The Boys: The 10 Most Powerful Characters


Set in a world where superpowers are not exactly unheard of, many of The Boys‘ main characters are extremely powerful—leagues beyond ordinary human levels. That said, there is also a noticeable distinction between these so-called superheroes in terms of pure strength and durability, which is why the Seven are supposedly considered to be the cream of the crop.

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Interestingly, none of the story’s titular protagonists could dream of surviving an all-out battle against their overwhelming counterparts, but they still consistently win against them, implying that power isn’t the only component involved in a successful outcome. However, none of those factors matter in this context.

10 The Laser Baby’s Eyes Should Be Registered As Superweapons

Compound V, a mysterious chemical with unknown properties, is revealed to be the source of power for nearly every Supe in existence, including the adorable laser baby who appears in a short Season 2 sequence.

When the boys are caught infiltrating a hospital to acquire Compound V, they are attacked by a group of armed men, until Butcher uses a nearby baby to brutally murder every single one of them using its laser vision. This baby, along with others in the nursery, is already on par with most superheroes.

9 Starlight Utilizes Electricity To Sustain Her Incredible Techniques

Starlight is a new addition to the Seven, explaining why she hasn’t gotten the hang of her powers just yet. Nevertheless, she can hold her own in most fights, mainly due to her ability to absorb and transform electrical energy into incredible blasts of energy from her palms.

She might not be as physically proficient as her seniors, but Starlight can still lift cars, destroy solid walls, and has an epidermis resistant to many types of blunt force attack. Even if something manages to injure her, she can heal herself almost instantaneously.

8 Translucent Cannot Be Damaged From The Outside

Translucent is covered with a “carbon meta-material that bends the light… like an invisibility cloak,” but this is far from the full extent of his powers. His invisibility is interlinked with invulnerability, in that there is nearly nothing capable of shattering his skin.

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Further, it is revealed that he might not require oxygen, either, as long as he remains unseen to the naked eye. The boys are forced to resort to a rectal procedure to ensure Translucent can be damaged—from the inside.

7 Kimiko Is The Female Version Of Wolverine

The limits of Kimiko’s strength are unknown, but it’s evident that she’s a terrifyingly dangerous opponent to face in any situation. She lacks self-control, possibly due to her horrible experiences after being captured, which means she tends more towards recklessness than battle strategy.

This makes Kimiko all the more fearsome, especially when combined with her seemingly inexhaustible regeneration. Like Marvel’s Wolverine, she can recuperate from wounds that should, by all accounts, cause instant death: for instance, having her cervical vertebrae shattered.

6 Cindy’s Telekinetic Limits Are Yet To Be Explored

Cindy is clearly one of the most powerful characters in the series, despite her true potential remaining ambiguous until now. As an inmate at Sage Grove Center, she is experimented on with varying versions of the Compound V formula, ultimately developing an unprecedented level of telekinetic abilities.

Cindy effortlessly lays waste to the psychiatric hospital she is imprisoned in, not to mention recovering from Stormfront’s lightning with minimal to zero side-effects.

5 Stormfront Possesses A Range Of Destructive Abilities

Stormfront has been alive for long enough to accumulate and consolidate her powers to the point of matching Homelander in many aspects, such as durability, flight, and combat prowess. In addition, she is able to control bursts of plasma with impressive precision, generating enough force to immobilize other Supes.

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Stormfront boasts of strength and stamina on a prodigious scale, seeing as she overcomes both Kenji and Kimiko almost nonchalantly. That said, her bark is a lot worse than her bite.

4 Ryan Butcher Is A Mini Homelander

Ryan Butcher has inherited several of his father’s traits, including super-strength, indestructibility, and, most notably, his devastating Heat Vision.

While he’s still very young, it can be assumed that he will grow into his powers and possibly become strong enough to fight on even grounds with Homelander. In fact, Ryan’s eye-lasers seem to be more destructive than his birth dad’s, given he basically barbecues Stormfront into a blubbering, carbonized mess.

3 Queen Maeve Resembles Wonder Woman For A Reason

Queen Maeve is considered, and for good reason, to be the second-most powerful entity on earth—and her core strength is at least equal to Homelander’s.

Queen Maeve is capable of holding Black Noir down, smacking Stormfront around, but her most impressive feat is shrugging off an armored vehicle slamming into her like it’s nothing more than a passing breeze. Queen Maeve may not survive Homelander’s rays of light, but she will put up one heck of a fight before she goes down.

2 Black Noir Is Hiding The Extent Of His Abilities

Nearly nothing is known about Black Noir—not his appearance, his personality, his voice, or how strong he really is. He is an undoubtedly competent fighter, as proven when he defeats Kimiko, Naqib, Starlight, and several other powerhouses without expending too much energy.

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Black Noir’s speed, reflexes, agility, and sense-perception are all above average, even within the Seven. Further, he is exceptionally talented at a multitude of martial arts, meaning that he rarely needs to rely on brute force in battle.

1 Homelander Is An Invincible Genocidal Maniac

Unfortunately, the most repugnant character on The Boys is also the most powerful; then again, that’s the whole point of the story. It is Homelander’s absolute domination over everything and everyone that makes him such a formidable villain, and that’s without considering his countless psychological problems.

Madelyn claims that “there isn’t a weapon on earth that they haven’t thrown at him,” suggesting that Homelander is probably immune to a literal nuke. And the less said about his Heat Vision, the better.

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