How to promote your Live Shopping Shows

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Live Shopping today has transformed into one of the most popular forms of live shopping. Top companies around the globe have been benefiting from live commerce for years now. Furthermore, the immense impact of COVID-19 has led to a lot of people adopting virtual ways of shopping.

Live streaming shopping works great when audiences can immediately engage with a host of a live show. Brands can allow their customers to ask questions and communicate with a host of a show in real-time. This immediate exchange of information improves the collaboration between a brand and its customers.

This leads to building trust amongst customers if you authentically interact with them. This enables brands to have a great impact and paves the path for customer engagement and retention.

Why is Live Stream Shopping Important?

The live shopping industry is flourishing, and here are some stats to prove that:

  • By the year 2022 Livestream shopping is estimated to grow 15 times and reach 17% of all web traffic.
  • About 80% of Consumers today prefer live video over traditional text posts from brands.
  • 92% of marketers consider video as an effective marketing tool.

So, we can conclude that Livestream e-commerce is indeed an excellent choice for brands. And in order to take complete benefit of it, one should promote a live shopping show. This will help you get in front of audiences and get their attention.

Here are few strategies that you can follow to get your audience attention

Check Timings

Before you plan your live stream consider your target audience. Examine your previous live shows or look for show analytics and find out just the right time for your live show.

Run Countdowns

Run countdowns to ensure buyers know about your show. You can do that a week before the main show and you can even experiment with the number of countdown posts.

Leverage hashtags

Hashtags help generate a buzz around your live shopping show and make it a lot simpler for your audience to find all the posts about it. Hashtags should be chosen as such that they represent your live show and brand. You can keep it simple and short so people can quickly remember it.


Multistreaming means streaming your live shopping show to multiple platforms at the same time. Like you can broadcast your live show on live commerce platform and Facebook at once. Multistreaming has one significant and obvious perk which is reaching a wider audience base. However, there are many other benefits also:

  • Reach out to new viewers
  • Enjoy what each platform has to offer
  • Gain valuable insights
  • Saves your valuable time

Streaming to multiple channels at once can lead to more customers, improved audience engagement, and ultimately, more sales. Hence, multistreaming is one such strategy that you should consider.

Real-time engagement

Audience engagement is the key to a successful live shopping show and there is no point in hosting a live show that lacks engagement.

Real-time two-way communication is what distinguishes live streaming shopping from any other type of interaction. Brands should know how to leverage this strategy to the fullest. Such real-time conversations are great for building connections and trust among your customers.

Here are a few ways you can achieve this

  • Q&A or “ask me anything” sessions
  • Giveaways and contests
  • Live polls
  • Viewer-driven content, where the audience chooses the outcome
  • Behind-the-scenes glimpse
  • Unboxing videos for your products
  • Product launches and demonstrations
  • Making announcements
  • Influencer collaborations
  • Experiment with interviews

Live commerce is really advantageous for creating a personal relationship with your target audience. As you would be connecting with your customers in an authentic way, customers feel like they are taking part in a more genuine and realistic engagement. The real-time interaction during a live shopping show is much more genuine than pre-made videos that are pre-scripted. In this way, brands can improve their reliability and drive exposure.


Live commerce platforms like the one offered by usually provide analytics about your live show, such as reach, engagement, etc. You can examine the data and get an idea of your live show’s most exciting parts to optimize your future live shopping shows.

Post Everywhere

Once your show is over you can post about it on every social network you have access to. This way, more people will find out about your brand as those who know about you can share your posts.


Hosting a Live shopping show can be easier and inexpensive compared to conducting a physical show. Setting an ideal venue, materials, and making other arrangements takes a lot of time, costs, and resources.

Additionally, you can also record your live shows and repurpose them for other content to save resources on creating new content from scratch.

Wrapping it up

Livestream e-commerce is how businesses communicate with buyers. Live stream shopping platforms have made it seamless for anyone to shop live from their gadgets. It is not just confined to millennials but over 59% of senior executives prefer watching a video to reading text-based content.

Business opportunities that live streaming providers like offer are endless. With our Live commerce platform, you can reach a wide audience, generate revenue, and reach your goals.

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