Loki: Questions That Remain Unanswered After The Finale

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After six episodes of complete insanity, Marvel’s Loki came to a climactic end that created more questions than it answered. Sure, Loki and Sylvie made their way to the citadel beyond the Void and met a version of Kang – although he never calls himself by that name – who had been the one responsible for everything; the man behind the curtain, so to speak.

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According to the unnamed Kang, or “He Who Remains” as Miss Minutes calls him, he had destroyed the multiverse in order to end a war that he and versions of him from other realities had started, but because of the actions of Sylvie, the multiverse is back in full force, which certainly doesn’t seem to be a good thing. And with a second season announced, we’re sure to learn a lot more about everyone and everything, but there are some questions that remain unanswered.

10 Where Did Ravonna Renslayer Go?

Renslayer the Judge in Loki

Mobius, now knowing that everything he has ever been told as a member of the Time Variance Authority is a lie, went to get some answers from Ravonna Renslayer, but all he ended up getting was a bit of a beating and a sly non-answer as Ravonna headed off through a portal in search of free will.

So where was Ravonna headed? Later in the season finale, we see that Ravonna was a vice principal in Fremont, Ohio as late as 2018; did Mobius and B-15 go after that version of Ravonna safe, or in hopes that she would have some answers?

9 What Did  Ravonna Renslayer Know?

While no one knows where Ravonna went, we also don’t really know what she knew about the TVA. Ravonna seemed to be surprised that the Time-Keepers were robots, but not as surprised as everyone else. Did she already have a hunch that her “bosses” weren’t the actual heads of the Time Variance Authority?

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While it seems like Ravonna doesn’t know about Kang directly, it is also possible that she has more information about the Marvel villain than she is letting on. In the least, she certainly knows more than Mobius, Loki, and Sylvie.

8 Are Kid Loki And Aligator Loki Still Alive?

Kid Loki Variant

In the penultimate episode of Loki, Classic Loki sacrifices himself to Alioth so that Loki and Sylvie can enchant the cosmic creature, but what about Kid Loki and Aligator Loki? The last they were seen, the duo had headed off for safety, choosing to stay in the Void instead of heading to the TVA with Mobius. In the comics Kid Loki, also known as Serrure, is Loki reincarnated. Serrure is a good version of Loki who joined the Asgardians of the Galaxy and used the Destroyer as his personal armor. Could we see Kid Loki show up in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3?

7 What Happened To Sylvie After She Killed He Who Remains?

Sophia Di Martino as Sylvie in Loki Episode 4

The last we saw of Sylvie, she completed her life’s mission and killed Kang, which in turn brought back the multiverse as variant realities began to spread with wild abandon. But what did she do next? Did she take over the TVA as Kang planned, or did she head off for another adventure? Or perhaps she quickly ran into a different version of Kang, one that is less insane and more powerful? Whatever the case, it’s a safe bet that we haven’t seen the last of Sylvie, but where she’ll pop up next is a mystery at the moment.

6 How Will Loki And Sylvie’s Actions Affect The MCU?

Loki and Sylvie have completely recreated the multiverse and have seemingly given everyone free will. The problem is, with free will, anything can happen. This is doubly shocking as Loki’s whole thing has been trying to get everyone in the universe to give up their free will and serve him, but now he finds himself in a situation where he has created an amount of chaos the MCU has never seen.

Clearly, the effects of what Loki and Sylvie will be seen in Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, which is written by Michael Waldron, who wrote every episode of Loki, but where else will Loki and Sylvie’s actions cause problems?

5 Now That There Is A Multiverse, Who Is Out There?

Loki Multiverse from Loki

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is now the Marvel Cinematic Multiverse, which begs the question; who is out there? It seems like viewers will get to see some of the other realities in the upcoming What If…? animated series, but that will only be a fraction of what exists.

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Is there a reality where Tony Stark survived the final battle with Thanos? Or a reality where they stopped Thanos from ever getting the Infinity Stones in the first place? Will we see variations of the Marvel heroes showing up in other shows and movies? All of this makes the rumors of Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield reprising their roles as Spider-Man in Spider-Man: No Way Home seem a lot more likely.

4 How Did Kang Choose Which Timelines To Prune?

Loki, Sylvie, and Kang in an elevator

We know that “He Who Remains” was the one who destroyed the multiverse and set up the sacred timeline, but how did he decide which possibilities were the right ones and which were variants? Was this version of Kang from the 31st century recreating his own reality or building one that he believed was better than where he came from?

Moreover, how did Kang create the TVA in the first place? Did he initially prune people and then train them himself or did he create androids to do it for him, not unlike how the Guardians created the Manhunters before building the Green Lantern Corps in the DC Universe?

3 What Does Hunter B-15 Remember?

Hunter B 15 is an ally to Mobius

Sylvie gave B-15 her memories back, and she still has them for most of the finale, but in the final moments, Loki comes to realize that B-15 and Mobius don’t recognize him, meaning that either their realities have shifted or their memories were erased again.

In either case, does B-15 have any recollection of her pre-TVA life? Can Sylvie’s power to make people remember moments of their lives overpower whatever it is the new Kang did to them, or will B-15 be back at square one when season 2 begins?

2 What Did Loki Miss?

As mentioned above, after Sylvie killed Kang, the TVA drastically changed. Along with B-15 and Mobius not recognizing Loki, the statues of the Time-Keepers have been replaced by statues of Kang. This brings up a big question; what did Loki miss?

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Clearly, Sylvie’s decision to kill Kang has rewritten reality, but just how much has everything changed, and how much of what was changed will we see in season 2 or in the movies? Has a new Kang taken over the TVA as it seems, or is Sylvie using the image of Kang to trick the TVA, much like how Kang created the Time-Keepers to act as the bosses?

1 Will Mobius Ever Get To Ride A Jet-Ski?

Loki Owen Wilson Mobius

According to Mobius, “in the early ’90s, for a brief, shining moment, there was a beautiful union of form and function, which we call the jet-ski”. Knowing that every member of the TVA is a variant who was pruned and reassigned to work for Kang, it stands to reason that before he was turned into an agent, Mobius was a guy living in the 1990s who loved to jet-ski. Will Mobius ever get the chance to jet-ski again? Will he, at the end of all of this, be able to return to the life he once had, riding the waves and loving every minute of it? Or is he destined to never get on a Sea-Doo again? We can only hope for the best.

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