DC: 10 Most Ridiculous OP Feats Of Strength By Heroes

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The DC Comics Multiverse has a litany of extremely powerful heroes from Superman and Wonder Woman to Martian Manhunter and Shazam, they have heroes who can topple mountains, read the minds of every person on the planet, and call down the very power of the gods.

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The Justice League, Justice Society, and Legion of Superheroes have vast rosters of heroes more powerful than one could imagine. With the myriad alien, interdimensional, and even human threats that these heroes face, they sometimes have to go beyond their limits and do the impossible. In these moments, readers get to watch their heroes do things that they thought were impossible even in the fiction of the DC Universe.

10 Batman’s Resurrection Machine Will Replace Him If He Ever Dies

batman last knight on earth

During the landmark run of Batman by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo, Batman constructs a machine that can resurrect himself should he ever die. It would produce a clone of Batman with all the same memories that Bruce had when he would have last uploaded them to the Batcave computer. The machine was first fully revealed in an issue with guest artist Yanick Paquette.

The machine was used again notably in Batman: Last Knight on Earth, also by Snyder and Capullo. This story finds a resurrected clone of Batman exploring a post-apocalyptic Earth ruled by the original Batman corrupted by the powers of Darkseid. The mental strength needed to confront one’s own mortality and create a cloning machine is truly impressive.

9 The Justice League Harnessing The Power Of Life Itself To Expel Death

At the climax of Blackest Night by Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis, the Justice League unite under the power of the White Lantern. The White Lantern ring harnesses the energy of life itself and is connected to the Entity, the being that created all life in the universe.

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With this power, the Justice League was able to destroy the Black Lantern Corps and expel Nekron, the embodiment of death, from the universe. Nekron existed, but he no longer could exert his dominion at will in the living world.

8 Superman Creating A Continent-Sized Crater To Beat The World-Forger

Superman Punching World-Forger And Breaking World

When the World-Forger attempted to create a perfect world after pulling the Justice League to the Sixth Dimension, he separated the team and cast Superman into the depths of space far from any source of yellow sunlight. After many attempts to free himself from the small moon he was stranded upon, Superman finally managed to break free of his prison while he still had power remaining.

Superman then sped across the cosmos of the Sixth Dimension, finally landing a punch on the World-Forger that sheered off a portion of the planet’s crust and left a crater the size of a continent.

7 Superman Shattering The Moon While Fighting Off Vandal Savage

Superman flying feature

Earlier in that same run of Justice League, Vandal Savage enacted a plan to take control of the Earth and capture the Totality, a powerful energy source that escaped when the Source Wall broke. The Justice League foiled Savage’s plan, but, in doing so, Superman was forced to break the moon.

The moon was shattered by the Man of Steel, but he was able to repair it with his heat vision and keep it from slipping from orbit and creating countless catastrophes on Earth.

6 The Flash Breaking Reality By Traveling Back In Time To Save His Mother

DC Flashpoint

Flashpoint by Geoff Johns and Andy Kubert found a world rewritten and broken. Aquaman and Wonder Woman were in eternal war, Superman was a science experiment held by the United States government, and Thomas Wayne was Batman to avenge his dead son, Bruce.

It’s revealed that this all came to be due to the Flash running back in time to save his mother from Professor Zoom. The resulting shift in reality created a butterfly effect that completely changed the face of the DC Universe.

5 Wonder Woman Becoming A Goddess To Beat The Batman Who Laughs

In the finale to Dark Nights: Death Metal by Snyder and Capullo, Wonder Woman harnesses the power of the Lasso of Truth to coat herself in its materials. This allows her to stand up to the Batman Who Laughs, now called the One Who Laughs after gaining the power of Doctor Manhattan.

The ensuing battle takes Wonder Woman and the One Who Laughs back to the dawn of creation, where Wonder Woman is finally able to destroy the One Who Laughs and restore reality. She then ascends to the seat of the Quintessence, the council of beings who oversee creation. However, Diana decides not to join them.

4 The Justice League Shattering The Source Wall To Defeat Barbatos

During the first Metal story, also by Snyder and Capullo, the finale of the story finds the Justice League using the Tenth Metal to beat back Barbatos and the Dark Knights. The Tenth Metal is a mystical material of untold power, and this shift in reality creates massive shockwaves across creation.

These shockwaves shatter the Source Wall, the vast calcified wall that separates all of reality from the Source. The destruction of the Source Wall unleashed the Totality that would later be sought by Vandal Savage and then the Legion of Doom.

3 Hawk And Green Lantern Trying To Rewrite All Of Reality

Zero Hour

After the apparent death of Dove, aka Dawn Granger, Hawk, aka Hank Hall, took on the mantle of the tyrannical Monarch. After this, he found the Waverider and stole his time-traveling powers to become Extant. Alongside Parallax, aka Hal Jordan, Extant sought to rewrite reality as he saw fit.

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Extant and Parallax almost succeeded in doing so during the Zero Hour event by Dan Jurgens and Jerry Ordway, but the combined might of Earth’s heroes were able to stop them.

2 Superboy-Prime Punching A Hole In Reality To Escape To New Earth

Superman Fights Superboy Prime

During Infinite Crisis by Geoff Johns and George Perez, Superboy-Prime seeks to escape his sectioned-off microverse which he has been living in for years.

To escape, Superboy-Prime punches a hole in reality itself to allow him access to New Earth. He would go onto recreate the Anti-Monitor’s tower and try to rewrite the Multiverse into something more palatable to him.

1 DC One Million Superman Prime Being A Living Extension Of The Sun

Superman Prime One Million

In the far-future of DC One Million, the Superman of our time is still alive. After everyone he knew and loved passed on, Kal-El explored the universe before returning to Earth’s yellow sun. He melded with it and became a living extension of his power.

In doing so, the Superman-Prime of DC One Million became the most powerful version of Superman to have ever lived. He is a golden being of unfathomable power who can share it with others. The full extension of these implications has yet to be explored, but it is known that he is more powerful than any other metahuman to have ever lived.

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