Fullmetal Alchemist: The 10 Most One-Sided Fights, Ranked

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Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is an action shonen series boasting a colorful cast of characters, dazzling alchemy powers, heavy and worldly themes, adventure, and far more in the fictional nation of Amestris. The series has plenty of exciting fight scenes involving guns, homunculi, and alchemy, and some fights are downright brutal.

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An exciting action scene will pit two balanced parties against each other, and many of FMA‘s fights aren’t decided until the bitter end. But some other battles are distinctly one-sided, with one party having an overwhelming advantage over the other one way or another. Edward Elric suffered some horrible defeats, but so did many other FMA characters.

10 Prince Ling & Lan Fan Vs Wrath & Gluttony

Partway through the series, the Xingese party arrived, led by the greedy prince Ling Yao. Ling wanted a Philosopher’s Stone, and once the homunculi were lured out of hiding, Ling and his bodyguard Lan Fan took on the vicious Wrath and the ravenous Gluttony. This plan totally backfired.

Ling was clever and avoided serious injuries, but he also failed to land a blow on Wrath and lacked the skills to even try. Lan Fan suffered even more, resorting to hacking off her arm to throw Gluttony off her trail and escape in the sewers.

9 Envy Vs Edward’s Group Up North

envy nervous from fullmetal alchemist

Envy is a shapeshifter, and his giant form resembles a massive six-legged dog/lizard entity. He took part in many battles, several of which were totally one-sided, including his clash against Edward Elric’s group up north. Edward even had May Chang and Dr. Tim Marcoh on his side.

Envy felt confident when he took on Ed’s gang, but the tables turned on him immediately, especially with May using remote alkahestry to blow Envy sky-high. Then Envy assumed his true form and captured Marcoh, only for the doctor to shred Envy’s body and Philosopher’s Stone with a transmutation circle.

8 Scar Vs Giolio Comanche, The Silver Alchemist

There are many state alchemists, and some of them are famous for using a particular brand of alchemy. The petite Giolio Comanche is the silver alchemist, preferring to create silver-colored weapons in battle such as knives and chains. One night, he and the vengeful monk Scar clashed on the streets.

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Comanche gave it his all, including performing his spinning attack, but it was all for nothing. Scar suffered only a small cut, and in return, he broke Comanche’s leg peg and sent Comanche into the water. Then Scar killed him with one blow.

7 Wrath Didn’t Waste Any Time Against Fu

The human homunculus named Wrath took part in many one-sided fights, one of which involved Fu, Ling Yao’s top bodyguard. This battle took place on the Promised Day, and Wrath was in no mood for games. He went straight for the kill, as per his name.

Fu was also highly skilled, and he could last longer against Wrath than most humans. But he soon suffered defeat, and he couldn’t even perform a suicidal explosive attack to take Wrath out. Fu was in over his head.

6 Edward Elric & Ling Yao Vs Envy

At one point, Gluttony accidentally “ate” Ed, Ling, and Envy all at once, and those three fighters met up inside the infinite realm of Gluttony’s stomach. They talked a bit, and Envy revealed his role in the Ishval Civil War. Ed was ready to fight, and Envy showed off his true form for the first time.

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Envy’s massive form could easily withstand blows from Ed and Ling’s improvised iron swords, and Envy injured Ling before swallowing up Ed. The fight ended when Ed realized that he could perform human transmutation with Envy’s help to open a portal and escape that dimension.

5 The First Fight Between Greed & Wrath

wrath vs greed

The rogue homunculus Greed clashed with Wrath three times, and their first battle was the most one-sided of them all. Wrath, posing as King Bradley, raided the Devil’s Nest with Major Alex Armstrong, and confronted Greed in the Dublith city sewers. They soon came to blows.

Greed can regenerate his flesh while Wrath cannot, and he has the Ultimate Shield. However, neither of these assets could help him triumph over Wrath, and Greed was sliced and stabbed many times until he was captured and dragged back to Father’s lair.

4 First Fight With Edward & Alphonse Elric Against Scar

Many first fights in Fullmetal Alchemist were one-sided affairs, usually since the weaker party was critically ignorant of the stronger party’s capabilities. That was the case when the Elric brothers ran into Scar one rainy afternoon, just moments after Shou Tucker’s death.

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Ed and Al fought back with their own alchemy, and they emphasized escape over actual combat. They bought themselves some time, but not much, and Scar soon blew apart Al’s metal body and then Ed’s arm. The day was saved when Colonel Roy Mustang arrived with reinforcements, prompting Scar to flee.

3 Solf J. Kimblee Wasn’t Prepared For His Mission To Kill Scar

scar and kimblee from fullmetal alchemist

The red lotus alchemist, Solf J. Kimblee, had a mission to kill Scar and retrieve Dr. Tim Marcoh. Kimblee expertly tracked Scar up north and confronted him on a train, but Kimblee couldn’t finish the job just yet. He lacked the combat skills to actually apprehend or kill Scar.

Kimblee could barely evade Scar’s blows, and then Scar thrust a pipe into his stomach. Kimblee was losing blood fast, but he managed to break apart two train cars to separate himself from Scar. He then recovered in Ft. Briggs.

2 Ft. Briggs Soldiers Vs Drachma Army

This was one of the largest battles in the entire FMA story, and it was brutally one-sided. Father’s plan called for a bloodbath in the northern region, and it didn’t matter who died, so long as plenty of corpses were generated. Kimblee thus met up with the Drachma army and urged its commanders to assault Ft. Briggs under false pretenses.

The Drachma commander expected an easy victory, but instead, his army was routed, and Briggs’ defenders suffered no casualties. The Drachma army was wiped out to the last man, and Kimblee was satisfied.

1 Colonel Roy Mustang Vs Envy

mustang attacking envy fullmetal alchemist

During the Promised Day, Roy finally confronted Colonel Maes Hughes’ killer, Envy. Roy’s heart was filled with rage and hate, and he vented it all on his homunculus opponent once he started using his flame alchemy. Not even Envy’s giant form could stand up to Roy’s repeated attacks.

Envy suffered even more when Roy used pinpoint attacks with his left hand to evaporate Envy’s eyes and tongue repeatedly, forcing Envy to flee indoors. Roy chased him and kept up the assault until Envy was reduced to his tiny, helpless true form once again. But Roy didn’t deal the final blow; Envy took his own life first.

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