Top 10 Underrated Comedy Anime Of The 2010s

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Every person has a distinct taste in comedy. Some like slapstick comedy while others might like situational comedy. Others are suckers for deadpan humor. It’s the same with anime fans looking for a show with just the right amount of silly to be enjoyable.

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With anime growing in popularity, newer fans gravitate towards the more accessible comedies on television. Unfortunately, older titles from the 2010s have gone under the radar despite being extremely popular in their prime.

10 Sakamoto Desu ga? – Where Did He Come From? Where Did He Go?

Left image is Sakamoto hiding from Kubota's mother; right image is the promo image for Sakamoto Desu ga?.

On his first day, the bespectacled Sakamoto manages to earn his female classmates’ affection and his male classmates’ jealousy. He’s perfect in every way, going through the motions with ease and grace. He turns every lousy situation around with a striking pose! Nothing seems to phase him! Where did he come from? Who is this mysterious Sakamoto?

9 Saint☆Young Men – Deities Meet The Modern World

Left image is the promo image for Saint Young Men; right image has Jesus and Buddha taking a selfie.

What if two powerful deities were roommates? This slice-of-life comedy centers around Jesus and Buddha exploring the human realm. In this case, they’re visiting Japan. From convenience store trips to bathhouse hijinks, the two struggle with learning about day-to-day life. But no one in Japan seems to recognize them. They’re a Johnny Depp impersonator and a guy with a button on his forehead to the everyday citizen.

8 Asobi Asobase – Middle Schoolers With Too Much Time On Their Hands

Kasumi, Hanako, and Olivia from Asobi Asobase.

What do you get when you put a foreign exchange student, a loud-mouthed airhead, and a loner who’s terrible at games into a room by themselves? You get chaos. Hanako, Olivia, and Kasumi are middle schoolers looking for a way to pass the time after class.

The three create the “Pastime Club” and develop a friendship. However, their after-school activities usually involve Hanako roping her friends into playing strange games and challenges. Somehow, they always end up questioning their life choices. Things are never dull when these three are up to their daily antics.

7 Polar Bear’s Café – The Ideal Haven For Hard-working Animals

Left image is the promo image for Polar Bear's Cafe; right image has Panda, Penguin, and Polar Bear with some dogs.

Located near the local zoo, Polar Bear’s Café is the perfect relaxation spot for animals and humans to congregate after a long day’s work. The owner is a friendly polar bear who’s a sucker for bad puns and always lends a listening ear.

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Panda, a cheerful but lazy part-timer at the zoo, becomes a regular at Polar Bear’s Café. His frequent visits include lazing around and boasting about his cuteness, much to the ire of another customer, Penguin. They form an odd trio and partake in various misadventures, unknowingly or knowingly causing trouble for friends, neighbors, or Polar Bear’s other patrons.

6 Daily Lives Of High School Boys – Everyday Students With Overactive Imaginations

Left is the promo image for Daily Lives of High School Boys; right image is Yoshitake and Hidenori with two of their peers.

Behind the walls of Sanada North High School, three friends let their wild imaginations get ahead of them. More accurately, Hidenori Tabata and Yoshitake Tanaka are the masterminds, while the quiet and prudent Tadakuni is dragged along in their mischief.

Whether it’s an RPG reenactment or giant fighting robots, the boys’ imagination puts them in one too many ridiculous situations. But what else can three high school boys do to pass the time?

5 Arakawa Under The Bridge – Just A Guy, His New “Girlfriend,” And Her Odd Neighbors

Left is the promo image for Arakawa Under the Bridge; right image has Kou and Hoshi.

Born into a wealthy family, Kou Ichinomiya prides himself as one of Japan’s elite. He dislikes being indebted to anyone, no matter how small the debt. That is until a passerby saves his life.

Much to Kou’s dismay, he now owes his life to the stranger, a mysterious girl in a tracksuit named Nino. She appears to be homeless, residing under Arakawa Bridge. Her only request as payment: to fall in love with her. Watch as Kou’s comfortable life is uprooted as he’s forced to live with Nino and her strange neighbors under Arakawa Bridge!

4 Anne Happy♪ – Living Our Best Lives… Even Though We’re Unlucky!

Left image is An and Hibiki; right image is the promo image for Anne Happy.

Luck seems to run from An Hanakoizumi. Despite her love of animals, they’re always hostile or fearful of her presence. But she’s not alone in this life of misfortune. She and her friends are a part of Class 1-7, also known as the “Happiness Class.” Tennomifune Academy is famous for its best and brightest students. Except for An’s class.

Each student struggles with a particular misfortune, ranging from poor health to a horrendous sense of direction. Their homeroom teacher, Kodaira, is determined to help her students overcome their misfortunes and pursue more fulfilling lives. Not without a few bumps in the road.

3 Working!!! – Chaotic Job Meets Odd Employees

Left image has Popura and Souta talking; right image is the promo image for Working!!!.

Hardcore fans of comedy anime can attest to Working!!!‘s widespread popularity back in 2015. The family restaurant, Wagnaria, houses a variety of unique employees. Souta Takanashi loves anything small and cute, Popura Taneshima is cheerful but clumsy, Mahiru Inami is deathly afraid of men, and Yachiyo Todoroki carries a katana everywhere she goes. Their quirks often get them into trouble, adding more problems to their already hectic work schedules.

2 Aho Girl – This Girl Needs To Be Stopped!

Left is the promo image for Aho Girl; right image is Yoshiko and Akkun with a group of children.

High schooler Yoshiko Hanabatake is too stupid for her own good. She fails all her classes and has an obsession with bananas and getting herself into trouble; even her own mother has given up on her.

Yoshiko doesn’t hesitate to drag her childhood friend Akuru “Akkun” Akutsu into her nonsense. But he doesn’t mind …for the most part. He’s the only one willing to deal with her, even if it means having to knock some sense into her from time to time.

1 Baka To Test – A Battle Royale But With Grades!

Left image is Akihisa, Yuji, and the F-class students; right image is the promo image for Baka and Test.

Fumizuki Academy upholds an unusual tradition for its students. Every year, the freshman must take an entrance exam that determines their designated class. The lowest-ranking students are put into the F-class, with the worst amenities the school offers, ranging from worn-down mats to sit on to outdated equipment. Akihisa Yoshii, the “ultimate idiot,” is one of these F-students. Much to their surprise, a top student, Mizuki Himeji, also enrolls into the F-class after failing the big exam due to a fever.

Akihisa and the other F-class students hate their classroom and decide to challenge the higher-ranking students in a literal battle royale for the A-class perks. For you see, students summon avatars to fight on their behalf, and the strength of these avatars is based entirely on their grades!

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