Everything We Know About The Boys Season 3

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Amazon Prime Video’s adaptation of Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson’s The Boys has reached a huge audience across two seasons that has fans craving more of the unique R-rated look at a world filled with corrupt corporate superheroes and the team or operatives that forms together to hold them accountable.

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With The Boys separated on different paths and The Seven heading into uncharted territory after the events of the second season, fans aren’t too sure what to expect from the upcoming third season as the series continues to diverge from the comics, so we’ve gathered together everything we know to help prepare for the next chapter of The Boys.

10 Homelander Will Be More Unhinged Than Ever

Showrunner Eric Kripke has been a constant source of information from the third season, which included his thoughts on Homelander following the events of the second season that saw his dynamic as leader of The Seven shift after he was forced to give up his son and vendetta against Billy Butcher and The Boys.

Kripke revealed that Homelander will be further revealed as an unhinged “homicidal maniac” in the third season, which also promises to be darker and bloodier than previous seasons. Since Homelander has already displayed pretty extreme levels of violence over two seasons, an uptick in the third season could blow some fans’ minds.

9 Season Three Will Include An Adaptation Of Herogasm

When The Boys adaptation was first announced, fans were unsure how some of the most shocking storylines would be included in the series, which included the Herogasm comic mini-series from Garth Ennis and John McCrea.

While the comic and live-action series were both known for gore and violence, Herogasm features a superhero orgy getaway that many thought would never be seen outside the comics, though the Amazon Prime series will be including the hedonistic event in the third season.

8 Jensen Ackles Will Join The Series As Soldier Boy

One of the biggest additions to the cast of The Boys‘ third season is Jensen Ackles, who will be portraying the WWII hero known as Soldier Boy in the live-action series who helped usher in Vought’s age of superheroes.

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While the most notable comics-version of the character was a pants-wetting coward who disrespected the heroic legacy of his name, the live-action version will focus on the original hero to use the name and “highlight a bygone era of overt masculinity and grit.”

7 The Superhero Team Payback Will Also Be Introduced

Soldier Boy will also debut alongside a reworked team from the comics known as Payback, who serves as the inspiration for teams like The Seven in the live-action series, though the team has a different origin in the comics.

Payback is one of many corporate teams on Vought’s roster that fight for advertising revenue and fame in the modern-day and included “heroes” like Stormfront and Tek-Knight that parodied Marvel’s Avengers. The live-action team is a little different and will appear in the WWII era, but the inclusion of Payback might lead to the appearance of other teams from the comics.

6 The Mystery Of Victoria Neuman Will Be Explored

One of the biggest surprises of the second season was the reveal that anti-Supe congresswoman Victoria Neuman had powers herself, and was the mysterious person responsible for the various dead witnesses that kept having their heads exploded before huge revelations.

Neuman became the new boss of Hughie at the end of the second season and Claudia Doumit was bumped up to a series regular, further highlighting the character’s importance in contrast to the laughable presence of “Vic the Veep” in the comics.

5 Black Noir Will Be Further Explored In Season Three As Well

Black Noir On The Boys

A breakout member of The Seven with the fans is the mysterious character known as Black Noir, who was left comatose at the end of the second season after a battle with Queen Maeve who exploited his deadly tree nut allergy.

While the character has a specific origin and role in the comic series, his TV counterpart might not follow the source material and has become a fan-favorite on the adaptation, which will lead to further exploration of Black Noir for the third season.

4 New Characters From The Comics And Original Heroes Will Debut

Little Nina and Crimson Countess from The Boys split-image

The Boys’ live-action adaptation has introduced a number of characters from the comics alongside newly created or reimagined versions of heroes, and the third season will feature a number of new additions.

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Newly created characters like Gunpowder (Sean Patrick Flannery), Supersonic (Miles Gaston Villanueva), and Blue Hawk (Nick Wechsler) will be appearing in the series. Characters from the comics like the Russian Supes-dealer Little Nina and the Payback member known as Crimson Countess will also appear, played by Katia Winter and Laurie Holden, respectively.

3 Love Sausage Is Also Slated To Return In The Third Season

Love Sausage In The Boys

The character known as Love Sausage only had a brief but memorable appearance in the second season when he attacked Mother’s Milk with his large prehensile genitalia that also earned him his codename, though the unique hero has a much larger role in the comics that made him a fan-favorite character.

Kripke revealed during a video interview with fans that Love Sausage would be returning for the third season, though it’s unclear if his return will explore the character’s actual comic history as one of The Boys’ international allies.

2 Fans Can Prepare For The Third Season With The Vought News Network

Seven on 7 with Cameron Coleman from The Boys

Amazon Prime Video released a digital series on the fictitious Vought News Network that serves to fill in the timeline between the second and third seasons while also teasing characters and events on a series called Seven on 7 With Cameron Coleman. 

The digital series features news-style reporting on character’s whereabouts as well as topical jokes and references that are canon to the live-action series and not to be missed by fans who are patiently (or not so patiently) waiting for the third season.

1 Don’t Ask About The Release Date Of The Boys Season Three

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Fans have been understandably excited for the upcoming third season of The Boys, which began filming in 2021 after delays related to the covid-19 pandemic. However, with no announced release date in sight, some less-than-patient fans have been badgering social media accounts wondering when they’ll get to see the third season.

This resulted in an official response that poked fun at the fans and threatened to stall the release date every time the same question came in, which had already pushed it to 2033. So it’s best to just not ask if you’re hoping to see the third season anytime soon.

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