the Chunin Exams, the team encounters Orochimaru for the first time in the Forest of Death. It is at this time when Sasuke receives his curse mark, changing everything for Team 7. With Orochimaru’s reveal, Sasuke is frozen with fear and can do nothing to help his team. Though Naruto is powerless before Orochimaru, he tries to go up against him, getting knocked back immediately. Sakura acknowledges Naruto’s bravery and calls Sasuke out for standing by and doing nothing. She shows that she understands that Naruto does everything he can for his teammates.

6 His Promise To Bring Sasuke Back

Naruto Promises To Bring Back Sasuke

Things reach a boiling point with Orochimaru after the Chunin Exams. Sasuke leaves the village with him, convinced that he can gain the power to seek his revenge. A mission deploys to bring Sasuke back, a mission which Naruto readily joins. Sakura is in tears and pleads with Naruto to bring Sasuke back to her. Naruto reassures her and vows he’ll do anything he can to get him back. Sakura trusts Naruto and believes he can do this. By this point, they are a family now, and Sakura knows that she can rely on him.

5 He Helps Chiyo Resurrect Gaara After The Fight With Sasori

Gaara Comes Back to Life

When the Akatsuki abduct Gaara, a mission to save him begins. Sakura and Chiyo work together on this mission, struggling against Sasori of the Akatsuki. When he is finally defeated, it appears to be too late for Gaara. Shukaku has been removed from his body, killing him. Thankfully, Chiyo can resurrect Gaara with Naruto’s help. She uses his power to perform the Transmigration Jutsu and save his life. During this mission, Sakura sees the immense power locked inside Naruto that has only begun to awaken.

4 He Defeats Pain And Saves Everyone

During the height of the battle against Pain, Naruto goes after the source. He confronts Nagato, the one responsible for Pain and the death and destruction he has caused. Despite everything Nagato has put everyone through and all the lives lost, Naruto hears Nagato out.

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He helps him see the error of what he has been doing. In his last moments, Nagato changes his resolve. He sacrifices himself to reverse the damage done, saving the village. His power also resurrects everyone who died in battle. For his efforts, Naruto is hailed as a hero by everyone in the village, including Sakura.

3 He Harnesses The Power Of Kurama, Gaining Superhuman Power

Kurama Sage Mode Naruto

Throughout the series, Naruto struggles with the Nine-tailed Fox demon inside of him. He has immense power and nearly limitless chakra thanks to the demon sealed away in him but cannot control this power. Sakura has seen first-hand what Naruto is capable of when tapping into this chakra. She understands that he could even be dangerous, depending on the circumstances. However, when Naruto finally reconciles with Kurama and reaches his full potential, Sakura is blown away by his strength. She is nowhere near a match for his power, making her feel inferior by his side. His strength motivates her to become stronger as well and catch up to him.

2 He Fights By Her Side And Defeats Kaguya

Team 7 Together

By the end of the series, Sakura and Naruto have complete trust in each other. They fight side-by-side in the battle with Kaguya, relying on each other’s strengths and skills to defeat her. Even in this final battle, when they are all at their strongest, Sakura knows she pales in comparison to Sasuke and Naruto. She is a powerhouse in her own right, but their strength is incomparable to anyone. Nevertheless, she does her best by their side and is proud to save everyone as a team.

1 He Finally Convinces Sasuke To Return To Them

Sasuke Returns To Team 7

Even after Kaguya is defeated, there is still one battle left. Sasuke still refuses to give up his position and is determined to kill Naruto and begin his plan to rewrite to Shinobi world. Sakura pleads with Sasuke to rethink this, but he doesn’t listen to her. She knows by this point there is nothing she can do to change Sasuke’s mind. Naruto is the only one who can, and she believes in him wholeheartedly. In the final fight, Naruto finally manages to get through to his old friend. Sakura can’t help but shed tears of joy and relief at the final reunion of Team 7. Without Naruto’s actions, Sasuke would have never returned. Sakura knows this and is thankful for what Naruto does for him and their team.

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