Extreme Carnage Reveals What Happened to Infinity War’s Doppelganger

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One of the most memorable villains from Marvel’s original Infinity War just got loose and faced another symbiote in the Extreme Carnage event.

WARNING: The following contains major spoilers for Extreme Carnage: Scream by Clay McLeod Chapman, Chris Mooneyham, Marcio Menyz, David Nakayama, and VC’s Travis Lanham, on sale now.

The most vicious symbiote in the Marvel Universe has returned, and Carnage is ready to take the world by storm like never before. The fallout of the events of King in Black have left humanity hateful and in fear of symbiotes, putting the general populace in a prime position to be exploited. Carnage isn’t the only one who has turned the repercussions of Knull’s invasion into a golden opportunity, as Alchemax has thrown its hat in the ring as a paramilitary alien cleanup crew.

Whatever they’re up to is far worse than it seems, though, and Spider-Man’s Infinity War Doppelganger escaping from their custody just revealed another layer to the conspiracy brewing behind closed doors.

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Doppelganger Spider-Man

Scream has been on the hunt for the Demagoblin, but no matter how hard she tries to stay on track her search seems to be continuously interrupted. That hasn’t stopped her from keeping up with other threats, especially if they might be able to lead Scream to her ultimate target. Now, the six-armed monstrosity known as Doppelganger happens to be precisely that kind of threat, and he has just broken out of the dark cell Alchemax has been keeping him in.

First introduced in the pages of 1992’s Infinity War #1 by Jim Starlin and Ron Lim, Doppelganger was one of dozens of similar monstrosities created by the Magus, an evil counterpart to Adam Warlock. These dark, mirror versions of Marve’s various heroes attacked their inspirations throughout the original Infinity War event. Each of them were a serious threat on their own, but Spider-Man’s Doppelganger has proven itself to be of another league entirely.

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As the only surviving Doppelganger from Infinity War, this arachnoid abomination has frequently found itself operating alongside Carnage, often with Shriek not far herself. The terrible trio carved out bloody legacies for themselves during 1993’s Maximum Carnage event and as members of the Cult of Knull leading up to King in Black. While he has last seen escaping from the Ravencroft Institute, the fact that Doppelganger has just made a similar escape from Alchemax is a dark omen of things to come.

As Toxin has recently discovered, Alchemax has been up to no good with its alien prisoners. The Guardsmen that they have employed are one thing, but carrying out experiments on threats such as the Brood and Doppelganger ratchets up their potential threat to a dangerous degree. While Doppelganger is a force to be reckoned with on his own, the fact that Alchemax has used him as a guinea pig could make him more dangerous than ever before.

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