WandaVision: 7 Plot Twists Fans Never Saw Coming

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As the first Marvel TV series to come onto Disney+, WandaVision had a lot to live up to. It was the franchise’s first step into the realm of television since the Netflix series, and it was the first piece of MCU media since Avengers: Endgame. However, what fans were not expecting was a mind-bending mystery series that explored the psychological trauma of Wanda Maximoff, as well as the introduction of many new characters and forces in the MCU, from the deeper realms of magic, and the creation of a new form of meta-human through Wanda’s powers.

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Many of the twists and turns throughout the series made each episode a journey into mystery and potentially set the stage for the next grand MCU storyline.

7 Wanda Was The Villain

Though the trailer for the series explained the very basic premise of the story, with both Wanda and Vision trapped within some false reality, what fans did not expect was that Wanda herself was not only completely aware of the false reality, but she was directly controlling it.

Every visual, moment, and even the people, Wanda controlled all of it in a massive expansion of her powers fans had yet to see. Wanda was so aware of her control over the small town that she could physically leave the town and threaten the US military and return to her reality without ever losing focus.

6 Geraldine Was An Inside Agent

Geraldine smiles

Though fans weren’t aware at the time, Wanda was kidnapping people and completely rewriting their memories to fit her narrative. Geraldine was the first conclusive evidence of that as when she was released, viewers learned that she was Monica Rambeau, a S.W.O.R.D. agent who had been absorbed into Wanda’s Hex.

In what seemed to be a moment of weakness after giving birth to her twins, Wanda’s control over Geraldine weakened, allowing her to question Wanda about the real world. Upon mentioning her brother Pietro, Wanda quickly catches on and removes Geraldine from the Hex.

5 Wanda’s Powers Were From Chaos Magic, Not The Mind Stone

Upon discovering Agnes’ true identity, Wanda is brought through a pantomime of her life where she learns that not only is the Mind Stone not the source of her powers, but she had her powers all her life.

It was revealed that Wanda had access to her classic comic powers–Chaos Magic. This implies that the Mind Stone simply awakened her ability to use her powers willingly as opposed to the accident where she disabled the Stark bomb that had crashed into her childhood home.

4 The Introduction Of Photon

marvel mcu wandavision monica rambeau defending billy and tommy maximof

Probably the most surprising character introduction of the series was Photon/Pulsar/Captain Marvel/Spectrum. Monica Rambeau was changed through her multiple excursions into the Hex. As it turned out, Wanda’s ability to rewrite people also affected their DNA, which caused some unexpected effects in Monica’s physicality, allowing her to absorb and repurpose a variety of forms of energy, whether it be kinetic, or even magic, provided she can match its wavelength.

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However, she was also able to attune her eyes to track different energy signatures, including Agatha’s magic

3 A New Vision Has Come Into The MCU

At the end of Avengers: Infinity War, fans saw the death of the long-time Avenger, Vision. And with the passing of Avengers: Endgame he remained gone. Although Wanda managed to create an entirely new Vision from her Chaos Magic, it was S.W.O.R.D. that created a physical replica.

However, after an encounter with Wanda’s construct of the Vision, the new Vision was granted a wider perspective of his own identity. After gaining all the memories of the Vision, but none of the emotional attachment, he left the Hex to learn who he was. With the MCU’s great attention to continuity, this character will eventually return, but he will not be the same Vision.

2 Ralph Bohner, Agent of Agatha

Monica Rambeau and Pietro WandaVision

The reveal of Evan Peters reprising his role as Quicksilver from Fox’s X-Men films suggested the idea that the Fox and Marvel universes were combining and forever changing the status of the MCU. However, Marvel cleverly used this as a ploy to distract fans from the real plot twists.

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The reveal that Peters’ character, Pietro, was actually just a man named Ralph Bohner controlled by Agatha was a twist that no fan saw coming. Used as an inside agent to manipulate Wanda into unleashing more of her power so Agatha could steal it and become the Scarlet Witch herself.

1 It Was Agatha All Along

Agatha (Kathryn Hahn) in the WandaVision finale

Though keen-eyed fans saw the similarity between their names, the beloved family friend, Agnes, was actually Agatha Harkness, a powerful witch who had infiltrated Wanda’s Hex and planned to steal her powers.

The reveal itself was handled perfectly as it matched with the sitcom aesthetic that the show had presented with Agatha herself singing the song ‘It was Agatha All Along,’ allowing her to be a unique and likable villain that had yet to be shown in the MCU. Though she wasn’t the primary antagonist of the series, her subtle manipulation of Wanda made her a fun and interesting addition.

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