South Park: How Butters Committed Murder via Tap Dance

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Like many South Park characters, Butters has an incredibly dark secret stemming from the seemingly innocent art of tap dancing.

South Park has created a long list of now-classic characters who somehow keep getting more and more ridiculous throughout its run. That said, few of them are as beloved by fans as Butters. This kind little boy is almost always there for his friends and is always all-in on every adventure they let him join. But even someone like Butters has a terrible secret that inevitably comes to light, linking him to the deaths of many innocent people.

While it doesn’t always come across in South Park, Butters is actually a pretty talented guy. He has a lot of innate people skills and is artistically and musically inclined. On more than one occasion, he’s even proven to be an incredibly effective businessman. Keep in mind that Butters wasn’t running a lemonade stand when he needed to make money. He somewhat accidentally became a pimp.

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But these were all of Butters’ obvious skills. Like many people on the series, Butters also has his own selection of secret talents that he bears on occasion. As such, South Park eventually revealed Butters was a State Champion tap dancer in Season 8, Episode 4. As is often the case, fans were left wondering why he wouldn’t talk about that success, particularly after he ran away screaming when Stan brought it up.

Stan gets served by the OC Crew

Prior to confronting Butters, Stan had been approached by an Orange County dance crew and was subsequently served. Being the ever-terrible father, Randy informed Stan he had to face them in a dance battle. Stan proceeded to put together a crew that consisted of Goth kid Michael, a Raisins girl named Mercedes, a Dance Dance Revolution expert named Yao and a duck named Jeff. But once Stan found out about Butters, he knew he needed him.

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What Stan didn’t know was Butters’ horrifying secret. The last time Butters tap danced was in the National Finals years earlier. His shoe had come loose during a performance and hit a stage light. This started a chain reaction of events that killed nine people, including an unborn baby. Additionally, the events may have contributed to two more people taking their own lives. As a result, Butters never danced again.

This was the point that Butters probably should have walked away from the situation. He had been involved in enough situations with Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman to know that none of this would turn out well for him. However, Butters was not programmed that way and couldn’t walk away from someone in need.

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Butters covered in blood after accidentally killing several people

Being a good friend, Butters came through for Stan and arrived at the dance-off. Once again, Butters’ shoe came loose, hit a stage light and caused yet another accident that killed the Orange County crew and their coach. This added another six bodies to Butters’ overall tally.

Now, Butters was responsible for the deaths of almost 20 people. Therefore, it’s easy to understand why Butters would have wanted to keep the first accident a secret and why he was so reluctant to join Stan’s crew. While being a good friend is always important, he really should have listened to his gut. If Butters had, he wouldn’t have gone home with the literal blood of more people on his hands.

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