Top summer 2022 activities with dogs


Summer is a great time to get outside and enjoy the warm weather with your furry friend by your side. There are many fun activities that you can do with your dog during the summer months. Here are some of our favourites!


One great activity to do with your dog during the summer is hiking. There are many trails across the country that are dog-friendly, so you can find one near you to explore. Be sure to bring along plenty of water and some dog treats to keep your pup hydrated and happy on the trail.

Extra tip! Take dog wipes with you! This way after the hike you can quickly clean the dog’s paws and coat from all that dust. If you pup is too hot, you can use wet wipes to cool their coat down

How to keep the dog safe during the hike?

  1. use a dog harness- keep them on a leash close to you
  2. watch for signs of heat exhaustion
  3. if it is too how & sunny, keep your dog in the shadow or use breaks to cool off. You should not let your dog get sunstroke or sunburn
  4. After the hike looks carefully through dog’s coat for the signs of the insect bites, etc.

Beach & swimming

Another fun summer activity with your dog is going to the beach. Many beaches allow dogs, so you can enjoy a day in the sun with your four-legged friend. Be sure to pack some dog toys and plenty of water to keep your pup hydrated.

How to keep your dog safe on the beach and in the water?

  1. You should introduce your dog to the water gradually
  2. If possible, use a doggy life jacket
  3. Don’t let your dog drink salt water
  4. Be aware of strong currents and waves
  5. After swimming, rinse off your dog with fresh water to remove any salt or sand.

Luxurious dog bath

If you cannot go to the beach, then it is a great opportunity to great some kind of outdoor spa for your dog! A long dog bath will cool down your pooch & you. moreover, it will be a nice option for bonding and expressing extra love.

Start slowly with gentle & playful brushing sessions, play around in the water when applying shampoo. For an extra luxurious touch, use dog conditioner to deodorise the coat & to extend the nice smell.

Tips for a safe dog bath:

  1. Place the tub in the shadow
  2. Start bathing early in the morning or after 4pm
  3. Keep water & shampoo away from the dog’s ears & eyes
  4. Do not let your dog water with shampoo

Dog agility

If you’re looking for a fun activity that you can do indoors with your dog during the summer, try dog agility. Dog agility is a sport where your dog completes an obstacle course. It’s a great way to bond with your dog and keep them active during the hot summer months.

Dog agility safety measures

  1. Be sure the obstacles are set up correctly and are sturdy
  2. Start with simple obstacles and work your way up
  3. Don’t force your dog to do an obstacle if they don’t want to
  4. Take breaks often so your dog doesn’t get too tired


These are just a few of the many activities that you can do with your dog during the summer. So get out there and enjoy some quality time with your furry friend! And don’t forget about safety measures! What are some of your favorite summer activities to do with your dog? Let us know


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