Boba Fett Sent a Brutal Message Through a Classic Bounty Hunter

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War of the Bounty Hunters #2 saw one of Boba Fett’s former mentors attempt to apprehend the bounty hunter with disastrous results.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Star Wars: War of the Bounty Hunters #2 by Charles Soule, Luke Ross, Neeraj Menon and VC’s Travis Lanham, on sale now.

Boba Fett has earned his place as one of the most dangerous bounty hunters in the galaxy during Star Wars‘ War of the Bounty Hunters event. Fett’s reputation has only increased since Han Solo’s carbonite slab was stolen from him. He started this event by easily slicing through an arena of contenders. He would go on to make quick work of notorious bounty hunters 4-LOM and Zuckuss. Fett has now been accosted by one of his former mentors, but the bounty hunter has no time to waste.

Fett has been on a mission to reclaim Solo ever since Crimson Dawn stole him. After learning of their exclusive auction at Jabba’s Palace, Fett traveled to Jekara to crash the auction. He arrived on the planet with no issues but quickly realized he would need an invitation in order to gain entry. This drew his attention towards an incoming attendee. Before Fett could make his move, he was ambushed by his fellow bounty hunter, Bossk.

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War of the bounty hunters boba fett ambushed by Bossk

After Jabba the Hutt learned that Han Solo was no longer in Fett’s possession, he put out a bounty on his favorite bounty hunter. When Fett became distracted, Bossk ensnared him with wire, sending Fett to the ground. Fett had no time for Bossk’s distraction and shot flames from his wrist to melt the snow around him, effectively creating a smokescreen. He used the cover of the steam to shoot a missile at Bossk. The missile exploded behind Bossk, sending his legs careening away from his body.

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Bossk crawled towards Fett, questioning if he would be killed or not. Fett had a better idea for his former partner. He knew Bossk’s legs would grow back since he is a Trandoshan but felt he could be best used as an example. Fett tied Bossk to a nearby rock and left him out in the elements. Fett hoped to send a message to any other bounty hunters hoping to capitalize on his bounty. He figured if they saw Bossk without legs tied to a rock in the snow, they would be less likely to try and apprehend him. Though Bossk is cold-blooded and is not meant to survive in a colder climate, it is not likely his end. He has proven to be extremely resourceful in the past.

Boba Fett leaves Bossk to DIE

Due to their storied history, it was unlikely that Fett would kill Bossk for a poor attempt at an ambush. After the death of Jango, Boba would fall under the mentorship of famed assassin Aurra Sing. Bossk was a member of Sing’s crew during this time and would bring Boba along on countless missions. The pair attempted an assassination on Mace Windu which resulted in their imprisonment on Coruscant as seen in The Clone Wars. Bossk watched over Boba while in prison and would join Fett’s new syndicate Krayt’s Claw after their time in prison ended.

Fett and Bossk have held a fairly professional relationship ever since Boba came into his own as a bounty hunter. The pair’s most recent team-up can be seen in Star Wars: Bounty Hunters #1 by Ethan Sacks, Paolo Villanelli, Arif Prianto and Travis Lanham. Bossk and Fett were both part of Nakano Lash’s crew along with Beilert Valance where they inadvertently escalated the crime war. While Bossk and Fett have both had violent run-ins with Valance since Lash’s crew, War of the Bounty Hunters #2 provided a rare confrontation between these two classic bounty hunters. Fett may have won this time, but Bossk will surely want revenge on his former protege.

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