My Hero Academia: Bakugo’s 10 Best Character Traits

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All of the students who roam the halls of U.A. High within My Hero Academia display traits that are absolutely vital for any up-and-coming hero to possess. There are some, like Deku, who have exhibited the behavior of a true hero long before he ever received his Quirk, such as rushing in to make sure people are okay after being hurt, or rushing into life-threatening danger to save them even if there’s nothing he can do.

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On the other hand, we have Bakugo. He may come off like a vain, self-centered person with a terrifying temper, but he isn’t only interested in power… not to the point that he’d ever think about joining the League of Villains in order to get it, anyway. Surprisingly enough, his idol is All Might, just like Deku, and he actually possesses quite a few traits of an exemplary hero.

10 He’s Smarter And More Analytical Than His Brash Nature Lets On

Bakugo looking at an article in My Hero Academia.

Bakugo has a bit of a reputation for letting his fiery personality get the best of him. It can look like he never takes the time to analyze or think things through, but this actually couldn’t be further from the truth.

Even if he’s not as obvious with it as Deku is, Bakugo still analyzes fights and is highly intelligent. He was able to get into U.A. High after all, which is no small feat, and he actually ranked third on the midterms- one place higher than Deku. The way that he talked about Todoroki’s Quirk during the Sports Festival showed that he’s more intelligent than his impulsivity would let on as well.

9 He Drives Others Forward With His Competitiveness And Extremely Strong Character

bakugo smiling from my hero academia

If there’s one thing consistently positive that others can take away from watching Bakugo, it’s the fact that his competitive drive and fiery spirit never wane no matter who or what he’s up against. From the most small-fry of villains to All Might himself, he never lets self-doubt or fear cloud his judgment.

While his character can initially scare others or drive them away from him, underneath that, it actually does inspire many of his classmates to push forward. In fact, despite how he treated Deku in their youth, Bakugo is actually a huge inspiration for him in terms of how a hero should act.

8 He Strives Only For True Victories And Never Underestimates His Opponents

Ochaco appears behind Katsuki

No matter who he’s up against, Bakugo never makes the mistake of underestimating his opponent. Even during the Sports Festival when the crowd called him a monster for going all-out on Uraraka, it wasn’t because he wanted to destroy her. Rather, it was because he acknowledged her as a strong opponent that he couldn’t let his guard down around.

He also cares about obtaining true victories only, by which both participants have to be using every ounce of their strength. This is why he gets so frustrated after “winning” his battle with Todoroki, since he didn’t use his full strength like he had with Deku.

7 He Has A Surprising Talent For Hobbies That Don’t Seem To Suit Him

bakugo cooking from my hero academia

Bakugo comes off as the type of person who would never agree to help others in a group setting, such as when Class 1-A had to cook their own meals together. However, he surprisingly does his part without much fuss and only lashes out whenever Uraraka comments that it seems strange that he’s so good at chopping up ingredients.

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This isn’t the only hobby that he shows a surprising amount of talent in, with the other being music. However, he doesn’t really seem to show much genuine interest in them when it comes to pursuing them in his free time.

6 He Doesn’t Act Rude Towards Others If They’re Able To Gain His Respect

bakugo and kirishima from my hero academia

Bakugo comes off like an incredibly volatile and unsociable person, but this aspect of him begins to settle down the longer he spends at U.A. Furthermore, even when he was a new student flying off the handle at even the smallest remark, there was at least one person that he remained kind to.

Kirishima was able to gain Bakugo’s respect through his strength and personality, and Bakugo in turn shows a genuinely nice side of himself to the other. He even goes as far as to accept his help when he needs it most, something he’s almost unable to do with anyone else.

5 He Can Discern Between Friend And Foe And Would Never Dream Of Joining The Villains

bakugo after an attack my hero academia

If one doesn’t know Bakugo very well, one might fear that he would be led astray and join the villains in the hopes of attaining more power. After all, he seems to have a knack for destruction and puts himself on a pedestal in front of others.

However, deep down, just like Deku, he strives to be just like All Might and sees him as the ideal to look up to. Even when Bakugo was captured by the League of Villains and offered a place within their ranks, he couldn’t believe they’d even waste their time attempting to get him on their side, as it’s something he’d never consider.

4 He’s An Honest Person Who Doesn’t Accept Lies From Himself Or Others

Bakugo eating

Bakugo is so honest that it’s almost to a fault when combined with his overly-aggressive personality. He can come off as too blunt and end up hurting others, but he always speaks his mind and refuses to tell lies, regardless of the consequence.

This trait actually extends to those around him as well, and this is where it really becomes a positive. Bakugo has an ability to tell when others aren’t being honest with him in return, which makes him a surprisingly good judge of character.

3 His Inability To Accept Defeat And Desire To Be The Best Actually Make Him A Fierce Leader

Deku And Bakugo prepare to fight

As the series progresses, Bakugo becomes more open to the idea of cooperating with others, but only when he’s the undisputed leader of any group. And although his typical condescending nature stays, he makes a surprisingly good leader.

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Since he strives for nothing short of absolute victory, he’s an extreme perfectionist and knows how to lead people. He also learns to grasp the importance of protecting those in his team, and, in return, he expects them to protect him as well.

2 He Feels That A Hero Should Never Give Up Despite The Threat They Face

bakugo firing off explosion my hero academia

One of the ideals that Bakugo actually shares with Deku is that a hero should never give up, no matter how bad things get. It’s one of the ideals that he took away from watching and admiring All Might, even if it’s been slightly twisted.

Instead of believing that the mark of a true hero is to save everyone possible, Bakugo believes that winning is instead what makes a true hero. He still shares Deku’s self-sacrificial attitude of not caring how strong the opponent is when it’s someone who needs to be stopped.

1 He’s Able To Self-Reflect And Work On His Issues, He Just Won’t Admit It To Others

bakugo staring down deku my hero academia

Contrary to what it might look like on the outside, Bakugo does possess the ability to recognize his faults and work on bettering himself. The only reason why he comes off as the opposite is simply due to the fact that his pride gets in the way of allowing himself to admit this to others.

Whenever there’s an issue with himself that Bakugo needs to work on, the more introspective and self-reflective part of his personality actually comes into play. He just prefers to work through these things on his own, and he can become more quiet and brooding during these periods.

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