How to Build DnD’s Most Powerful Rogue/Ranger Multiclass


Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition has made multiclassing easy, and there are no two classes better suited for a combination build than the Rogue and Ranger. Their abilities, while similar, are different enough that they can be combined to create a powerful character that no one will ever see coming — literally.

As with any build, it’s important to take into account the best attributes to assign the character to make it as powerful as possible. Certain subclasses, racial bonuses, feats, spells and weapons can all but guarantee this multiclass gets everything they need to shine on and off the battlefield.

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Dexterity Is the Core Stat for Both Rogues and Rangers

Both Rogues and Rangers draw their primary abilities from the same core stat, Dexterity, which means they should have no trouble meeting the ability score minimum of 13 to multiclass. DEX contributes to armor class, initiative rolls, attack rolls and damage bonuses, as well as boosting essential DEX-based skills like Acrobatics, Sleight of Hand and Stealth.

As far as secondary stats are concerned, this build focuses heavily on the Ranger, so it’ll be important to pour points into Wisdom  to cater to important skills like Survival, Perception, Animal Handling, Insight and Medicine, as well as their spell attacks.

Constitution is also important, as Rangers get 1d10 + their CON modifier when it comes to hit points, but Rogues only get 1d8. That means missing out on some HP for each level in Rogue, so buffing that CON stat will offer a higher modifier for every roll. This class may prioritize ranged combat, but a lot of the Ranger’s important spells like Hunter’s Mark are concentration-based, which means needing to make CON saving throws during combat.

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Best Racial Options for the Rogue/Ranger

Since DEX is the shared core stat of both Rogues and Rangers, consider a race that offers a +2 DEX boost. One of the best options for this is the Wood Elf variant. Not only do they gain +2 DEX and have advantage on Perception thanks to their Keen Senses, but Wood Elves also gain +1 WIS, Fleet of Foot (which increases their walking speed to 35) and Mask of the Wild (which allows them to hide even when lightly obscured by natural phenomena like falling snow, mist or rain).

The Ghostwise, Lotusden and Mark of Healing Halfling are also stellar choices because they have +2 DEX and +1 WIS. Each of those variants also has a slew of interesting traits that make for remarkable Rogue/Rangers. Aarakocra and Kenku also get +2 DEX and +1 WIS, making them another wise option.

Best Subclasses for Rogues and Rangers

The Gloomstalker Ranger is one of the best subclass options because they are particularly good at delving into dark places and making the shadows their own. As for the Rogue subclass, Scout plays into the Ranger’s survivalist skillset, providing them with proficiencies in Nature and Survival that will always come in handy. Scouts also gain Superior Mobility, which tacks an additional 10 feet onto their movement speed. If creating a Wood Elf, that would give this character 45 feet of movement on every turn, putting them as close to or far away from a target as possible.

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Breaking Down Class Levels for a Rogue/Ranger

The majority of the build’s levels will be taken in the Ranger class. Start out as a Ranger and level up to three before branching into the Rogue class. This first level in Rogue will grant important features like Expertise, which allows the player to choose two skill proficiencies and double them. They also gain sneak attack, which allows them to get the edge on flanked enemies or attacks made with advantage and add an extra 1d6 damage. When combined with the Ranger’s Hunter’s Mark damage, it can really stack up and make the character a bit of a ranged-combat monster.

While it’s perfectly reasonable to get away with only one level in Rogue, taking up to three total provides some benefits that work well with this multiclass. At second level, Rogues gain another d6 sneak attack damage and Cunning Action, which allows them to use dash, disengage or hide as a bonus action on each of their turns. At level three, they get another d6, bringing their total up to 3d6 sneak attack damage. Plus, this is the point where they can also choose a Roguish Archetype to gain additional features.

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Best Feats for the Rogue/Ranger Build

When opportunities to take a feat come up, Sharpshooter is one of the best options for this multiclass build. Sharpshooter allows the character to take a -5 penalty to their attack roll and add +10 to their damage total. When coupled with sneak attack and Hunter’s Mark damage rolls, the Sharpshooter can really pack a long distance punch.

Skulker is also ideal for this build because the majority of the player’s shots will be coming from a position of stealth. On the off-chance that they miss, it’ll be important not to reveal their position to the enemy, and Skulker guarantees the skills needed to remain hidden. Skulkers can hide when only lightly obscured, and they don’t suffer disadvantage on Perception checks in dim light.

Finally, Crossbow Expert and Poisoner are two other useful feats. Crossbow Experts don’t need to waste valuable combat time reloading bolts, and they can fire off shots at close range. They also gain the opportunity to make a crossbow shot as a bonus action after using their action to make a one-handed melee weapon attack. Poisoners can coat their ranged weapon projectiles with poison as a bonus action, maximizing damage and poisoning their targets.

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