Lex Luthor’s New Team Is Worse Than the Legion of Doom

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Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point’s finale reveals the true masterminds behind all that happened in the series, and this unexpected cabal spells trouble.

WARNING: The following contains major spoilers for Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point #6, by Donald Mustard, Christos Gage, Reilly Brown, Nelson DeCastro, John Kalisz and AndWorld Design, on sale now.

In the final issue of Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point, the masterminds behind Batman and Catwoman’s abduction and placement onto the island featured in the game franchise are finally revealed. In the series, the two had to find their way out of the battle royale time loop of Fortnite without any memories of who they were in the DC Universe. Against all odds, they managed to make their way out of the loop.

The closer they got to their goal, the more obvious it was that there was a greater power at play. Initially this power came into play with the sending of G.I. Joe‘s Snake Eyes after Batman, and later with the placing of the mercenary Deathstroke among the Dark Knight’s ranks to sabotage the team. After the Bat and Cat made their way back home and sealed the Zero Point rift hanging over the skies of Gotham, the orchestraters of these obstacles discussed what happened and it appears that everything played out exactly as planned.

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As the final pages of the series move from Gotham to Metropolis, it’s no surprise to learn that Lex Luthor was a major part of the worlds of DC and Fortnite colliding. Considering that he was the mole on Batman’s team, the fact that Deathstroke ranks among the inner circle of this plot is a given as well. However, the next member of this sinister cabal is an altogether unexpected one and proves that this new alliance could rival Lex’s other team of villains, the Legion of Doom.

The Batman Who Laughs is revealed as a part of this plan too. The most twisted version of the Caped Crusader from the Dark Multiverse used his intimate knowledge of how the Dark Knight thinks to play him like a fiddle. Deathstroke doubted that Batman would behave as they had planned, but thanks to the Batman Who Laughs, the Caped Crusader became yet another pawn in their sinister machinations. With the bitter history that Lex and this dark Batman share, along with their working together here, it looks like this series may take place before their falling out. Regardless, with the two of them on agreeable terms for once, this could be a very destructive partnership.

Although this unholy pairing, along with the cold calculating Deathstroke, seems bad enough, there’s one other member of this group that places it above the Legion of Doom — Doctor Slone. Slone is perhaps the highest-ranking figure within Fortnite‘s malevolent Imagined Order. This shadowy organization is responsible for everything on Fortnite Island and, thanks to Luthor’s plan, has even more control over the Zero Point.

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With Batman’s inadvertent help, Deathstroke was able to plant an anchor device at the Zero Point. This will allow IO and Luthor to return to the Zero Point whenever they wish and exploit its seemingly limitless power. With all of these villains working together, and with access to such an incredible source of power, this spells serious trouble for the heroes of the DCU.

From what Luthor and Slone discuss in the comic’s final panels, it seems that Lex made a specific deal with IO, hence their partnership here. Slone says she’s only just started to fulfill her end of the bargain as a rift appears over the Daily Planet in Metropolis. It stands to reason that Lex may be planning to use his new partnership against Superman, which would explain the Man of Steel’s appearance in the game’s latest update. Although the series wraps up with this issue, it appears that Fortnite‘s dealings with the DCU may not be over just yet.

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