Suicide Squad Gives Bloodsport a LETHAL New Comics Costume

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Before his cinematic debut in The Suicide Squad, one DC villain just got a major costume upgrade for the Infinite Frontier era in the DC Universe.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Suicide Squad #5 by Robbie Thompson, Dexter Soy, Eduardo Pansica, Julio Ferreira, Joe Prado, Alex Sinclair, Wes Abbott, on sale now.

Robert DuBois’ debut into the DCEU has yet to occur, but his new look in the Infinite Frontier brings his comics Bloodsport costume much closer to how it will look on the big screen. Now working for Amanda Waller as a sort of talent scout for the Suicide Squad, Bloodsport is armed with a much more appropriate suit for the fights he picks.

Beyond giving him a welcome upgrade from the bandanna and tank top that he usually wears, Bloodsport’s new suit makes him more powerful than he has ever been before. And this time, he has the full backing of the United States government and TAsk Force X to fund his arsenal.

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Bloodsport’s new look is quite similar to the one he’s set to have in the upcoming DCEU film The Suicide Squad. He sports full tactical armor with a reflective black helmet that includes the mouth guard appearing to be a skeletal grimace. It’s a menacing look that suits his name and definitely insinuates that starting a fight with him is not a good idea. But the fear tactics aside, the suit is armed with a lot more than psychological warfare.

It was given to him by Amanda Waller in preparation for his new task, where he has essentially become her talent scout. Now, he travels to different Earths across the multiverse to examine the heroes and villains who occupy them, gauging if any of them are the right fit for the Suicide Squad.

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Suicide Squad Ultraman vs Bloodsport

And that’s where the new suit comes in. Traveling through the multiverse is still risky, even more so for people like Waller and Bloodsport, who have never attempted to do so before. With that in mind, she has equipped Bloodsport with a suit that can protect him from the vibrational changes that come with hopping from universe to universe. Bloodsport claims that this is especially important to protect his brain, implying that jumping across dimensional barriers could do brain damage or perhaps even trigger the bomb in his head by mistake.

Naturally, traveling to different Earths to scout out its occupants is dangerous for Bloodsport, considering the variety of situations he could find himself in. There’s no telling who could be friend or foe. To that end, Bloodsport’s suit has an upgrade over his previous one. With his powers, he could teleport advanced weaponry to himself in an instant. Now, he can summon weapons custom-made for any specific target across the multiverse. It makes him, in his own words, a “one man Suicide Squad,” which gives him a fighting chance against powerhouses like Ultraman.

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This is also a significant improvement from his original suit design. When Robert DuBois debuted in 1986’s Superman #4 by John Byrne and Karl Kesel, he merely wore a red piece of cloth to obscure his identity. At the time, his benefactor was Lex Luthor, who was supplying him with the weaponry he would need to kill Superman. But those weapons were designed specifically to kill the Man of Steel. They were advanced and deadly, but ultimately fit to complete one specific task.

With his new suit, Bloodsport sheds his past as he becomes perhaps one of the deadliest human beings in the multiverse. He now has an unlimited arsenal for whatever situation he finds himself in. With the full funding and support of Amanda Waller, his new costume is the least of what Bloodsport has access to on his multiveral Suicide Squad mission.

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