Season 6, Episode 10, ‘Bad Blood’

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WARNING: The following contains spoilers for DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 6, Episode 10, “Bad Blood,” which aired Sunday on The CW.

John Constantine’s search for the Fountain of Imperium comes to an end on this week’s Legends of Tomorrow as a trip to 1939 brings him and Spooner face to face with someone who drank from it. Meanwhile, on the Waverider, Mick Rory finds pregnancy troubling as a baby Gus Gus grows up.

Following a clue from Gary, John makes his way back home to ask Crowley for the map. Crowley lets John know that he entrusted the map to a banker, and when John calls the banker over, she introduces herself as Noelle. She stands by the door, however, awaiting to be invited in. John recognizes her as a vampire and invites her in, allowing the creature of the night to enter. Noelle asks John for the two million quid he owes for the map, but he instead offers her a favor. She lunges at him, displeased with her offer, but before she can bite, she looks down and notices that John set a trap. Noelle gives up and slams the map on the table before warning John that since she’s been invited in, she can come by anytime. Noelle leaves him a potion and lets him know that he might need it one day before heading out. Crowley then reveals that he gained the map in 1939 after an alien encounter as John narrows the location of the fountain to Spain. Crowley tries to get John to take him along, but John pushes him aside, already knowing exactly who he needs for this mission.

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Meanwhile, on the Waverider, following last week’s sitcom shenanigans, Gus Gus swims into a slumber as Behrad, Nate and an undisguised Gary (who lost his glasses) sing the baby to sleep as newly returned Zari 1.0 films it and Asta watches. Gus Gus’s thoughts annoy Spooner, who launches off the couch, telling the boys that Gus Gus isn’t tired but is suffering from growing pains. Gary then informs them (through Spooner translating) that Gusaraxs only live for 38 rotations.

In the kitchen, Lita tries to ask Spooner for help with Mick because he’s having trouble wrapping his head around pregnancy. Lita hopes that figuring out his pregnancy might explain why he vanished from her life for a year. Spooner hesitantly checks Mick’s neck, trying to gain some sort of connection to the “baby bump.” But before she could hear anything, John walks in and asks Spooner if she could help him, which she accepts without question. John and Spooner share a drink in the captain’s office, where John tells Spooner that he’s powerless and needs her to translate the map that was gifted to humans by aliens. Spooner manages to translate a phrase: “only those who are worthy can drink from the fountain.” She also discovers the location of the fountain, the city of Albacete, south east of Spain. The duo borrow the jump ship and make it to the town, while John informs Spooner of a man named El Gato, who was rumored to have survived seven assassination attempts. Spooner suggests going to the tavern to start their search, but once inside, they are accosted by the patrons, led by a mysterious man, who claims the tavern is closed to outsiders before pulling a gun and assuming John is a fascist. John corrects them, stating he just dresses nice, and explains how he served in the trenches. This revelation allows John to bond with the mysterious man, who offers him a drink.

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Hearing about the side mission in progress, Behrad decides to cook up some Spanish omelets for the team as they discuss Mick’s pregnancy. Mick is upset, however, because he hates people bringing attention to it and would rather pretend it didn’t happen at all. Lita chimes in, stating that her mother wasn’t warned about her, and she wasn’t warned by Nico, but all three make the best of the situation at hand. At the same time, Zari and Nate rush in, warning the team that Gus Gus has grown into a teenager and needs to be stopped.

Back in 1939, John and the man share a drink as John regales him with the tales of El Gato. But once the man gets up to leave, John pulls him back in, convincing him to share a tale. The man enlightens John with a story about how El Gato drank a magical donkey’s milk in a village over and gained invincibility. John reunites with Spooner, who doubts the man is El Gato, but John pushes on, believing this “milk” could be in the back of the tavern. As the duo make it to the back room, as Spooner starts to hear a powerful alien, they find a young boy with a comic book. Spooner asks for his name, and he starts to write it out, Spooner hears his thoughts saying “Fernando.” She informs John that Fernando is an alien, but before they can react, the tavern is ambushed by soldiers led by Captain Noreiga, who tells the patrons he was personally sent by Hitler to locate El Gato. Noreiga reveals that he has a specialty when it comes to finding magical artifacts, as he once searched for the Spear of Destiny and the Loom of Fate, two classic Legends of Tomorrow artifacts. Not willing to wait any longer, he orders his men to line everyone up and shoot them until El Gato reveals himself andthe location of the fountain. Worried, the man admits who he is, causing Fernando to run out. Noreiga then shoots El Gato, fatally wounding him, but Fernando leaps towards El Gato and heals him, surprising everyone. Noreiga takes Fernando, believing him to be the key to the fountain, but John witnesses all of this and runs out of the tavern to try and find a new plan.

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Back on the Waverider, the Legends are outmatched against a now fully grown Gus Gus. As they fight the beast, Mick nurses a headache, which Lita assumes to be labor pains. Mick admits he deserves whatever is coming to him as he tells Lita about Kayla and how he left her to die. But before his pity party could go any further, Lita starts going into labor, causing the grandfather-to-be to panic. Mick rolls Lita out in a chair and explains that he needs a safe and clear path to the med bay. Coming to the rescue, the Tarazi siblings activate their totem and push a now fully grown Gus Gus to the other side of the Waverider. Mick aims his heat gun, as the Tarazis shoot Gus Gus, creating a fire-tornado, pushing him into an open portal. Mick then pushes Lita into the med bay, only for Lita to confess that she isn’t going into labor and used it as an excuse to get Mick a check-up. Mick gets a scan and finds out he has 48 eggs inside his head, but he instantly falls in love with them.

Meanwhile, Noreiga is trying to get answers out of El Gato as Fernando listens on. Spooner comforts the child, telling him that John will be back with superheroes who can help. Just then, Noreiga makes his way to them, demanding Fernando to tell him where the Fountain is because he knows El Gato is his uncle. Spooner defends Fernando, holding him back while she berates the captain. Regaining control, Noreiga pulls a knife on Spooner’s neck and threatens Fernando again. To cut the tension, John blesses the scene as he walks in dressed as a priest, claiming he has orders from the Vatican. He pushes the soldier’s weapons aside, professing his mission to look for an ancient and powerful relic, offering to work together with Noreiga to find it. The captain agrees, and John places Fernando and Spooner across from each other as he performs a secret ceremony to create a telepathic link between the two. Spooner tells Fernando that John can be trusted before the boy tells a story about how a year ago a bomb exploded by his home, killing his mother and uncle. He ran and hid in a cave and prayed, only to be greeted by an angel telling him to drink from the fountain. Afterward, he returned to his uncle and healed him, creating El Gato in the process. Spooner then asks Fernando where the fountain is, and he says he can lead them to it, but Spooner tells the group that he doesn’t know and was lost for days. This angers Noreiga, who gets ready to attack, but the bartender pulls out a gun and starts shooting. The trio manages to escape in the chaos, and Fernando takes them to the Fountain of Imperium.

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Inside the cave, John runs to the fountain and notices it has dried up, so he comes up with a plan for Spooner to push Fernando’s magic into him. John gives Fernando time to think about it while he goes to check if they are safe, and while he sees the soldiers coming, he decides not to warn them. Fernando offers John a deal: John has to use his powers to find Fernando’s mom. John agrees and Spooner pushes the magic out of Fernando, but it flows past John and back into the fountain. Spooner then reminds John that only the worthy can drink from it. As the soldiers rush into the cave, John tells Spooner and Fernando to run as he takes care of the soldiers. He pulls out the potion and drinks it, sending him into a psychedelic trip that makes him overpowered. As the trip ends, Spooner returns and is horrified by what John has done.

With the mission over, John and Spooner make it back to John’s, drunk from celebrating. Spooner reminds John how horrified she was when he drank the potion and tries to get answers about what he took. John ignores her, though, and licks the top of the empty potion, getting a tiny bit of magic that he uses to hypnotize Spooner into going to sleep and pretending like the mission was a success. Crowley judges John for drinking the potion, but John berates the painting. Noelle then walks into the room with six more vials of the potion, which John trades Crowley for. The satanist begs John to reconsider the trade, but he just stares at the potions, already addicted to the new magic.

With John’s addiction already being an issue, the Legends will have their hands full come next Sunday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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