MHA: How Hawks’ Wings Differ From Other Heroes’

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Hawks’ wings allow him to soar in the skies, but the MHA Pro Hero’s Quirk has some incredibly creative qualities besides flying.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for My Hero Academia Season 5, Episode 15, “One Thing At a Time,” now streaming on Crunchyroll, Funimation and Hulu.

Hawks is now the #2 Pro Hero in My Hero Academia, and the final episodes of Season 4 made it clear he’s earned that lofty rank despite being just 22 years old. His Fierce Wings Quirk grants him a pair of red, angelic wings, allowing him to soar through the skies. But these feathers are much more than flight enablers — they’re also packed with numerous secondary functions.

Hawks can detach the feathers in his wings and control them telekinetically, usually to evacuate civilians from a hazardous area or to capture fleeing criminals. But Season 5, Episode 15 of My Hero Academia has revealed a surprisingly clever and subtle — yet still dangerous — use for Hawks’ red wings.

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How Hawks Uses Feathers To Spy On His Enemies

Hawks in My Hero Academia

Currently, in My Hero Academia Season 5, Hawks is playing the role of double agent. He’s a mole in the shadowy Meta Liberation Army organization, working hard to earn the trust of villains like the flame-wielding Dabi. In fact, Hawks is in a position to hand out copies of Destro’s meta liberation ideology book on behalf of the Army, showing how integral he is to the entire organization. The secret Pro Hero is able to wander deep into enemy territory and meet the Army’s highest-ranking members — the perfect opportunity to put Fierce Wings’ tertiary function to good use.

Despite having the trust of many Army members, Hawks can’t visit every room of the organization’s main compound, so he uses small feathers to handle the spy work for him. The Army’s main leaders are quietly having a strategy meeting — including League of Villains members such as Dabi and Himiko Toga — so Hawks must gather intel on them. After giving his report and being dismissed, Hawks leaves behind a single feather in the doorway, held in place by the sliding doors where no one can see it.

Feathers like these can sense vibrations in the air, allowing Hawks to “hear” nearby sounds remotely. The reception is weaker if his wings are folded up, but this is the best he can do for now. It would look odd if he spread his wings to their full extent inside the compound, so he’s making small sacrifices to maintain cover, and it seems to be working. It’s likely that Meta Liberation Army members are sweeping the compound for electronic bugs and hidden cameras, but they wouldn’t think to check for Hawks’ feathers — especially since they believe he’s on their side.

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Hawks’ Potential Future Use of Fierce Wings


Fierce Wings is a highly useful ability for gathering intel on the Meta Liberation Army’s top brass, and there is little doubt Hawks will soon deliver a thorough report to the Pro Heroes and police. He might do this again later when the war starts, to deduce enemy troop movements ahead of time and adjust accordingly.

Being a Pro Hero takes more than speed and brute force — it also requires proper intel, the ability to track and pursue criminals, detective work and much more, and this tertiary ability of Fierce Wings is perfect for the job. If necessary, Hawks can distribute a handful of these sensitive feathers across a city and listen for the activities of powerful or highly wanted criminals and villains. In this context, Hawks can spread his wings to maximize reception while also soaring around the sky.

Once a large-scale battle starts, Hawks’ planted feathers can pinpoint the location of many enemies at once, providing a radar of sorts to the heroes’ side. No villain could move undetected any longer, which would put them at a serious disadvantage. Then Hawks and his allies can quickly zero in on the villains and capture them at the same time. This could be a game-changer in the upcoming My Hero Academia conflicts.

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