How to Boost Your Health and Wellness With Meditation


Our health and our physical wellbeing largely depend on our state of mind. But when our mind is cluttered with negative thoughts, we get confused and become miserable. The source of confusion is thoughts. The mind produces practically a new thought every second, and before we can process one thought and contemplate, the mind is already bombarding us with the next and the next and the next thought. It is this bombarding of thoughts that creates confusion. If there was only one thought, there would be clarity. Therefore, for us to have focus there needs to be meditation, concentration, contemplation, where we quieten the mind, we stop the mind from bombarding us with all kinds of thoughts. Then there will be no confusion. It is very common for a person to be confused when the mind is active and agile.Also Read – Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Mindfulness Meditation And How it Helps in Easing Anxiety And Mental Stress

To declutter our mind, we must realize that our mind is our biggest enemy. It bombards us with a thought every second. This can be fifty thousand thoughts a day. How do you declutter a mind? There are many ways. One, silence, slow down the pace of the mind, reduce the MTR, the Mental Thought Rate. Silence, meditation will help us calm our minds. This is important however, this is not enough. We must separate the mind from the intellect. The intellect is the power of discrimination, it is another part of the body software and we must put the intellect in charge of the mind to control thoughts, to discriminate thoughts and finally we must reach that state of thoughtlessness or consciousness. Together, all this can help us declutter our mind. Also Read – 5 Simple Steps to Reorient Focus When Dealing With Anxiety And Panic

The only way to develop peace of mind is to silence the mind. The mind is like a monkey. Just like a monkey jumps from tree to tree, the mind jumps from thought to thought. How can we have peace? We are full of fear, stress, worry, and anxiety. The answer is – be in silence, quieten the mind, practise silence and meditation. There is a method to make the monkey mind into a monk. The monkey has a tail, EY, that is Ever Yelling, and Ever Yearning. We have to cut the noise. When we cut the noise, there will be divine peace. We will get rid of all the junk when our monkey mind becomes a monk. Also Read – 5 Yoga Asanas to Avoid Heart Stroke

If we are meditating and thinking while meditating, then we are not actually meditating. Because meditation is all about switching off the mind. It is not thinking. Meditation is contemplation. It is shutting off the mind. It is a state of thoughtlessness, mindfulness. The goal of meditation is consciousness, becoming the witness, becoming the observer, watching the mind. Even if there’s a thought that flows, we watch that thought without thinking, just like we watch fish flow in the ocean.

A person can be in a meditative state all the time. There’s no need to sit to meditate on a chair or in a special position. When we are conscious of our reality, when we become aware that we are the Divine Soul, not the body that we have, not the mind and ego that says, ‘It’s me,’ we reach that state of consciousness where we are meditating all the time because we become a yogi. A yogi is the one who lives in yoga, in Divine union and one is always in that state of Divine stillness, consciousness, Ananda. Therefore, to get to that state of being in meditation all the time, we must move towards enlightenment, towards realization of the truth. Then we are liberated from the mind and reach that state of consciousness. This helps us attain peace of mind and this results in our emotional and physical well-being.

(Authored by AiR Atman in Ravi- Spiritual leader and Founder of AiR Institute of Realization and AiR Center of Enlightenment)

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