Demon Slayer: Tanjiro’s 10 Closest Friends, Ranked


Tanjiro Kamado’s first priority and the main recipient of his loyalty in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba is his sister, Nezuko. She’s all he has left after the rest of his family was slain by Muzan Kibutsuji, the Demon King. To make matters worse, Nezuko has been transformed into a Demon herself.

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Through his long journey to find a cure for his sister, and in becoming a Demon Slayer, Tanjiro’s made many other friends and alliances. It’s largely thanks to his empathetic nature – Tanjiro can even sympathize with Demons now and then. Here’s a look at his most important relationships.

10 Tanjiro Grows Close To Giyu Tomioka By Helping Him

Tanjiro’s first meeting with Giyu isn’t as a friend – he’s trying to kill Nezuko, who had newly been turned into a Demon. Tanjiro doesn’t trust him much at first, but Giyu does send him on his way to becoming a Demon Slayer. Tanjiro’s respect for Giyu grows over time, partly because they both studied the Water Breathing Style with Sakonji. Tanjiro helps him to realize his destiny later on, and the two become close friends who respect each other.

9 Sakonji Urokodaki Is A Friend As Well As A Teacher

Urokodaki _ Tanjiro _ Nezuko _ Hug _ Demon Slayer

Beneath his ever-present mask, Tanjiro knows that Sakonji’s face is gentle and peaceful. He pushes Tanjiro and his other students to the limit, but he knows he has to in order to bring out the best of their abilities. He teaches many students and treats them all like family, but he has a special soft spot for Tanjiro, and even accepts the idea that Nezuko will never eat a human. He cries with happiness when Tanjiro survives his Final Selection.

8 Shinobu Kocho Is Closest To Tanjiro Of All Her Students

Shinobu mimicking the gentle nature of her sister

Shinobu played a role in training Tanjiro while he’s in a rehab stage. In the beginning, she has trouble understanding his devotion to Nezuko, who is a Demon, after all. Still, she comes to have more affection for him than her other students, and their conversations reveal a close bond. When she tells Oyakata-sama that Tanjiro is ready for the Infinity Train mission, she recommends him by saying he “has a pure soul and is capable of striving hard on a daily basis.”

7 Tamayo And Tanjiro Share Mutual Respect And An Ongoing Quest To Turn Demons Back Into Humans

7 Tamayo the demon doctor

Tanjiro and Tamayo share a common desire to find a remedy that will turn Demons back to their human form, although in Tamayo’s case, it’s not personal. She meets Tanjiro during the Asakusa arc, and from that time, she’s been a source of support and information about Muzan.

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She’s offered suggestions for treating Nezuko and spends her time trying to find medicinal remedies. In turn, Tanjiro respects Tamayo and has worked to help her on occasion, especially by collecting the blood of the Twelve Kuzuki he encounters for her research.

6 Genya Shinazugawa And Tanjiro’s Friendship Took A Long Time To Get Over A Rocky Start

Tanjiro v/s Genya

When Tanjiro met Genya, it was to get him to stop harassing Kanata Ubuyashiki after the Final Selection. He grabbed Genya’s arm so roughly he almost broke it.

They met up on a couple of occasions over time, including in the Butterfly Mansion after the battle with Lower Rank 5, and later in the Swordsmith Village, but Genya coldly brushes off Tanjiro’s attempts at reconciliation. It’s not until they fight together that Genya starts to thaw out, and eventually they become pretty tight.

5 Tanjiro Is Friends With Zenitsu Agatsuma Despite His Annoying Personality

Tanjiro recognizes Zenitsu’s strength and the way they could work together in battle, even if he’s pretty disgusted with a lot of Zenitsu’s behavior. At their first meeting, Tanjiro had to pull Zenitsu away from a girl he was bothering, and he doesn’t appreciate Zenitsu’s whiny streak. Still, Zenitsu has been a good friend to Tanjiro on many occasions, and takes the time to help him overcome his naivety and lack of social skills. It’s true, though, that Zenitsu may have an ulterior motive: his crush on Nezuko.

4 Kyojuro Rengoku’s Noble Nature Creates A Lasting Bond

As with many others, it’s Tanjiro’s continued loyalty to his sister as a Demon that Kyojuro finds off-putting at first. After that first negative impression, though, it only takes a few hours of working on a joint mission to bring them together.

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The Flame Hashira even offered to take Tanjiro on as his Tsuguko. As he lies dying after fighting Akaza, Kyojuro calls Tanjiro over, and his last words are so inspiring to him that Tanjiro remembers them forever and henceforth defends Kyojuro’s memory against any naysayers.

3 After Initial Miscommunication, Muichiro Tokito Was Inspired By Tanjiro And They Became Friends

Miscommunication got between Tanjiro and Muichiro in their first few encounters – including that time Muichiro threw a stone at his head. They didn’t have much of an opinion of each other then, but that changed when Muichiro was inspired by Tanjiro’s selfless philosophy.

Muichiro, in turn, changed his indifferent attitude and saved Kotetsu and Kozo Kanamori. When he regained his memories, and his emotions along with them, Muichiro and Tanjiro became good friends. Tanjiro cried when he heard about Muichiro’s death at Kokushibo’s hands.

2 Kanao Tsuyuri Grows Close To Tanjiro And His Sister After Training Together

Although the beginning of their relationship is rocky, there are many ways that the close friendship between Tanjiro and Kanao comes through in the story, such as when she drops a flower vase and cries with relief when he wakes up after the battle in the Entertainment District. Tanjiro manages to save her from Muzan Kibutsuji at the last minute, and in turn, she sacrifices her own safety for the siblings when she uses the Flower Breathing Final Form: Equinoctial Vermilion Eyed to help cure him when Tanjiro becomes a Demon.

1 Tanjiro’s Patience Paves The Way To A Close Friendship With Inosuke Hashibira

Inosuke Hashibira

Inosuke’s first reaction to Tanjiro is to try and fight him, inspired by his strength. It’s just one example of his hotheaded nature, possibly due to being raised by boars. It’s Tanjiro’s kindness and patience that bring the two closer together over time – even though Tanjiro can get annoyed at the way Inosuke insists on challenging him all the time.

Eventually, Tanjiro’s influence actually gets through to Inosuke and he becomes a better fighter because of it. The two become close friends who can depend on each other, and see each other as brothers.

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