Hunter X Hunter: 10 Anime Abilities & Their Nen Equivalents

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Most popular shonen, and even some shojo, are defined by their unique power systems. In Hunter X Hunter, the power system is referred to as Nen, which is a technique that allows the characters to manipulate their life energy, also known as aura. “Nen” is often used in place of the word aura in conversation, and those who are capable of wielding it are referred to as Nen users. Due to its immense power, Nen isn’t common knowledge in the Hunter X Hunter universe, and only those who have the potential to be Nen users, such as Hunters, are aware of its existence.

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Like many other power systems, Nen often confuses fans due to its complexity and numerous subcategories. However, most viewers have an understanding of the four basic principles behind Nen and the six distinct Nen types. With the use of Water Divination, a Nen student can determine their Nen type and identify as an Enhancer, Emitter, Conjurer, Transmuter, Manipulator, or Specialist. Similar abilities and fighting techniques within the series are seen in other anime, which leaves fans wondering: with their extraordinary abilities and superhuman strengths, which Nen type would certain anime characters be?

10 Izuku Midoriya’s One For All Is A Perfect Example Of Enhancement

Two of everyone’s favorite protagonists, Gon Freecss and Izuku Midoriya, have more in common than their matching green-tinted hair. Hailing from the My Hero Academia universe, Midoriya, also known by his Hero Name Deku, might first seem like an Emitter because his Quirk, One For All, is willingly activated and doesn’t drastically alter his appearance.

However, like Gon, Midoriya has an ability that increases his natural strength, speed, agility, and endurance. Therefore, Midoriya’s Nen type would be Enhancement, since his ability allows him to power up and intensify his physical attacks.

9 Saitama’s Unparalleled Strength And Superhuman Capabilities Make Him An Enhancer

Saitama Punching In One Punch Man Anime

Recognized and respected as the undisputed One-Punch Man, Saitama is the protagonist and the strongest, most resilient character in the titular series One-Punch Man. Saitama’s ability allows him to push past all physical limitations and showcase superhuman levels of strength.

As with Gon, Saitama’s power is concentrated mainly in his fists, and his ability to achieve unparalleled physical feats would classify him as an Enhancer. As a skilled combatant with an immensely durable body, Saitama easily meets all the qualifications of a proficient Enhancer.

8 Naruto Uzumaki’s Rasengan Is A Great Emission Technique

Similar to the Nen abilities in Hunter X Hunter, the jutsu seen in Naruto are techniques molded by one’s chakra or life force. Naruto Uzumaki’s signature move, the Rasengan, is a combat technique that is classified as a ninjutsu, one of the three main types of jutsu. Naruto’s Rasengan is a rapidly spinning ball of accumulated chakra concentrated in the palm of his hand.

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This particular ability draws a close resemblance to the Emitter Razor’s ability to create and propel a ball of pure aura. Due to its nature, the Rasengan would be considered an ability that falls under Emission, a Nen type that allows the user to separate their aura from their body, maintain its intensity, and inflict long-lasting damage onto their opponent.

7 Sailor Venus’ Crescent Beam Is An Emitter’s Weapon Of Choice

Sailor Venus Crescent Beam In Sailor Moon

Minako Aino, better known as Sailor Venus or Sailor V in the classic shojo Sailor Moon, is a powerful light-based attack user. One of her most significant attacks, Crescent Beam, is an ability she executes by raising her finger to touch the crescent moons that form above her head then lowering her hand to aim and shoot an intense beam of light at her opponent.

The properties of her attack align with techniques used by Emitters in Hunter X Hunter. Sailor Venus’s Crescent Beam classifies as an Emission technique, which often manifests as beams or projectiles of aura shot at foes at high speeds.

6 Doppo Kunikida’s The Lone Poet Is A Powerful Conjuration Hatsu

As a highly professional, diligent, and committed member of the Armed Detective Agency, Doppo Kunikida is a well-known and respected individual in the series Bungo Stray Dogs. Kunikida plays an important role in the agency, and his ability, the Lone Poet, is extremely versatile and powerful.

With the use of his Ideals notebook, Kunikida carries out his ability by writing down the desired object and using it to take down his enemies once it materializes. With this ability, Kunikida would be classified as a Conjurer, and like most conjured objects, the items he creates have a limitation. Specifically, he is unable to materialize objects larger than his notebook.

5 Mai Zenin’s Construction Is Textbook Conjuration

When it comes to sharpshooters, there’s no one better than Mai Zenin. Mai is an expertly skilled markswoman who can shoot with sniper-like precision at long range — and without hesitation at point-blank range. Like Nen, jujutsu is an umbrella term used to describe the mystical arts, skills, and techniques wielded by sorcerers in Jujutsu Kaisen.

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As a sorcerer, Mai uses her cursed energy to perform her signature technique, Construction, the creation of something from seemingly nothing. Mai’s ability to create a bullet using Construction would be considered a Conjuration technique, as Conjurers in Hunter X Hunter also channel their aura into the creation of material objects.

4 Donquixote Doflamingo’s String-String Fruit Ability Marks Him As A Transmuter

Doflamingo dressrossa arc

Upon eating the Paramecia-type String-String Devil Fruit, Donquixote Doflamingo, one of the main antagonists in One Piece, developed the ability to create and control strings that can cut through any material like a razor, compress to form an extremely durable rope, and bind his opponents in an instant.

The Transmutation Nen type grants the user the ability to alter their aura to mimic substances, solid matter, and even forms of energy, as seen when Killua transmutes his aura into electricity. Doflamingo’s ability, which vaguely parallels Hisoka’s Bungee Gum, would classify him as a Transmuter.

3 Zoldeo’s Human Subordination Magic Is Obvious Manipulation

Zoldeo In Fairy Tail

Human Subordination Magic, a Caster-Type Ancient Spell, is a Lost Magic, defined as any immensely powerful and dangerous Magic that was purposefully erased from history. Although the use of Lost Magic is widely rejected in the Fairy Tail universe, wielders of these taboo techniques still exist, and Zoldeo is one of them.

Zoldeo’s Human Subordination Magic allows him to cast influence over humans and control their actions, which would be classified as a Manipulation technique. Like Illumi Zoldyck, who uses his aura to control the living and the dead, Zoldeo would be considered a Manipulator.

2 The Founding Titan’s Memory And Anatomical Control Is The Technique Of A Formidable Manipulator

The Founding Titan in Attack on Titan has a long list of extremely powerful and unique powers ranging from parapsychology abilities to supernatural strength, but its two most dauntingly impressive abilities are memory manipulation and anatomical manipulation.

By using memory manipulation, the Founding Titan can alter and erase the memories of others, and through anatomical manipulation, the Founding Titan has the power to modify the body composition of any Subject of Ymir at will. Based on the nature of both abilities, the Founding Titan’s power would be a particularly imposing Manipulation technique.

1 The Spider Demon Father’s Metamorphosis Could Only Be Classified As Specialization

inosuke and father spider demon

Unlike the other five Nen types, Specialization is broadly defined and includes a wide range of abilities and effects. Specialization techniques include ones that require aura but don’t fit under any of the other Nen types, such as fortune-telling.

A Specialist can have an affinity for various Nen types and even showcase abilities that don’t align with any specific Nen type, like the Metamorphosis Meruem was able to achieve by ingesting his subordinates. This particular ability of Meruem’s was also demonstrated by the Demon Spider Father in Demon Slayer, who was able to transform his body at will to increase his strength and durability.

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