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Life on Earth has existed for thousands of years, thanks in large part to the atmosphere‘s composition, which includes life-sustaining gases such as nitrogen, oxygen, argon, carbon dioxide, and others.
Each of these gases plays a crucial role in maintaining the well-being of flora and fauna. Oxygen, particularly, is abundant in our atmosphere and is essential for the sustenance of every living being.However, there have been recent speculations on the internet about what would happen if oxygen levels were to increase from the current 20 percent to 90 percent.
It is speculated that such a dramatic increase in oxygen concentration would have significant impacts on the Earth’s ecosystem and human health. Heightened oxygen levels would accelerate combustion processes, leading to faster spread of fires and oxidation of biodegradable materials.

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Furthermore, the excess oxygenation could have detrimental effects on human health, potentially leading to oxygen toxicity. This condition can cause damage to cell membranes, lung collapse, retinal detachment, seizures, and pulmonary edema due to the increased oxygen levels in the bloodstream.

Moreover, the imbalance in atmospheric gases could disrupt plant life, as nitrogen deficiency would deplete plant nutrients, ultimately leading to widespread plant mortality. This disruption in the ecosystem’s food chain would affect herbivorous animals, leaving them without sustenance and exacerbating the crisis.


(Source: Canva)

The rapid increase in oxygen levels could also pose challenges for spacecraft re-entry into Earth’s atmosphere, as current heat shields might not be sufficient to handle the extra heat generated in a 90 percent oxygen environment, potentially compromising crew safety.
While speculation about such scenarios may pique curiosity, the real-world implications underscore the importance of maintaining the delicate balance of Earth’s atmosphere and preserving its current composition for the sustenance of life on the planet.

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