MCU: Everything We Know About Lady Loki From The Comics

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Sylvie, or Lady Loki, has been one of the standouts of the Loki television show. She provides a stark contrast to the more mischievous and fun Loki that Tom Hiddleston plays, and they’ve formed a great bond that has MCU fans wanting to see more of this female variant of Loki.

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While Lady Loki doesn’t have rich comic book lore compared to many of the other characters who have cropped up in the MCU, she has a history that stretches back to Avengers Disassembled. It’s in the aftermath of that arc that she makes her first appearance in the Marvel mythos.

10 Loki Stole Sif’s Body After The Events Of Ragnarok To Become Lady Loki

lady-loki-in-lady-sif-body marvel

The birth of Lady Loki is rooted in the aftermath of Ragnarok. Loki had finally achieved his goal of wiping out Asgard and fulfilling his destiny of bringing about Ragnarok, but as often happens with comics, the Asgardians didn’t stay dead.

As they were being rebirthed into a new world, Loki managed to take residence in the body meant for Lady Sif. Sif’s spirit, meanwhile, was forced into the body of an elderly woman dying of cancer. Given that this was Loki, there wasn’t much reason for him to take Sif’s body other than spite.

9 She Nearly Turned Asgard Against Beta Ray Bill During Secret Invasion

Despite having sworn off schemes, Lady Loki could never refuse a prime moment of mischief. When the Skrulls were preparing to invade Earth, Beta Ray Bill was shot to Asgard in his mortal form as a warning. Both Thor and Balder believed he was the real Bill, but many Asgardians were skeptical. Loki preyed on that confusion, creating enough of a fervor that the community nearly murdered Bill right there on the spot. Thankfully, Thor stepped in and threw him Mjolnir.

8 She Joined The Cabal After The Events Of Secret Invasion

Dark Reign Cabal with Loki, Emma Frost, Norman Osborne, Doom and Namor

Following the events of Secret Invasion, Norman Osborne was seen as a hero of the people after he shot Queen Veranke, ending the invasion of the Skrulls. The deed landed him in charge of S.H.I.E.L.D, now known as H.A.M.M.E.R.

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To maintain the power he grasped, Osborne created the Cabal, also known as the Dark Illuminati, an organization filled with some of the strongest and smartest villains in the Marvel universe. It included Dr. Doom, Namor, Emma Frost, and of course, Lady Loki. The group served as the primary antagonists in Marvel comics for over a year.

7 Time Travel Has Always Been Part Of The Character, As She Went Back In Time To Ensure Odin’s Father Died

Bor perishes in marvel comics

For as intricate as time and multiverse travel is to the television show, it shouldn’t be a surprise that it’s always been a part of the character. At the beginning of the Dark Reign comic saga, Loki went back to a time when her father was but a young man, and she ensured that Bor, Odin’s father, met his end at the hands of the frost giants. It was step one in a multi-part plan to help turn Bor against Asgard, using him as an agent of chaos for his own goals and that of Norman Osborne’s Cabal.

6 She Engineered The Banishment Of Thor From Asgard After Thor Killed His Own Grandfather

thor vs bor marvel

Bor’s revival was meant for more than just chaos, as step two of the plan was to get Thor to do battle with his grandfather in New York City. Knowing that Thor would do whatever it took to protect the people of Midgard, Loki ran to Balder, warning him that Thor was fighting with the rightful king of Asgard. By the time the two arrived, Thor had dispatched Bor, forcing Balder to banish Thor from Asgard as punishment for slaying the king.

5 She Gave The Powerful Norn Stones To Parker So He Could Become The Hood Once Again

Loki gives Hood The Norn Stones

The Hood isn’t that well-known a villain, but he played a fairly large role during Dark Reign, and Loki made sure he could continue to be a force to be reckoned with after Doctor Strange, Brother Voodoo, and Son of Satan managed to depower him.

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She granted Parker the Norn Stones, Asgardian artifacts that allowed the user to have whatever they desired. They successfully gave the Hood his powers back, allowing him to continue to be a thorn in the Avengers’ side as Dark Reign came to a close and Siege began.

4 She Took The Form Of Scarlet Witch To Manipulate The Mighty Avengers

Loki poses as Scarlet Witch

During the Mighty Avengers, Loki helped bring the team together to combat an elder god named Chthon. The lineup wasn’t exactly the A-team, consisting of Stature, U.S.Agent, and other lesser heroes, but they were enough to bring down the god with Loki’s aid. Loki’s motives were far from benevolent, however, wanting to use the team to unbalance Norman Osborne and put him on edge. It was all part of a ploy that would eventually lead to the siege of Asgard.

3 Hawkeye Kissed Her To Help Reveal Loki’s Treachery As Scarlet Witch

Hawkeye Kisses Scarlet Witch To Reveal Loki's treachery

Kissing someone is one of the strangest ways to reveal their treachery, but Clint Barton managed to pull it off. When Loki desperately tried to keep her facade as Scarlet Witch up, Hawkeye stepped in and took one for the team. He laid his lips on hers and managed to know right away they didn’t belong to Wanda. It also successfully threw Loki off her game, forcing her to speak in a way that Wanda never would and revealing the truth behind the scheme.

2 She Reappeared During Agent of Asgard And Helped Male Loki Defeat King Loki

lady loki in Agents of Asgard

After disappearing for a time after Loki returned to his male form, Lady Loki reappeared in the pages of Agent of Asgard. This comic most resembles the story of the television show.

Here, Loki works for the All-Mothers to return Asgardians to Asgard and introduced King Loki, a future version of Loki who alters timelines, much like the show focuses on. It’s one of the better storylines with Loki and introduces a Lady Loki who’s kinder and gentler than the past incarnation.

1 They’ve Had An Infatuation With Each Other Before

loki and lady loki meet in Double Trouble

Thor & Loki: Double Trouble is a newer comic marketed more to kids rather than mainstream comic fans, but it’s still a glimpse into how the different incarnations of Loki interact with one another. The very first time the two Lokis meet each other, they’re instantly infatuated. As Mobius joked in the show, of course Loki would fall for another Loki. Their shared pride is so high that it’d be nigh impossible for them to look at anyone else like they do themselves.

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