You Don’t Need A Degree To Earn Big Why a College Degree May No Longer Be Necessary You Don’t Necessarily Need a College Degree to Succeed


Traditions have a weird way of lasting far beyond their useful life. Progress is all about change, preferably across the board and as impactful as possible. Strangely, many aspects of society continue to resist change. Take education for example. College education was the route to success, once upon a time. But today, it seems more likely than not that a student has to accumulate vast amounts of student debt before even getting their first job.

Of course, nobody is understating the importance of education. Learning and growth are closely related to each other, and university education is one way to acquire both. But it is by no means the only way to succeed in life. Plenty of college dropouts like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and many others are living icons in their respective industry. Of course, all of us may not always have a groundbreaking idea that changes the landscape of life. But that does not mean you still can’t earn big without one. Here is why you don’t need a conventional college degree to be successful.

Access to Virtually All Knowledge on The Internet

The internet is a huge source of information on just about any subject on the planet. Online learning has been a huge equalizer in terms of learning and acquiring new skills. Platforms like Google and Facebook offer online courses that you can pursue to become a certified SEO or digital advertiser or content marketer or much more. These are all highly valuable and specialized skills that are almost in universal demand among businesses. As you learn and add experience to your certification, you could quickly become quite successful at what you do. And at no point do you need a college degree to qualify.

Experienced Employees Can Become a Consultant

You may have chosen to work instead of pursuing college for any number of reasons. Whatever they were, they were valid for you, and you’ve probably managed well so far without a college degree. But at some point up the corporate ladder, you may plateau. There can often be a glass ceiling when it comes to management roles, even if all your professional experience is relevant to that role. Of course, you may feel you are too old to go back to college, as is often the case when you have kids of your own. But you still have very valuable experience that you acquired despite not having a college degree. And if you are experienced enough, you can become a consultant in your specialized area of experience. That way you can often earn a lot more than you would as a corporate employee, as you become a direct service provider.

You Can Monetize Your Soft Skills

It is not just college degrees or work experience that are valuable in the business world. Soft skills are often a huge factor in a hiring decision mainly because they are much harder to teach. Soft skills like being good at communication, having a personable and charismatic appearance, a strong assertive instinct, or even being a good writer are all monetizable skills that you can exploit to your own benefit. Look for opportunities that rely specifically on these skills, and have sliding compensation scales based on performance. Chances are, you may be naturally suited to many kinds of work, such as being a sales agent and rake in huge commissions. Money is money, whether it is the basic salary you earn or the much larger figure in commissions. It may not be the most glamorous job in the world, but if you have plans to seed money for a new business, for example, this may be the best route.

Student Debt Eats Into Your Earning

Many people feel they won’t be able to earn as much as they do with a college degree as they would without one. This is often the case in many businesses that still recruit workers the old-school way, so there is some truth to the matter. But in real terms, this may not be accurate. Sure, you may earn a higher gross figure, but income taxes will often eat into that right away. A student loan will usually take the lion’s share of your net pay, leaving you with far less disposable income than your gross paycheck. So, while you may be earning a smaller gross salary without a college degree, you also don’t have crippling student debt consuming most of your paycheck. In real terms, you may often be earning more without a degree (and the debt) than you would with one. So, it is not surprising that a significant number of applicants in any staffing agency pool don’t have a college degree.

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