FFXVI: Release Date, Trailer, Plot & News to Know

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Though still far away from release, Final Fantasy XVI already has fans excited by its darker tone, fantasy setting and fast-paced, epic combat.

The Final Fantasy franchise is slashing its way onto the new generation of consoles with the upcoming game Final Fantasy XVI. Continuing the franchise’s evolving direction, the game takes from recent titles like Final Fantasy XV while also hearkening back to the franchise’s fantasy roots.

Though still far from being released, Final Fantasy XVI already has fans excited due to its darker tone, fantasy setting and fast-paced, epic combat. Here’s what we know so far about the upcoming Square Enix game that’s sure to reignite the popularity of its venerable franchise.

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What Is Final Fantasy XVI About?

Taking place in the world of Valisthea, Final Fantasy XVI returns to a high fantasy setting after its predecessor’s more modern one. The main character is a young man named Clive Rosfield, the archduke of Rosaria’s firstborn son. Rosaria is one of several kingdoms in the game, which also include Sanbreque, Waloed, Dhalmekian, the Iron Kingdom and the Crystalline Dominion. Though the Mothercrystals keep the world a safe and prosperous place, this peace is threatened by the presence of Eikons.

These monstrous creatures have had a tragic effect on Valisthea, namely on the life of Clive. Thus, he embarks on a quest for revenge alongside his brother and several others from neighboring kingdoms. Joshua, Clive’s younger brother, also has healing abilities, which are sure to be a big part of the game’s story.

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Final Fantasy XVI’s Trailer

The game’s newest trailer gives a closer look at its story, namely how young Joshua Rosfield will be involved. Most notable is the violence, as well as the story’s darker tone. This helps to truly bring the franchise into the next generation, while keeping it from seeming stale or childish compared to franchises like The Witcher or Dark Souls.

Clive is also shown in the trailer fighting foes such as the gigantic Eikons, as well as other human opponents. This fast-paced and stylized action is just that, action-based, continuing the trend of the main series ditching turn-based battles and other classic mechanics. Juxtaposed with this darker tone and more epic scope is almost Celtic sounding rendition of the franchise’s iconic “Crystal Theme” that’s heard early in the trailer.

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News to Know About Final Fantasy XVI

Final Fantasy XVI is being developed by Creative Business Unit III, which was also behind Final Fantasy XIV. Hiroshi Takai is the game’s director, and he has ample RPG experience given that he worked on the SaGa series and The Last Remnant, which shares some stylistic similarities to FFXVI.

The game is going to be a timed exclusive for the PlayStation 5, which was confirmed after an erroneous statement was retracted concerning the game coming out for Windows. The game’s scenario and basic voice work for both the Japanese and English versions are nearing completion, though producer Naoki Yoshida say he only wants to show it off when it’s reached an optimal level of polish.

When Does Final Fantasy XVI Come Out?

Though the game was announced almost a year ago, many of its key elements are only now reaching completion. At this moment, Square has yet to give even a tentative release window for Final Fantasy XVI, meaning 2022 is the earliest gamers can expect to get their hands on it on PlayStation 5.

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