Carnage’s Latest Host Was Too Powerful for the Symbiote

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Extreme Carnage has just given the most bloodthirsty symbiote in the Marvel Universe a powerful new host that makes it even more dangerous.

WARNING: The following contains major spoilers for Extreme Carnage: Scream by Clay McLeod Chapman, Chris Mooneyham, Marcio Menyz, David Nakayama, and VC’s Travis Lanham, on sale now.

The Carnage symbiote may have been left for dead following the events of King in Black, but Marvel’s most bloodthirsty monster has clawed its way back to prominence for Extreme Carnage. Along the path to its bloody return, Carnage has hopped from host to host on the way back up the food chain. The symbiote isn’t done yet, as Carnage has just come across the most powerful host it could have asked for.

The heroic Andi Banton and her Scream symbiote encounter the monstrous Doppelganger while tracking down another follower of Carnage. Scream deals with the monster, but before she can get far in her interrogation of the pursuing Guardsmen she is overwhelmed by a horrible thrumming in her head. Andi is suddenly pulled into her own mind where she is confronted by Carnage. The killer symbiote communicates with the Scream symbiote through their shared hive mind and turns the symbiote against Andi.

Trapped in a cage within her own subconscious, Andi can only watch as Scream fuses with Carnage, which results in a brief but terrifying transformation.

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When Andi and Scream first bonded in 2019’s Absolute Carnage: Scream #3 by Cullen Bunn and Gerardo Sandoval, they had been brought together by the maniacal machinations of Carnage who was then completely embroiled in his quest to resurrect Knull. Scream’s former host, Patricia, was only barely able to convince the symbiote to fight off Knull’s influence and become a hero, and since then the symbiote has been solely dedicated to undoing as much of the damage wrought by the dark god and his followers as possible. Scream even got the chance to face off against Knull in King in Black: Scream #1 by Clay McLeod Chapman and Garry Brown.

After having already shrugged off her fellow Life Foundation symbiotes, Scream had no problem eschewing Knull’s attempts to control her, forcing her progenitor to leave her be. But now, Carnage has more sway over Scream than anyone else. It doesn’t take much convincing for the symbiote to turn its back on Andi and give in to Carnage’s twisted will.

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Scream is so consumed with her symbiote family’s pull that she lets Carnage take over completely. While Scream has rarely, if ever, been this obsessed with finding a place among her own kind, she submits to Carnage here, losing herself in the process.

While the combination of Carnage and the Scream symbiotes powers might sound menacing in theory, they’re no match for the hellfire of Scream’s host, who still ahs the Hell-Mark that she got from a hellish adventure with Venom.

Of course, her willing subjugation at the hands of Carnage means that they can easily tear through the Guardsmen around them. A new physical form combined with Scream’s own unique abilities might make this version of Carnage the deadliest yet.

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