Orochimaru & 9 Other Anime Characters With Extra Long Tongues


Anime characters, both heroes and monsters, often have distinctive features, such as a very long tongue. For some of these characters, it comes as an unexpected part of their persona, and something that only pops out once in a while.

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For others, the extra-long length comes with a purpose—for some, even a special power. Some characters sport tactical tongues that can be used in various ways in battle. From the simply weird to the grotesque and even deadly, here’s a look at some of the characters who use their long, long tongues.

10 Orochimaru Can Wield The Two-Edged Sword With His Tongue (Naruto)

Orochimaru disguised as the 4th Kazekage in Naruto

The Toad Summons inherently involves extra long tongue action in Naruto. From giant Gamabunta to small Gamatatsu, they can use them in battle as well as to secure snacks. When it comes to Orochimaru, his whole appearance is snake-like, including his eyes, fang-like teeth, and long tongue.

When he transforms the lower part of his body into a giant white snake, his tongue lengthens even more. He carries the Kusanagi Sword inside him, and he can wield it at great lengths by keeping the hilt in his mouth and using his tongue.

9 Picolet Chardin II Can Eat Cake Off The Top Of His Head With His Tongue (Ranma 1/2)

Picolet Chardin III - Ranma 1/2

Picolet tries to teach Ranma Saotome the ways of Martial Arts Dining in the Ranma 1/2 anime. But, gifted with Absolute Face Control, and a very long tongue, Picolet has the clear advantage.

He explains to Ranma that they have to eat without using hands—and then proceeds to demonstrate the principle by using his tongue to reach a piece of cake perched on top of his head. Battle Dining is his domain and seems to be the only advantage of his extraordinary tongue.

8 Nnoitra Jiruga’s Long Tongue Is Tattooed With His Rank (Bleach)

Nnoitra Jiruga’s tongue is not only long, he can use it in battle. His tongue sports a tattoo of his rank (5th Espada). Like other Arrancars in Bleach, he fires up Cero blasts, but he alone does so from his mouth.

In combat, his tongue can lash out to an enormous length with a fiery golden Cero at its tip. In actual battle, it’s had mixed results (it backfired against Nel and Kenpachi), but it’s still an impressive strategy to startle his enemies.

7 Alucard & All The Vampires Use Their Lengthy Tongues To Lap Up Blood (Hellsing)

Alucard licks blood in Hellsing

In the world of Hellsing, tongues are put to use. During Rip Van Winkle’s ultimately hopeless fight against the vampire Alucard, she manages to get a bullet through him once, but that’s really her only strike.

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He uses her own musket to impale her, and then, in a memorable scene, uses his long tongue to lick her blood from the floor. It’s waste not, want not in the world of Hellsing’s vampires, who don’t let a drop of blood from their victims go dry before licking it up.

6 Claude Faustus Uses His Tongue To Clean Off His Face (Black Butler II)

Claude Faustus - Black Butler - tongue

Claude Faustus is the demon butler of the Trancy household. In the early days of Black Butler, Claude showed little emotion, but by Black Butler II he’s become obsessed with Ciel’s soul.

His demon form is a spider, but he’s usually a tall man who wears glasses. That’s why his long tongue, which is first seen in Episode 5, comes as a surprise. A bit of cream ends up on his nose at the costume ball, and his extra-long tongue emerges to casually lick it off.

5 Tsuyu Asui’s Frog Quirk Includes A Frog’s Tongue (My Hero Academia)

tsuyu asui

With her greenish hair and big eyes, among other things, Tsuyu Asui’s Frog Quirk shows even in her regular identity as a student in Class 1-A at U.A. High School and the world of My Hero Academia.

Her Frog Quirk gives her a bunch of useful fighting skills, and arguably the most striking is the way she can use her extended tongue in various ways. She can use it like a whip, grab things, and even wrap it around another human being several times to subdue them.

4 Charlotte Perospero Loves To Lick Candy (One Piece)

With his pointy nose and pink lips, Charlotte Perospero’s long thick tongue makes a real statement, and it’s often seen protruding from his face on One Piece. He governs Candy Island, and not surprisingly, is often seen licking big sticks of candy.

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He doesn’t seem to do much else with it, but the colorful, clownish look just makes his sadistic personality that much more menacing. In one scene, he threatens to turn Caesar Clown into candy and lick him to death.

3 Shizuku’s Snake Tongue Earns Her The Nickname Loli-Snake (Omamori Himari)

Shizuku - Omamori Himari

Shizuku is a Mizuchi, a water dragon deity, in Omamori Himari, as well as the third girl in Yuto’s harem. Her family and whole clan were killed by demon slayers, but Yuto’s kindness convinces her to live with him as his housekeeper. She takes the form of a small girl about age 8 or so, with bright red eyes, and she’s always soaking wet.

Her tongue looks like that of a snake, and when Himari and Rinko see her ability to lengthen it, they dub her Lolita Snake and Loli-snake, or just Snake for short.

2 Legato Bluesummer’s Tongue Goes Venom-esque (Trigun)

Anime Trigun Legato Bluesummers Bored Eating

In the Trigun manga, there is a whole page displaying Legato Bluesummers’ fabulous tongue. It gets a little less exposure in the anime. Legato mainly uses his tongue for intimidation purposes, such as its Venom-like appearance when Razlo and Chapel first appear. Along with his ability to manipulate others, it just ramps up his terrifying persona.

He’s a sadistic freak who ends up going insane over his quest to make Vash’s life hell. There’s another scene where it’s implied Legato has ripped out another man’s tongue and put it into a paper bag.

1 The Salamander Sphinx’s Long Purple Tongue Is Prehensile (Toriko)

Salamander Sphinx - Toriko

The Salamander Sphinx’s purple tongue is just part of its striking appearance. It looks something like a lion, with green scales, and a very curly orange mane. It’s a vicious beast that will launch an immediate attack against anyone entering its territory.

Along with its super sharp claws, its mane can extend to trap foes, and its purple prehensile tongue also makes a formidable weapon. It takes all their resources for Toriko and Zebra to take down the ruler of the Gourmet Pyramid.

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Anime Triple Agents Who Fooled Both The Heroes & The Villains

10 Anime Triple Agents Who Fooled Both The Heroes & The Villains

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