5 Manga You Didn’t Know Were Based On Vocaloid (& 4 Anime)

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Most anime fans are well aware of the immense popularity of Vocaloid. But not all fans know that Vocaloid has inspired a few manga and anime series. Despite Vocaloid’s years of popularity, a handful of adaptations flew under the radar.

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There are more manga than anime series inspired by the popular music software, and with many, it’s as if they never existed, even though most of them are fairly recent.

9 Acute Is What Happens When Miku Becomes A Yandere

Left image features manga cover for Acute; right image features Miku, Kaito, and Luka

Yandere fans will get a kick out of this bittersweet love story set in high school. The plot focuses on a love triangle between “childhood friends” Megurine Luka and none other than Hatsune Miku herself.

Luka and Miku love the same boy, but they promise to remain friends even if the other starts dating him. But when that happens, can Miku keep her promise? Can she stay happy for her friend, despite knowing the boy she loves will never look her way? Not unless she does something about it.

8 Torture Tower Doesn’t Sleep Is a Potential New Favorite For Horror Fans

Left image features a panel from the manga; right image features the manga cover for The Tower of Torture Never Sleeps

Those who are looking for something spooky to read may find delight in this Vocaloid-inspired manga. The story is based on mothy’s creepy Vocaloid song, “Goumontou wa Nemuranai,” also known as “Torture Tower Doesn’t Sleep.”

After losing everything, Lloyd Lowell finds himself at Leon City, looking for a mysterious Torcia Tower. According to rumors, one will find the key to eternal fame, fortune, or even immortality within the tower. But what happens when things don’t go as planned for Lloyd?

7 Servant of Evil Is A Dark Fantasy Diamond In The Rough

Left image features manga cover for Servant of Evil; right image features Len and Rin

Still looking for a dark story to read? Servant of Evil is another good choice; based on Aku P’s “Story of Evil” song series, a two-part set of Vocaloid songs: “Daughter of Evil” and “Servant of Evil.” In Servant of Evil, a foreign country receives a prophecy: the next child born into the royal family will have a birthmark on their back, and upon the child’s death, the kingdom will reach its destructive end. Twins were born into the royal family, Len and Rin.

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Len was born with the birthmark and banished to a tower far away from the castle. Rin was raised as the kingdom’s only princess, but that couldn’t keep her away from her twin brother. Despite their circumstances and external forces attempting to split them apart, Len and Rin develop a close, unbreakable bond.

6 Hatsune Mix! – For Any Hardcore Miku Fan

Left image features a panel of Hatsune Miku; right image features the manga cover for Hatsune Mix!

Vocaloid fans may not realize that Hatsune Miku has her own manga, Hatsune Mix! The manga focuses on various random, lighthearted stories about the OG Vocaloid and her friends, perfect for any Hatsune Miku fan and collector. It gives fans a first-hand look into Miku’s cheerful world.

5 1925 Can Give Toilet-Bound Hanako-Kun A Run For Its Money

Left image features a manga panel from 1925; right image features the manga cover of 1925

Figure collectors may be familiar with the Good Smile Company’s and Vocaloid’s Senbonzakura collection. Clad in costumes from the Taisho era, Vocaloids portrayed as Nendoroids, scale figures, and even fan art spread across the internet. 1925 is a manga that encapsulates that popular collection.

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Set in 1920s Japan, Len and Rin are from the esteemed Kagurazaka family in Tokyo. Rin is arranged to be married, to Len’s dismay, and he wants nothing more than to break off the engagement. As a last resort, he searches for the legendary ghost train that’s believed to grant wishes. Len finds this ghost train run by the conductor, Miku, and she’s more than willing to fulfill his desire — but for a significant price.

4 Black★Rock Shooter Focuses On The Collision Of Parallel Worlds

Left image features Mato, Yomi, and Yuu; right image features Black Rock Shooter

Black Rock Shooter and her friends started as illustrations by the artist known as huke. His art gained enough popularity to attract the attention of the famous music producer, Ryo. With inspiration from the images, he worked with fellow Vocaloid collaborators, supercell, to write “Black Rock Shooter.” The anime itself has various alternative universes overlapping each other, but they all have one thing in common: a mysterious girl named Black Rock Shooter.

Mato Kuroi is starting her first day in middle school and meets a shy girl named Yomi. At first, Yomi hesitates to talk to Mato but notices a familiar blue bird decorating her phone, which turns out that the bird comes from one of her favorite books, Li’l Birds At Play, and Mato is a fellow fan. But what they don’t know is whatever happens between the two girls’ affects Black Rock Shooter’s world — even their relationships with others. Will Mato and Yomi ever find out about this strange “other world”?

3 Mekakucity Actors Combines Mystery, Supernatural Battles, And Music

Also known as Kagero Days or Kagero Project, Mekakucity Actors is based on a viral music video of the same name. The music video reached 10 million views, and a series of eight light novels and manga followed behind.

For the first time in a long time, Shintaro Kisaragi decides to leave his room. Suffering from social anxiety, he’s been a shut-in for two years, his only companion being a sentient computer program known as “Ene.” His reason for leaving? He spilled soda all over his keyboard and has to buy a replacement. But most stores are closed because of Obon, a Japanese holiday dedicated to remembering the dead. The idea of leaving his safe haven terrifies Shintaro, but a life without Ene is even more terrifying. Just as Shintaro reaches the department store, he winds up in an even worse situation.

2 Mikagura School Suite Follows A Gaming Addict And Her Unusual School Life

Left image features the promo image for Mikagura School Suite; right image features Eruna fighting Seisa

Mikagura School Suite derived inspiration from Last Note, a songwriter who created a Vocaloid music series of the same name. Last Note also produced a light novel and manga series before the anime was greenlit.

Eruna Ichinomiya is hopelessly in love with girls. Seeing cute girls in cute clothes is all she wants out of life, but she can only find them in dating sims. Eruna hasn’t decided what high school to go to, but it doesn’t matter much to her; she would rather spend time winning over her favorite female characters. Her cousin, Shigure, gives her a high school pamphlet, and the photo of an adorable girl captures her attention. It turns out that she’s a student of Mikagura Private Academy, which inspires Eruna to enroll — but this school has a unique premise.

1 Confession Executive Committee: Love Series Is The Perfect Addition To Romance Addicts’ Watch Lists

Left image features all six main characters; right image features the promo image of Confession Executive Confession: Love Series

Familiar with HoneyWorks? For those who may not recognize the name, HoneyWorks is a popular Vocaloid band behind the openings for various well-known anime, including Gintama, Blue Spring Ride, After the Rain, and more recently Boruto. HoneyWorks created a song series known as the Confession Executive Committee: Love Series. The Vocaloid GUMI provided the vocals for the first song, and it aired on the streaming site Nico Nico Douga in 2011. Two anime films and a six-episode series followed after.

Confession Executive Committee: Love Series focuses on the lives of six third-year high schoolers. Their love is awkward and nerve-racking but innocent and lighthearted at the same time. Coupled with HoneyWorks’ energetic songs, this series is perfect for binge-watching.

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