The Evangelion Bucket & 9 Weirdest NGE Branded Products, Ranked

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There is no lack of anime series that push boundaries and feature some exceptionally weird storytelling, yet Neon Genesis Evangelion is consistently viewed as one of anime’s most challenging masterpieces. Evangelion begins as a deceptively simple mecha series, but soon darkness begins to reign over it all, and the weirdness outweighs any sense of genre expectations.

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Evangelion has never been a series to play by the rules or be conventional, but this sense of aberration gets even stranger in some of the official branded products that have been released in conjunction with the anime. Bizarre promotional tie-ins are nothing new to anime, but Neon Genesis Evangelion really pushes the limits here with what they expect their fans to get excited over.

10 An Evangelion Mahjong Game Boy Color Game Is The Last Thing That Fans Asked For

Neon Genesis Evangelion Mahjong Game Boy Color Game

Neon Genesis Evangelion is an anime with such creative mechas, monsters, and fight sequences that it could make for a fantastic action video game. A number of Evangelion video games have come out over the years, but the majority of them seem to take the strangest route necessary when it comes to genre and gameplay. The tile game, Mahjong, has a large following in Japan, and there are many virtual versions of the pastime. Strangely, Mahjong becomes the crux to a Game Boy Color-based Evangelion adventure in Evangelion: Mahjong Complementary Plan. The result is a very confusing hybrid.

9 Evangelion’s Human Insulation Project Waist Warmers Will Keep Its Fans Cozy

Neon Genesis Evangelion Human Insulation Project Waist Warmers

Anime-inspired fashion lines are some of the more popular brand collaborations that take place, but this idea can easily go too far and stretch the limits of what makes sense. In what’s easily the best-named product out of any Evangelion tie-ins, the Human Insulation Project Waist Warmers are simply girdle-esque waist warmers that can keep people warm under their primary layers. There’s a fun idea in place here with how the waist warmers resemble the pattern of plugsuits, but that doesn’t mean that it’s something that should exist. Nevertheless, there are a handful of unique patterns to collect.

8 Evangelion Schtick Razors Keep EVA Pilots Smooth & Ready

Neon Genesis Evangelion Shtick Razor Campaign Gendo

A number of Neon Genesis Evangelion products feel like items selected at random. Shtick razors are certainly a strange idea, but one that seems to have been popular in Japan. Curiously, the Shtick campaign prominently features Gendo, a character with a beard, gleefully shaving off his trademark feature.

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This sponsorship would maybe make sense if Gendo ever shaved in the series, but it’s the opposite of his approach. The razors are colored after the EVA units and there are even EVA-themed razor accessories and figures that can hold the razors when they’re not in use.

7 Matryoshka Nesting Dolls Are An Unusual Way To Explore The Characters’ Layers

Neon Genesis Evangelion Matryoshka Nesting Dolls

Matryoshka dolls, colloquially known as Russian nesting dolls, are a pleasant cultural artifact that’s gained universal appeal. It’s a cute toy that’s also a creative form of expression, and it’s even possible to tell a story through the successively small figures. Japan has a certain fascination with the Matryoshka image and Evangelion isn’t immune to getting a nesting doll makeover. Initially, the more common model was based around Rei, with each doll representing a different facet of her damaged character. However, other sets are available that highlight a broader range of Evangelion’s cast in what’s a surprisingly cute, chibi style.

6 Evangelion Credit Cards Guarantee That Payments On EVA Repairs Are Always On Time

Neon Genesis Evangelion Credit Cards

There are plenty of perfunctory items in society that don’t need to be fancy. Examples include items linked to financial institutions, like checks or credit cards, which now feature a number of mainstream designs that will ideally connect with their clientele. Evangelion is popular, but it’s not exactly a series that one would associate to decorate a credit card. Nevertheless, VISA issued three unique Evangelion credit card designs. Ironically, it’s entirely possible that some of the more passionate Evangelion fans will use these exact credit cards to purchase the wealth of Evangelion merchandise that exists.

5 Shinji & Kaworu Body Spray Perfectly Encapsulates The Smells Of Sorrow

Neon Genesis Evangelion Shinji Kaworu Body Spray

One of the more popular character pairings in the Evangelion universe is the delicate bond that forms between Shinjo and Kaworu. A tragic story is told through their relationship, and it plays a crucial factor in the final act of the series and Shinji’s mental state through it all.

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It’s therefore natural to market some products around Shinji and Kaworu, but body spray is an especially unusual approach. Shinji: Blue Musk and Kaworu: White Citrus both have vague and gentle descriptions of how they “spread like the sea and sky” and represent scents that are “clear like water.”

4 Evangelion Tamagotchis Allow People To Raise Apocalyptic Angels As Pets

Neon Genesis Evangelion Tamagotchi Trio

A more recent Evangelion product that’s been released leans into the nostalgia of the ‘90s through a collaboration with the virtual pet phenomenon, Tamagotchis. This is actually a pretty brilliant sponsorship, and it combines two very popular ideas into this “Evatchi” hybrid. What makes these Evatchis unusual is the mentality behind them since the player raises the evil Angels as their virtual pets. It’s strange to give these destructive beasts an adorable pixelated makeover and then form a bond with them as they’re raised from birth.

3 A Humidifier That’s Shaped Like NERV HQ Is One Way To Fall Asleep

Neon Genesis Evangelion NERV HQ Humidifier

The action figure market has expanded in unbelievable ways, and there are now unprecedented levels of articulation that can justify figures that are hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. There’s some logic behind figures and dioramas that reenact classic scenes, but this Evangelion-themed humidifier tries to realize this concept through an unexpected piece of machinery. A humidifier can be vital for certain people, but it’s a functional tool, not a toy. It seems misguided to model one of these after NERV headquarters, complete with a rampaging Unit-01. It looks cool, but it also regularly retails for nearly $300 USD.

2 Evangelion Preserved Flowers Are A Constant Reminder That Death Is Eternal

Neon Genesis Evangelion Unit-01 Flower Display

Some ideas are universal, whereas others are much more entrenched in the customs of other regions. For instance, preserved flowers aren’t something that a lot of fans would shell out money for in North America or be cause for celebration. Neon Genesis Evangelion decides to get in on the preserved flower trend, which involves a collection of flowers that are colored green, black, and purple, after Shinji’s Unit-01. These flowers are pretty, but they’re one of the most egregious examples of how anything with Evangelion branding can charge an absurd amount, which in this case is more than $125 USD.

1 Evangelion “American Style” Buckets Are As Confusing & Deep As The Anime’s Ending

Neon Genesis Evangelion American Style Buckets

Ideally, even some of the misguided examples of branded sponsorships still offer some degree of enjoyment or fulfill a purpose that’s worthwhile, even if the branded aspect of it comes across as an afterthought. However, Neon Genesis Evangelion’s “American Style” buckets truly do not need to exist. They’re a collection of colored buckets, not unlike what one would find in an American hardware store, that are decked out in NERV iconography. Each bucket represents a different character, which doesn’t make any sense, but it’s maybe the best way to spend a ton of money on a basic container.

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