5 MCU Characters Goku Could Beat (& 5 He Couldn’t)

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Both the MCU and Dragon Ball are long-standing franchises with die-hard fan bases and incredible feats of power and strength. While the comic book versions of many MCU characters are much, much more powerful than their movie counterparts, Goku’s level of power remains fairly consistent between the manga and anime.

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Everyone always wants to know who Goku could take down in various other franchises, from Marvel to DC, as well as almost any other anime where fighting is involved. Dragon Ball fans tend to put Goku on a pedestal, though there are some characters in his own multiverse that he can’t beat, so it would make sense for other properties to have some more powerful contenders as well.

10 Goku Could Beat Any Of Thor’s Adversaries

With Thor being the strongest Avenger (at least the strongest male Avenger), it goes without saying that his foes tend to be the toughest from Malekith to Hela, even Loki was a thorn in the Avengers’ side. That said, Goku would make quick work of Loki, Maleith, Hela, and probably even Surtur.

Goku has fought multiple foes who are deities in his own universe so beating a few mid-level gods in the MCU shouldn’t be too hard. His speed alone would be far too much for any of them to handle and with the Super Saiyan transformation he can multiply his strength and speed on command; these guys wouldn’t stand a chance.

9 Goku Would Lose To The Ruler Of The Dark Dimension, Dormammu


Goku has already had some experience with a Dormammu-like being when he fought Zamasu after the Z Fighters destroyed his physical form, resulting in Zamasu’s essence merging with the universe itself. Goku was powerless at this point and had to bring in Zeno to erase the universe in order to beat Zamasu.

Considering Dormammu is an all-powerful interdimensional being with complete control over the Dark Dimension, Goku would be overpowered by such a universal threat. Goku would certainly try to fight the mighty creature, but without a Time Stone, Dormammu would make quick work of Goku.

8 Goku Could Beat The Living Planet Ego

Ego The Living Planet MCU

While Ego boasts he is a Celestial, MCU fans know he is really just the brain of a Celestial, which makes him incredibly vulnerable compared to a legitimate full-bodied Celestial. Some fans might find his planetary form overwhelming, but Goku can easily destroy planets at his current power level.

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Even before he reached Super Saiyan Blue, Goku fought a god-level being, and the shockwaves generated from their punches colliding would have been enough to destroy the entire universe. All Goku would need to do is blast Ego’s brain/core with a powerful Kamehameha wave.

7 Goku Would Lose To Dr. Strange, Especially If He Still Had The Time Stone

Dr. Strange is an incredibly powerful sorcerer that has mastered the use of the Time Stone, and DBS fans know that time manipulators have given Goku trouble before. Most recently, Goku has been bested by the deadly assassin named Hit on more than one occasion.

Hit can only jump forward in time briefly, Strange can manipulate it in any way he deems necessary thanks to the Time Stone. Goku is never one to show his hand until he’s seen what the other guy has to offer. Strange on the other hand monitors and swiftly handles threats as needed, and considering Goku is an incredibly powerful alien from another universe, Strange would be all over him.

6 Goku Could Beat The Entire Chitauri Army By Himself

Chitauri in The Avengers

While in the moment, the invasion of New York was quite overwhelming for the six original Avengers, it’s later revealed that the Chitauri are a bit of a joke across the cosmos. Rocket even notes that the entire army can be taken down by blowing up the mothership.

Goku could easily take down the Chitauri even if he had to fight them one on one. Though if he learned of their weakness, and got tired of fighting them, he could easily shoot an energy blast into the center of mothership and call it a day.

5 Goku Would Lose To An Uninjured Vision

When Vision isn’t compromised, he is easily one the most powerful Avengers, especially since he’s casually carrying around an Infinity Stone. When Vision is at 100%, he can change his density from incorporeal to black hole dense, both of which would be advantages against Goku.

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For one thing, Goku wouldn’t be able to land a single punch or energy blast so long as Vision didn’t get distracted. On the flip side, if Goku did land a punch, he could potentially break his hand on Vision’s body which would make it even harder to fight.

4 Goku Could Beat The Black Order

The Black Order with Loki in the MCU

While the Black Order may seem tough, they really aren’t anything special. The only things that would give Goku any trouble would be Ebony Maw’s telekinesis and Corvus Glaive’s glaive. While Goku would be susceptible to telekinesis and a blade capable of cutting through Vision, he would be able to overpower them after a transformation or two.

All Goku would really need to do is achieve Super Saiyan or even a low level of Ultra Instinct and these four would pose no serious threat. Goku is a better fight than all four of them combined and has beaten foes ten or more times the size of Cull Obsidian.

3 Goku Would Lose To One Single Sovereign Omnicraft (He Has A History With Lasers)

All kidding aside, Goku has been bested by an errant laser beam on more than one occasion. He simply lets his guard down and *zap* he goes down with some kind of massive hole in his chest from a small gun or something ridiculous after he has taken down a powerful foe.

In this scenario, Goku would take down all of the Sovereign Omnicrafts and then power down from whatever level of Super Saiyan he had attained. Then out of nowhere, the final ship piloted by none other than Zylak would catch Goku by surprise and blast him in the chest or back.

2 Goku Could Beat The MCU Version Of Hulk

Hulk yelling

The Hulk in the MCU has unfortunately been heavily nerfed by the Russo brothers so he isn’t nearly the powerhouse he is in the comics. The latest version of Hulk doesn’t like fighting and has a shriveled right arm; Goku fighting this version of the Hulk would be a cakewalk.

That said, Hulk is still pretty strong, Goku would definitely need to transform to take down the MCU’s Hulk, but he would eventually do it. Without a significant healing factor and an apparent cap to his power output, it would only be a matter of time before Goku bested the Green Goliath.

1 Goku Would Lose To Thanos With The Infinity Gauntlet (If They Were In The Marvel Universe)

Thanos with a full Infinity Gauntlet

Goku is a truly powerful being, many times more powerful than several gods in his own universe. However, if he found himself in the MCU against a Thanos that had a fully loaded Infinity Gauntlet he wouldn’t stand a chance. There are two others on this list he couldn’t beat with just one Infinity Stone, and all six would be brutal.

Thanos could freeze Goku in time, completely shatter his reality, or transport him directly into a black hole. Depending on the actual powers of the other Stones, Thanos could even take over Goku’s soul or his mind. The Power Stone would also probably throw Goku for a loop, but that might be the only one he stands a chance against with his godly ki.

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