What Makes Pellet Grills So Smoking Hot?


It’s no wonder that pellet grills are becoming increasingly popular nowadays. The whole process becomes much easier and faster with the assistance of these grills – Setting the heat, pressing ‘start,’ and letting your cooker do the grilling for you. Indeed, pellet stoves are not only practical, but they also provide great meals with minimal trash!

Still hesitant about wherever or not to purchase these tools? If so, continue reading for more details about them and why they are sweeping the BBQ world!


What Are Pellet Grills?

Like outdoor convection ovens, these smokers use lit wood chips and a fan system to cook food at a particular temperature. Dishes can be smoked, grilled, baked, or braised on the grill. Almost any dish that can be prepared in a conventional oven can be prepared on this outdoor cooker as well.

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How Do Pellet Grills Work?

Wood pellets are deposited in a chamber known as a “pellet hopper”, which will produce heat. These pellets pass through a drill and into a flame pot, warming the grill while cooking. Heat and smoke are distributed throughout the oven by a fan system, giving the them a presence of natural and woody aroma.

Although this outdoor cooker has some similarities to conventional ones, a few key aspects set them apart – taste, adaptability, and effectiveness.

6 Reasons Why You Should Try Pellet Grills

Check out the following six reasons to see if we can convince you to invest in this cooking tool!

1. Pellet Grills Are Simple To Use.

A hopper and auger will be necessary to keep your pellet barbecue. Nevertheless, all you have to do is plug in your grill, load it with wood chips, light the fire, and smoke. There are no gas cans in this area!

Many pitmasters prefer not having to control their smokes continually. Certainly, from time to time, you’ll wish to regulate the level and strength of smoke.

2. Pellet Grills Are Inexpensive To Operate.

Pellet heaters efficiently burn quality wood pellets. Generally, one pound of pellets will provide one hour of cooking time.

Be mindful that you’ll have to pay for an electric connection for your barbecue. However, many people do not spot out any changes in their electricity expenses, particularly if they only utilize their grills for dinners.

3. Pellet Grills Are Surprisingly Fuel-Efficient.

A bag of wood pellets will set you back around $20. These heaters burn around a pound of meat every 2 to 3 hours when grilling at smoking heat, which works out to approximately $1 per hour of cooking and 50 hours per bag. 

Gas tanks are normally $30 for a full tank and $20 for replacements, just to give you an idea. Even while operating on low, propane gas grills often provide 20 hours of cooking time.

4. Pellet Grills Are Available In A Variety Of Styles And Sizes.

Apparently, this type of outdoor cooker often comes in a variety of designs and sizes.

For instance, you may get a wonderful smoker for the backyard or balcony space. Even pitmasters living in small apartments can generally locate a smoker that suits their needs and accessible cooking area.

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5. Grills Using Pellet-Burning Boost The Flavor Of Your Dishes.

The aroma that emerges from the wood-burning smoke is the primary reason why people appreciate barbecuing on this type of smoker. More specifically, if you cook your beef with hickory or mesquite wood chips, the meat will absorb the powerful overtones of the wood.

When purchasing wood chips for your smoky barbecue, you also have taste selections. Every pellet aroma, or kind of wood, has a distinct flavor that complements and naturally enriches your favorite dishes. There are additional hardwood mixtures available as well!

So, in case you’re bored of the same old flavor, then owe it to your palate to invest in a wood grill!

6. Pellet Grills Heat Up Quickly.

Have you ever had a craving for grilled beef but persuaded yourself out of that due to the time required to light and heat your charcoal cooker? With this outdoor cooker, all you have to do is turn it on, choose your ideal cooking temperature, and leave it to finish all the job for you!  

It only takes less than 10 minutes to prepare that smoky meat you’ve been yearning for. Indeed, this type of smoker enables busy people to cook when they previously couldn’t while still providing excellent flavor. These outdoor cookers combine the simplicity of a gas barbecue with the taste of wood-fired grilling.

What You Can Cook With Pellet Grills

According to Ginevra – test kitchen director, pellet smokers are perfect for slow-cooking dishes like pork shoulder, a piece of salmon, or brisket since it produces results that are similar to those achieved by sous-vide preparation. 

She does, though, suggest utilizing the hotter temperature setting for something that needs to be cooked quickly, such as a stuffed-crust pizza. Astonishingly, the grill can operate just like an oven by keeping a fully consistent heat with a very well, robust top, making it ideal for baking items like crunchy pizza. You can also grill a full bird on the barbecue! Ginevra recommends increasing the temperature during the last 15 minutes of cooking for additional crispy skin.


To summarize, pellet grills – also known as pellet smokers – offer an appealing blend of user-friendly functionality and culinary flexibility. They can grill practically everything and provide an authentic smoky aroma to slow-cooked food!

However, for some, it isn’t efficient enough at smoldering or grilling to justify the expenditure. If you have the same opinion, you should be better off investing in distinct, task-specific equipment.

So, what decision will you make?

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